The Next BIG Thing? Is This The Next Demic?

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We need to stand strong against this agenda!

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Is this the next big thing that will Lead to mandates lockdowns all that kind Of stuff Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness I hope you Guys are having a wonderful day and Thank you very much for being here I Really appreciate all you guys all you Subscribers out there if you're Subscribed keep doing the things comment Below you know Keep the conversation going down there Um if you're new here please subscribe Ring the notification Bell for all and Do all the things like thumbs up and Commenting like I mentioned to everybody It's uh it's how you build the community It's how we talk to each other and Interface with each other and stuff like That but anyway let's get on with the Video okay in Auburn Washington there Has been a case of tuberculosis Um and my research says they had Potential contact with about 175 Different people so this is breaking News Um It is I mean it is it's new it's Relevant and so they're going through And they're testing a bunch of these People and could this be the next big Um you know Dimock thing going on Um it could be uh but then you know I I Hear about people talking about being

Worried about it and stuff like that but The funny thing is isn't everybody Already you know That against Um tuberculosis TB right So if everybody's gotten one of those For it Why are we worried about it right oh That's right because they don't work I'm not saying no I'm not saying none of Them work but what I'm saying is that if People are still getting it Obviously there's something there's a Flaw in the system but anyway I'm not a Medical professional so I don't know all There is to know about that but I could See something like this maybe this maybe Something different being used is an Excuse to start all this stuff over Again for one reason I think they could Use something either this or something Like this to start all that stuff all Over again is because like I talked About recently in another video uh Because they know they can get away with It uh because they it worked once for Them actually several times for them and Uh yeah I see them using this or Something like it for more lockdowns and Mandates so I mean how does this affect Us really Uh most Preppers and most people here I Think watching this channel are probably

Awake to the fact that this is all just A bunch of BS Um that there is a plan in place and a System that they're using To Gain Or to achieve their goals That's to keep us afraid to keep us Divided to keep us distracted from What's really going on And all the other stuff around the world We're being pushed into World War every Day now I hear something else something Else you know it's just uh you know if You want to hear a lot about what's Going on also I'll recommend a channel Um and a lot of people say this channel Is fear porn Okay well say what you want But uh this this individual does talk About a lot of stuff that's going on Over there Over where this war is hot right now And the channel is Full Spectrum Survival He he comes across he plays the the game As far as like the thumbnails attract Grab your attention get you what's going On now you know Um the titles the thumbnails stuff like That but in his videos he does put out a Lot of good information Um not all of it it directly applies to Us all the time but I feel that it's you Know it's still good to know this kind

Of stuff and to pay attention to it We're being pushed in that direction Um so yeah these demics are going to Continue and probably increase in speed Um and until they probably if they Decide to release the big one And if you ever look up Um Marburg Look that up That's serious That one has a hundred percent Fatality rate And it's human made Just like a lot of them are Weaponized if you want to call it that Against who though well whoever they Decide that they need to use it against So what can we do about it since we're Solution based here I like talking Solutions not just problems really quick I wanted to mention a couple other Channels that are good sources of Information Um about what's going on in the world Around us because regardless of what's Going on it's important for us to know What's going on around us so Southern Prepper one is boots on the ground Series is really great pinball Preparedness is really good Um Poplar preparedness is really good The prepared Homestead is really good I Watch those channels regularly as well As survival living and a bunch of other

Channels so there's a lot of good Channels out there putting out Information I know people are going to Say what did you just say this channel Canadian prepper yeah he still puts out Information that is Um important for us to know so you can At least keep in our minds and you know Take it for what it is a lot of people Don't like his channel some a lot of People love his channel though he's got He's one of the biggest proper channels Out there so Um he's managed to turn this into a good Business so I I you know thumbs up for Him I mean it's no hate here I don't Hate any proper channels I know that There's a lot of proper channels that You know I don't like each other and Stuff like that I I don't feel that way But any other prepper channel so anyway You got to know what's going on out There So what's the solution Two things like this Well the solution really the way I look At it is keeping yourself Squared away Keeping your health your Fitness Um overall 100 squared away I've talked recently also in videos About what you can do about that so I'm Not going to go to super detail if you

Want to check out videos on that just go To my channel go to the video tab you Can see videos where I talk about what To do about that kind of stuff I'm Talking about like vitamin C zinc Vitamin D garlic Elderberry Um you know baking soda to alkalize your System there's a lot of different things You can do But the main thing is diet Diet diet diet I know a lot of you People don't want to hear that they want To continue eating pizza and McDonald's And stuff like that which hey that's Fine everything in moderation and I mean God gave us free will so it's your free Will to eat what you want but if we can Make at least a slight shift in a more Healthy direction healthy whole Natural Foods that's what we like to eat as a Family Um and we don't eat perfect either by by Far not even close I we always strive to Be a little bit better we slip we slide Just like everybody but Just the simple things Keeping it simple eating good quality Foods like that like I mentioned sleep Hydration All that stuff Fitness though Fitness is Key that's huge for Preppers in the Prepper world the Minuteman world the Partisan world the 2A world the uh the Conservative the Patriotic movement

Whatever Because no matter how things go down or What goes down Fitness Is vital It is gonna everything's gonna be much More much more physical physically Demanding Than it is now for most people some People are already out there working Hard manual labor all day long every day Um and that's great I really respect Those people I I love manual labor um It's really fulfilling feeling my hands Are out dirty getting dirty in the Garden helping friends build houses Um trench areas you know backfill Whatever it is Um very very good I love it it's uh That's like pure down to earthness People that are out there homesteading All the time get it Um want to try member mentioned one of The directions he's headed he has he's One of the one he has cows uh pheasants Ducks turkeys chickens and a garden Um and they're really trying to make a Shift to be where it's a little the Homestead itself is a little more Self-sufficient meaning automatic Feeders automatic waterers Um you know things like that where they Can go away for a day or two and not Have to worry about being tied to the

Homestead and the animals and taking Care of them all the time or having to Pay somebody to come in or ask some help From a tribe member or something like That for somebody to come in and take Care of their things for them so that's A good direction of things you can think About also the more we can become Self-reliant self-sufficient So Eventually we don't have to go out there In the world so we don't care what's Going on with mandates and stuff like That that would be great but Unfortunately we're not there yet Um keeping your immune system at optimal Capability And performance Is key and like I said along with that It goes with diet exercise sleep and Supplementation also supplements but Remember supplements are just a Supplement to your foods that you're Supposed to be eating most of your Micronutrients your macronutrients your Minerals your vitamins all that stuff Should be coming the majority of it Should be coming from your food it's not And it's that's why gardening growing on Food is so important nowadays because Um these big Mega farms and stuff like That the soil depletion and everything Like that we're not getting the same Nutrients out of the fruits and Vegetables grown on these Mega Farms

Nowadays as we used to be when Farms Were smaller scale so in your really Good soil and everything like that you Can grow a much healthier much better Tasting product that's way better for You in the long run way less expensive For you I get the initial cost of Running starting a garden and all stuff Like that there's some initial costs but Over the years as long as you keep your Seeds and stuff like that you should go Down to pretty much a really low cost if You're paying for water I'm going to Well that's all I do is pay the well Pump power for the year it's like 100 Bucks a year so yeah that's that's like Nothing but The point is getting out there and doing The things taking care of yourselves Making sure that you remain strong and Healthy we have to do this to survive And to be an asset not a liability so Have a wonderful day and blessings to You and yours [Music]

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