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Hey patreon i love you guys thank you so Much for being here Um this video is about the psychology of Survival Um very important topic but first off Thank you guys for being here i really Appreciate you guys Uh man it's been it's getting harder to Find places to video and stuff like that Because it's dark when i go to work it's Dark when i get home from work The kids are inside making crazy noises I was gonna film stuff in my back room Um but we got that all cleaned out it Has a horrible echo And so the sound sounded like crap um So hey this is what it is anyway i love You guys thank you for being here Psychology of survival um shtf world Life is not going to be normal right i Mean obviously We're not going to have the same we're Not going to be the same situation as we Normally are in life Um basically we're going to simplify Life We're going to go back to basics we are Going to have to live with less We're going to have to um deal with Conveniences gone You know we're not just gonna we may not Have the internet we may not have cell Phones We might not have may not have our our

Uh Refrigerators our dry washers and dryers Are dishwashers we may not have running Water for some people We may not have opera operational sewage Um you know bathrooms that kind of stuff We may not have power heaters um Depending on where you are hopefully you Have a wood stove back up We have a wood stove back up we also Have a propane tank out back We have our range top on our oven on our Stove That yeah okay the lighter wouldn't work But all you gotta do is light it with The lighter right manually i can still Cook We're totally fine if we lose power no Problem whatsoever But a lot of people aren't in the same Situation so we have to deal with these Things So how are we going to deal with them um Basically everything's going to become More difficult right Yeah we're not just going to be things Aren't going to be as easy it's not Going to be like just go to the fridge Get something and go do that Um and you know in any given situation Or maybe there may be some situations Where we can still do that There may be some where we can't we may Be bugged out into the woods where you

Got to start a campfire Cook your food manually for you know It's a pain And then do all the stuff like how do i Clean my dishes now unless you've got a Source of running water around or a Stream or a lake or a river or something Like that Um you have to use the water you have With you right that's why cast iron is Awesome You don't really need water you just Wipe it out i just Most of the time i just wipe my pan Clean right after using it And then you know coat a good coat of Olive oil and let it sit It's good you know you don't use soap And water things like that Um basically what it comes down to is Um psychologically speaking shf is gonna Be difficult Very difficult for some people some People are just gonna they're gonna lose Their minds And totally just lose it they won't be Able to deal with it this is why we're Talking about the subject here we have To be able to deal with it Um one of the things one of the best Things to do Is to not sweat the small stuff don't Sweat the fact that you can't get on Your cell phone you can't go to youtube

You can't you may not be able to go to Youtube you may not be able to go to Facebook All these kind of things you don't have The convenience of picking up a phone And calling friends Um may not be able to pick up the phone And call the cops or Emergency services medical services Things like this We're gonna have to deal with things on Our own So there's gonna be a lot of big Problems so don't sweat the small stuff The little things you know minutia Don't worry about that be happy and at Peace with yourself and you know just Concentrate on the big things The big ticket items that will keep you Alive Basically um positive mindset big time Positive mindset is vital to psychology Um it's what you think What you um how you act how you think Your temperament all these things that Make up who you are And if you're constantly um reiterating Reiterating and concentrating on Positive thoughts And positivity you will exude it it will Just become Who you are vice versa with negative if You're always negative well you're just Always going to be negative

Right um so controlling your thoughts Mind control mk ultra On yourself seriously you got to be able To control what's in you up in here You can't do we you know self-control Just like eating Can't have jelly donuts at every single Meal and that's all we eat of course It's all self-control um Your thoughts in in some sense Sensitive way become reality because What you're thinking it's how you're Living your life it's how you are um Going about things That makes it your reality it becomes Reality um you must visualize Positive outcomes athletes um successful Businessmen Um all kinds of people um Use visualization positive reinforcement And visualization For success to become successful so That's what we have to do is preppers Positive visualization um negativity Breeds negativity And positivity breeds positivity Think about the people you're around Every day in the office At work home friends stuff like that Think about those people that are always Negative and how they bring you down And how it's not as fun to be around Them as people that are exuding Positivity

They're always positive that lift you up That's what i hope to do here i always Hope to be lifting you guys up i don't Want to bring you down i want to lift You up I like people like that positive um Because it's just good basically you Know um If you allow the negative it will Control you Kind of are positive too but that's a Good thing if you're controlled by Positivity that's awesome Um yeah start the change today Start the change in your life today i Have a tendency towards negativity I'll admit it yeah i do it's something i Work on all the time because i want to Be a positive person I fail a lot of times i'm human just Like you guys Um but yeah that's something that you Know it's an internal struggle We all have them they are all different Some people are just naturally positive All the time That's not me i'm more of an alpha male I'm gonna get things done I'm a realist stuff like that so i guess I'm a realist i'm not Negative necessarily all the time but You know i tend that way Uh but anyway um yeah build the habits Now

Like i talk about do the easy do the Things now while they're easy instead of Waiting until they're more difficult Until having all these external Stressors and more stress put on you During an event and then trying to learn How to be positive That's not going to work so try now Start now Avoid panic um at all costs You cannot panic in a survival situation You cannot panic Panic equals death so because panic Isn't just fear fear is normal and Healthy Panic is like when you freeze your Muscles muscles tense up You can even vomit you can start shaking Trembling Um it's overwhelming like a panic if Anybody's had a panic attack out there I haven't so i can't really say that's What it is but that from what i've heard That's what it is if you ever panic Attack you're like freeze and you're Just like it's Overwhelming we got to avoid that Um stay calm cool collected Level headed positive Big part of it um training and Confidence allows us to overcome Panic because the more trained we are The more we're used to Situations if i'm out in a combative

Type situation And i'm trained i can much more Effectively Deal with a situation a negative and a Bad situation If i'm highly trained right we may have Things that are unexpected Or things that we don't know how to deal With necessary but if we're highly Trained We'll be able to adapt to the situation Semper gumby always flexible That's another part of it uh be willing To and ready and able to pause Constantly change To modify your behavior to modify what You're doing and how you approach things And to be okay with change we got to Have that Because we're not going to survive um Pan and i apologize if you hear kids Screaming in the background That's my four-year-old my 12 year old They're probably fighting So big brother is probably agitating Four-year-old so i apologize those are My kids screaming in the background They're not dying hopefully um Yeah panic causes panic causes loss of Motor control which is a big one if You're out there you know with a pew pew You don't want loss of motor control Because that's how you draw that's how You present that's how you

Do your trigger control side alignment All that kind of stuff Um same with everything you're doing in Any kind of dangerous situation or any Kind of situation You need your motor fine motor control Right yes we do Um emotions and attitudes are contagious Um if we're negative all the time it's Contagious to people we don't want to be That Around our group our mag our team our Tribe or whoever it is we're surviving With Just our family or even by ourselves We'll get down Uh we want it to be positive we want it To be on that side of things Um i don't have those around you that Are negative all the time Sorry to say it even if it's like a Lifetime friend if they're negative all The time well you know encourage them to Change First help them to change um and then You know just Limit exposure that's all i can say About that Create and enforce an attitude of Gratitude In your family in your life your Friendships Your co-workers we should be grateful we Live in the greatest nation on earth we

Got a lot of problems A lot of stuff going on but this is Still the greatest place to live Honor trust me i've been to almost every Other country out there This is still the best by far um But an attitude of gratification Thankful to heavenly father for Everything he's blessed us with We're grateful for everything that we Have been provided And we are able to do i'm thankful and Grateful to heavenly father To give me a good job so that i can Provide for my family Nice vehicles a good home warmth food All these things being grateful is good For the spirit If you're not religious then just feel Grateful to whatever Or for whatever just be grateful for the Things you have Um good will joy happiness all these Things are good things to Teach to bring into your life to empower In your life Um morale is vital i mean shcf scenario Especially with all the extra stress all The extra stuff going on Being happy positive and having good Morale is going to be important Very important for success and thriving Not just surviving Um yeah shtf world

Without rule of law these you guys know What i'm talking about equal stress Period it's going to be more stress lots More stress um So mitigation techniques exercise taking Breaks Um playing board games um climbing Physical labor these are all things uh Maybe meditation Maybe yoga tai chi things like that Whatever works for you To be able to mitigate the stress to Lower your stress levels Um stress affects everyone differently Um In their you know difficult situations Think about them War gave them war game them get them up Here some ideas that might potentially Come so you can be better Um adept to deal with them when they Come Faith and spirituality big time in Stressful events Lots of people become more faithful They go to heavenly father more often in Times of stress In combat in hurricanes typhoons Earthquakes you name it Big fires anything that's big stress or A big danger in their lives They typically go to heavenly father More often It brings them back to their faith or

Brings them into a faith A lot of times mental clarity mental Clarity is key Having a clear mind being able to Clearly Process things the ability to process Things and to react appropriately In a timely manner that's very important For Psychological preparedness and Psych you know what i'm talking about Here There's a lot more to it and i'm not a Psychologist or psychiatrist But i know what works for me and i know It works In combat situations and i know what Works um You know in just uh austere environments Bad places so i hope you guys like the Video i love you guys Thank you so much for being here have a Wonderful day and blessings to you and Yours

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