The Time Out Generation Is Raising Their Kids Differently

Society is made up of individuals who either understand how to contribute and be a part of society or who actively undermine it.

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Well the timeout generation has started To raise children and of course timeouts Are just too extreme now We're hearing uh more and more reports Out there and if you start googling time Out you'll see about how much Psychological harm Putting kids in timeout is going to be Friends we have this softening up of our Society the point where We are seeing serious repercussions Throughout our system and we're going to Be talking about those a little bit Today we're going to be talking about Some of the statistics of what's going On with the younger people these days We're going to be talking about how it's Impacting work how it's impacting Just everything in our whole society If you're anything like me I know I'm a little bit young for that But my parents were taught by our church And they were actually given a paddle to Paddle us with and they were given good Instruction on how to do it and I I Would say that I Most of the Whoopins that I got I I Deserved And I'm not psychologically scarred from Them so to speak but now I will say this My parents did a great job Um and I think that their directions From the church were very good which is

You should never punish your child in Anger Um you make the promise And then you cool off you cool off and Then you have the the discipline you Make sure that they're very clear on Exactly what they did to deserve the Punishment And then Um Then make sure that they understand that That that you Um are still in a relationship with them And that that this is not Um You know a break of relationship that The relationship hasn't changed You've been punished now you're good Don't do it again or else you'll get Whooped again And There's uh there's this whole idea now That that you can't do that you can't do That because that's going to harm them Psychologically And then you can't do time out now Because timeouts will harm kids Psychologically because separating them From and isolating them causes mental Strain or mental stress and Friends Creating mental stress and strain is Kind of the point that's the whole point Of time out and given a given a whooping

To someone who who has it coming Uh also that's kind of the point the Point is that it hurts and it's Uncomfortable So then you stop doing What you're doing or what you did You think twice next time When we start separating behavior from Consequences Like we are today you see more and more Of these increasing situations where Students shouting at their teachers I think my parents actually sent a note Into the school saying basically you Have permission to corporally punish her Son if he does something out of line now I spent a lot of time in the uh in the Uh in the principal's office in middle School and elementary school before Before Jesus got a hold of me Um that that radically transformed my Life at uh between Middle School years And high school years that summer that's When Jesus got a hold of me Before that I was constantly in trouble And I had to constantly have my behavior Modified because I couldn't help it I was a troublemaker I know I know that shocks you that Shocks you you're like Steve how could You be a troublemaker But I think a lot of us Have at least gone down those roads or Or been there now maybe you're just a

Goody goody two shoes and you've always You know your parents just looked at you The wrong way they kind of frowned a Little bit and you just were oh it just Cut you so deep uh for me um I needed a good whooping I got uh I lost Privileges We used to have our Nintendo system and Back in the day and and those things Were taken away from us so how should You raise your kids now I don't have any Kids so right there a lot of you are Going to go well then I don't want to Hear your opinion But I was a kid and I was raised and Parents probably could have done better I guess I don't know But I think they did fairly good job on Me and my brother Um I needed a lot more behavior Modification than my brother did Of course there were a couple times I Got whooped for what my brother did so Uh You know when you're the guilty party so Often you tend to tend to get blamed When things aren't necessarily your Fault but uh but that that happened very Infrequently But how is this going to impact Society 33 percent Of teenage girls I'm sorry as high school girls 33 percent of high school girls now I

Don't know if that counts all the people That think they're girls and whatever Anyway Um Have seriously contemplated Uh quitting In the last year 33 percent Friends Maybe we need a little more behavior Modification Maybe we need to do a little bit better Job parenting now I know a bunch of this Has been heaped upon them by by what's Happening at schools and what's what They're being taught about how the world Is coming to an end because because They're exhaling and they really should Make room for more plants and animals in The world because uh because humans are Bad But A lot of it a lot of it's parenting I Mean the first big thing to do with Parenting is Stay Together For Parents to stay together That is extremely traumatic for children Anyone who says Oh They'll be fine It has not taken one quick glance at the Statistics out there The emotional trauma and the uncertainty That that goes into a young person's Life it makes them vastly more likely to

Get divorced when they get older Makes them much more likely to get into Illegal substances get into Relationships inappropriate Relationships that are going to uh that They really shouldn't be in whether it's Abusive or or just ones that they're not Ready for Helps them to lower their standards In a bad way Just all these impacts just are and We're we have this massive wave Of young parents who have been Psychologically abused by not being Whooped Yes I said that psychologically abused For not being whooped If you don't whoop your kids when they Deserve it You encourage that behavior to happen Now if you have an alternative way of Of modifying that behavior and and each Kid's different I get that some kids if You give them time out it's like it's The end of the world if you take away Their toy or if you take away something You don't necessarily need to to Do that and and there's concerns about You know you know will you get your Children taken away from you if you Practice Basic discipline And I get that too Um if you're like this is what I do if I

Wouldn't have my children taken away From me by by Child Protection Services Or something like that And and you need a lot of wisdom But the societal impacts of this are Real The lack of respect the lack of Self-respect out there is evident And this inability to take criticism This inability to hear things that you Disagree with This idea that it's everyone else's job To protect you And your feelings and your allergies and Your It's everyone else's job to protect you That is a scary scary world that we're In where all of our rights need to be Taken away in order for other people to Feel safe And these people are voting a lot of These these uh timeout generation folks Are voting now Um if they can figure out how to vote And if they ever decide that it's worth Voting They're voting and they're going to vote For a safe government a government that Makes them feel safe a government that Doesn't say hard truths it doesn't Actually speak the truth But rather tell some comforting lies and Strips everyone else of their rights in Order for them to

Um To be protected Friends the U.S Constitution and our Form of government was that we protect Ourselves we protect our country We protect our government And by doing so we are the government as Opposed to the government out there they Protect us they have control over us They decide what we're allowed to eat What we're not allowed to eat They did decide what you're allowed to Do for a living and what you're not Allowed to do for a living How many different jobs nowadays require A licensure you need to get a license From the government in order to do Anything these days it seems like you Have to pay them fees fines you have to Do it their way and if you don't do it Their way You lose the ability to do that and You'll end up in jail The timeout generation has come and I Don't even want to think about the The generation to come that that were Too soft Too soft emotionally to handle time out What will they be like Who What's worse than purple hair I don't Know but we're probably going to find Out we're probably going to find out Friends and uh

You know if you ever watch Hunger Games And you see all the weirdos in the Capital like that's that's how our Country is becoming it's a bunch I mean It's like That's exactly like what we're becoming All these weirdos and what can we do About them We can we can raise kids in our Communities I'm part of my church that helps Families raise their kids and we're Wrestling through a lot of these Questions together as a church family How do we how do we encourage the Families how do we equip the families to Raise their children well Without telling them to do stuff that May have their children confiscated from Them if you know what I mean so we we Need to uh we need to think through These questions long and hard because Our society depends on the children that We're raising because not only are they Going to be Society But they are part of society now We need a society full of respect Self-respect as well as respect for Others And a commitment to truth and principles Above comfort and ease All right folks if you found this video To be useful or helpful you might want To check out this other video right here

From me I'll see you over there or I'll See you later Steve Poplar out

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