The World Has Changed Again | How To Survive The Coming Storm

The things we trusted are now untrustworthy, they things that once protected freedom now take it away. The systems we built for convenience now want to enslave us.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Friends the world has fundamentally Changed there are some who are waking up To the realization that things are Different then there are old people that Keep giving speeches that still don't Get that things have completely changed They think that Politics as Usual in the United States is going to continue and That that's going to continue to uh to Draw voters and everything like that but They haven't realized yet how polarized The United States is This is now the United States where Neighbors go over to neighbors and pull Out their yard signs they don't respect Each other's political views but rather They realize that the person across the Fence is actually a terrorist because They have different points of view they Get on Twitter they get on social media To silence each other to the point where Nobody can speak anymore without fear of Retribution without somebody showing up At their home and causing violence this Is how polarized the political sphere Has gotten but the economics and work Sphere people are being fired because They don't tow the political line Because they have some questions about Things that are being mandated they are Fired and terminated if they speak out About some kind of company policy about Where the company is dumping billions of Dollars into one side of the political

Spectrum or in order to renovate Society Into some aberration if they ask Questions they are either penalized Heavily or possibly terminated Freedom of speech and freedom of Conscience have been bedrocks of the American society as well as the society In the west places like Canada and the UK while not codified into law these Principles have been generally accepted That people should be allowed to speak Their minds but that is no longer the Case laws against religion are in place Now in Canada and laws are being Enforced in the UK that stop people from Saying things that might hurt other People's feelings This is the new world that we live in And as just came out yesterday by an Esteemed journalist We can see that the United States more And more is not the good guy The pipeline was blown up by us By a joint Spy operation and navy operation we see This and we see the facts laid out in Front of us and see how our politicians Our leadership lied to our faces And told us oh it was someone else who Did it when in fact they had planned for Months and years to do this very thing Friends we see our country and the Countries are allied with us Provoking other countries severely again

And again and again And we can read the Declaration of Independence and we can almost visualize Ourselves being on the other side of Things Being In our opponents or our enemies shoes And saying they could read this Declaration of Independence about us About the our Imperial Manipulations and our Imperial uh Attacks on our colonies Because make no mistake the United States and the NATO its NATO allies Really are Colonial Powers Imperial Powers And that whole dynamic is shifting The colonies before Are now saying we don't want to be your Colonies anymore we we're sick and tired Of you manipulating us and telling us What we can and can't do The world is changing And here at home As you've gone to the store in recent Months In the past year and a half what have You seen more than anything else you've Seen empty shelves you've seen places Where there once was food and you can't Help but think back to the indicators Of the fall of the Soviet Union Right we pointed over to the shelves Over in the Soviet Union and said look

The short store shelves are empty you Can't buy food you can't buy things There's money but you can't buy things And look their system is completely Broken and yet now today In the west we look at our store shelves And we're seeing increasingly those same Indicators And we have to ask ourselves If we're Honest and a lot of people aren't honest A lot of people are dishonest with each Other but then a vast majority of Americans and other people around the World are just dishonest to themselves They refuse to see the writing on the Wall They will take standards and apply them To other people and then when it comes Time to apply them to ourselves we just Refuse to do so How come the Soviets couldn't see that The that their empire was about to Collapse because the empty shelves Are the same people who will look at our Empty shelves and come up with more and More excuses as to why Oh well that's that's because of a Um a cough cough that came by years ago Yeah but but why can't I buy peanut Butter Uh why is there a butter shortage I went to the store and tried to get Some half and half or some cream like Why why can't I get cream and and just

Recently why were eggs Uh almost tripled in price In some places more than that Why is that why is that And we can't help but draw those lines Straight back To the governments that rule us and I Say rule us I know the United States and Other countries were supposed to be Nations that are representative Democracies we're supposed to be where The people in power are supposed to Represent us and through them we rule And yet that's not the case at all is it Random Bureau bureaucrats write uh Notices they write bills uh in their in Their little offices they're not Representatives they've been elected by Nobody and yet they can with the Flourish of the pen Declare millions of Americans suddenly Felons They can take laws that are on the books Like enforcing the border and they can Just ignore them They can take away laws and they can Enact new laws and we see this more and More The world has changed The government that was once in Instituted to protect it was basically Its only duty was to protect the United States from foreign aggression now Actually just does foreign aggressions

Against other countries and increasingly Does those foreign aggressions here at Home against you and I we saw the Chinese spy balloon come floating across The sky but if you looked over at Monkey Works and his fantastic Channel over There you saw hey Gee there's four spy American spy balloons that are hovering Over the United States all the time When are we going to talk about those Spy balloons why does the United States Air Force spy on American citizens here In the United States with spy balloons What's the purpose why do they need them Why are they so afraid of you and I They can allow millions of undocumented People across the border because they're Not suspect they're not dangerous but The millions of Americans here presently Who have been following laws and such They are dangerous they must be Monitored we must tap their cell phones We must use tracking software so that we Can monitor them everywhere they go some People say oh my gosh we're going to get Tracking uh stamps on us you know They're going to inject us with tracking Modules so they'll know where we go all The time friends if you carry around Your cell phone with you you've been Carrying around a tracking Beacon with You For how many years now everywhere you go You are logging that information and

That's not that's not suspect Companies can go out there and buy that Information Journalists have gone out there and Actually just bought the software for uh Um the tracking for Washington DC and They're just basically just watching all The dots go everywhere that's publicly Accessible publicly buyable information Now you as a citizen can't buy it but if You have a company you can And if you think the United States Government hasn't bought that Information hasn't accessed that Information you you you're sorely Mistaken is regular occurrences over in Europe when there is a crime they just Go back into that uh software and they Just look at all the dots that were Nearby at the time of the crime and they Just start seeing if those people are Guilty so if you just happen to be Walking past the scene of a crime you're Going to get asked what you are doing What you saw because you're being Tracked 24 7. Everything that is being instituted now As anti-theft Protections in Walmart all The cameras that are going into place Guess what they're doing with those Cameras those cameras are watching you Buy stuff you look at stuff and they're Starting to talk about taking those Camera images the information of you

Looking at the store shelves and they're Going to sell that information yes You're going to be tracked when you're In stores and they're selling that Information we've just gotten reports Now that that people are getting uh Police showing up at their doors Arresting them why because they missed Too many items in the scanning aisle at The self-checkout are you getting Stopped at the door because you missed Something in scanning no but the Computer program is logging every time It thinks you missed something in the Scanning thing until you get to a Certain limit And you either get issued a summons or Police come to your door and arrest you We talk about dystopian Futures as if There's something out there that are Coming but how many people were locked Up because they went to a protest Have been locked up for years Because they went to a protest Some people who just walk through a Building Okay granted that they weren't supposed To be in But they've been charged with felonies And multi-year criminal sentences in Jail And then we have other people who are Privileged people who are political Class

Who are charged with real crimes and They get slaps on the wrist People who are burning down uh cities Who are attacking people in protests and These people get off scot-free people Being charged with murder rape other Crimes violent crimes are being released Without bail and yet people who walk Through a building once Cannot get bail friends we live in a Dystopian future right now at the Dystopian present and we need to Determine for ourselves What you're going to do about it No I'm not necessarily suggesting going And protesting because we all see how Completely ineffective protesting is up In Canada our friends went to protests And all they did was just get jailed and Had their finances seized So what what good is protesting Friends what is going to be all the Difference in the world is you being Able to say I'm done with the system I'm not going to be dependent upon this System that is controlling me seeking to Control me They know that you are dependent most People are dependent upon their economic System and they are working hard at Using all that information using uh the Information you have given them from Online as well as your need for their Food your need for their job your need

For their medical care they want to use That to force you to comply to all their Things we saw that in the cough cough Situation and believe me the next Crisis Is coming and when this next Crisis Comes they're going to leverage all of These things against you To force you to comply Will it be World War III will it be this Bird flu that has been crossing over Into mammals down in Peru All around the world we're seeing bird Flu actually jumping into mammals and That's pretty scary because We're mammals And If that does go we we see that the Catastrophic death rates that actually Come from that So is it going to be another pandemic Is it as the world economic Forum says We're going to have a cyber pandemic or Is it going to be World War III Um could be any of these things but we Know one thing for sure that once Government gets power A ability to usurp people's rights it Just can't help but immediately going to That Every single time They're going to conjure up crises so They can use those Powers against you so Whether there's actually a crisis or not They're going to try to use these Powers

We saw this in the State of the Union Just uh the other day right we saw that Um The the pandemic emergency won't be Rescinded Even though the pandemic is over Why is that why have we been in a National state of emergency since the 1940s Because emergency powers are useful we Can use them to do all sorts of things We can issue president edix Why would we want to end the national Emergencies no we don't want to end the National emergencies even though the National emergencies are over And that is the world that we find Ourselves in friends we find that these People want to dominate us they want to Control us and they want to force us to Do their bidding They want us to speak only the things That are approved of being spoken they Want us to Comply with our actions to all the Things that they want us to do They want us to Bow the knee and Kiss The Ring At every month of this You know this month Is uh we're supposed to be celebrating This and next month we're supposed to be Celebrating that uh yeah they're going To have Awards shows with dancing demons

And uh and tell us all that this is good Fun entertainment but I don't know about You and me friend but dancing demons is Not entertainment that is sacrilegious Uh idolatry really and The even if you're not into religion Even if you're not a follower of of any Particular region I think that you would Also think it rather odd that we are Um Glorifying the worst parts of our human Nature and yet all the best parts of our Human nature we are criminalizing You are now a suspect if you have an American flag in your front yard if you Try wearing an American flag on your hat Or on your jacket you are a potential Terrorist Friends this is the world we live in What is the answer to this You must get as far independent as you Possibly can Get with friends and other people And yourself as far off the grid as Possible because the grid is going to be Used against you it's already being used Against you you were being told that you Need to buy electric cars and then then When going got tough they told you that You're not allowed to charge your Electric car That's exactly exactly what we're Talking about they want to get you more Linked up to the system so they can use

The system to control you So what's the answer Disengage from the system I know it sounds very Amish it sounds Very Radical but the more you can separate Your finances from them so that you're Not dependent upon them the more you can Separate your need for food from them And you can start buying from local Producers or produce more and more of Your own food even at the very least Stockpiling your own food the more you Can separate from them the less power And control they can have over you know Why they hate you stocking up because They know that you're going to be able To look at them and say No I'm not going to do that to stand in Line to go buy your food because I have Enough food I don't need your food When you actually have access in the Background to medical professionals that Are willing to give you some services in Exchange for some eggs or whatever else From your from your what you grow on Your farm They realize that they can't make you Fill out all those forms when you get to The doctor's office Friends uh we need to be moving that Direction we need to be getting away From documenting everything and sending All that information into the government

To exchanging things between ourselves A parallel economy as some people have Called it we need to be Supporting any parallel economy any Cash-based economy any barter economy That goes on around us because this Is the way we can look at them in Washington DC and other places of Capitals and say I'm just not gonna I'm not going to do what you say I'm not Going to do what you say and you know What you can't do anything to me because You know what all my people over here We have what we need we don't need your Stuff Oh well we're going to send people oh Well you know what The governor and uh our Sheriff our County Sheriff's uh aren't going to Tolerate you coming down here and trying To do stuff to us So uh good luck with that Friends Is it secession I don't know about that But what it is is nullification And some people out there have already Started this whole Sanctuary this Sanctuary that nullification that well Friends the wheel has turned and now We're going to start nullifying we're Going to start being Sanctuary uh cities And counties and States from a lot of These government overreaches that are

Happening And you need to support the people that Are bold enough to stand up and say this Is what we're going to do maybe it's not Exactly what you want to do maybe They're not going far enough for you or Maybe they're going a little too far but We need to support them nonetheless Because people standing up with a Backbone are going to be the people that Are going to be staying between them and You Friends let's get as independent as we Can let's take back a little bit of our Freedom I know we've traded a lot of our Freedom for convenience but let's start Taking back that freedom because it's Not worth the convenience that comes With slavery All right folks thanks so much for Watching if you found this video useful Or helpful you might want to make sure You're subscribed and also check out This video right here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later thanks for Watching the popular report Steve Poppler out

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