My own spin on the world's best coffee and how to make it.

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  1. Starbucks set the bar pretty low, I will give your recipe a try. I am sure its way above and beyond dunkin donuts (their iced coffee is one of my faves)

  2. I’ve always loved those “brewski” type Coffee Icee drinks from drive-up coffee places. Yeah, they are 5-7 bucks each! That’s why I haven’t had one for a couple of years. But now? I’m gonna try it! Do you think that making ice cubes out of real coffee might be workable somehow? A little sugar. A little vanilla? Blended is so good. Thanks for your tip on this great drink!

    1. I DO make ice cubes out of my leftover coffee and use them in iced coffee. Works great! I’m way too cheap to pay that kind of price for something I can make for roughly 65-75 cents at home.

  3. This is one of the better videos.. Love her personality when she lets it out and just goes with it…And that drink?… yeah, Ill be trying it…

  4. You cracked me up with this one. “I don’t go by the directions.” and “It’s still not good for you.”  And that cute little chuckle. I’m glad you found something like this to make you good about… Love your videos.

  5. Personally I can’t see spending $5-$10 a day on coffee drinks. Maybe once a month I’ll get a coffee drink. I’m in northern California and we have a coffee place called Dutch Bros. And in my opinion way better and cheaper than Starbucks. And they give you any free large drink on your birthday.

    1. Jessica Godare
      Dutch Bro’s. smokes every coffee place around. I go out of my way and arrange my trips through Idaho to hit a Dutch Bros. for my cup of Americano.

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