There Is SOMETHING You MUST Know In 2023

For the last number of years there has been increasing pressure to electrify everything, but with the energy shortage and blackouts it truly is a trap..

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report uh we got breaking news here we Got uh discussion of what's going on in The world and this one we're going to be Talking about how electric vehicles Electric heat all this electrification Of everything is really a big trap Um It seems like a good idea at first it May save you money in the short run but We're seeing a lot of pressure uh in the United States from the government upon Commercial buildings and commercial Entities to Electrify their buildings We're being told that uh that they need To get off natural gas for heat they Need to get over to Electric for heat They need to get moving over that way And we're also seeing a lot of pressure With gas ranges recently being a target Of of discussion I don't think that's Ever going to go through but you know Maybe in a 10-year phase out type thing But uh getting rid of a gas ranges in The United States is uh good luck with That anyway Um not until they they get rid of all The boomsticks if you know what I mean So we had this electrification push but What we also see going on are these Smart meters that are going into Buildings and you probably re received One of these by now where they can drive Right down the road and they can pick up

Uh through sensors or they can just over The Internet they can get your uh what Your number is and for how much Electricity you've used but more and More what they're doing is they're Installing these smart meters that Interact with the internet so they can They can actually monitor how much Electricity you're using and if you're Using too much electricity when they Have a shortage of electricity they can Target you for shut off Or we're also hearing that they are Looking at the possibility of looking How to brown you out where they can Reduce the amount of electricity that's Going to your home That's a that's a kind of a tricky one There too but we saw Just recently with the storms that came Through we had that winter storm that Came through and Duke Energy found Themselves without enough electricity They called up a number of Reserve units And they did not get those things online And so they turned to pgam and pjm had a Whole bunch of their Reserve units did Not come online either a lot of these Units were natural gas units that they Were hoping to bring online but they Just didn't have enough natural gas or The providers didn't want to turn them On Or whatever and so we have uh this

A big deficit of electricity was so they What did they do they immediately Started Um rolling blackouts through the uh Duke Energy areas Without any warning And as soon as you realize that the that They're going to start doing that Whenever they have any sort of problem And yet they're building these electric Grids more and more unstable You need to realize that you moving over To Electric is a bit of a Gamble It may be good for you in the short term But it may end up costing you quite a Bit in the long term Why do they want you over on electric See the problem with natural gas is that It's it's hard to switch off It's hard to redirect too much you can Sort of redirect it a little bit but Electricity you can just you can just Switch people off like that it's great You can switch off commercial buildings Like that you can switch off certain Districts You know if if people vote the wrong way You know I mean maybe they they Shouldn't get quite as much electricity As these folks over here There's too many Um people of this nationality in this Area so they don't deserve as much Electricity as these deserving people

Over here Oh does that sound a little far-fetched Go to South Africa and tell me if that's Far-fetched Look into some history is that Far-fetched no it's not it's not Far-fetched at all and what we're seeing Now with people being denied admissions People being denied jobs because the Color of their skin if you don't think That they will deny you and the people In your area of electricity first for Equitable reasons They will make sure and they already Have commissions doing this that if There's rolling blackouts we need to Make sure that they're done in an Equitable way Where minorities are not negatively Impacted Now On the face of things I think a lot of us would go well that's That sounds reasonable yeah I mean It's not right that we shut off you know Inner city areas to a higher degree than Wealthier areas that that that would be Wrong That sounds great But That's not what they're talking about That's not what they're talking about at All They're talking about

Lower income areas should not be shut Off at all and only Other areas should be shut off Just like the whole reparations thing Just like one thing after the next that Comes out there Friends there's there comes a certain Point where you see what they're doing And you start realizing I shouldn't be handing this person this Tool Because the last tool I gave them they Beat me over the head with Maybe I shouldn't give this to them Because they're probably going to hit me In the head with We collectively need to realize that the Psychopaths Who really don't care about you at all Who kind of wish you'd all die because They don't like you if you if you watch Channels like this one oh I kind of wish that you you would die During the next cold spell probably These people absolutely hate you And much of what you stand for So moving over to electricity Just makes it easier for them to Target You makes it easier for them to hurt you Friends Before you start switching over Electricity now I am stuck on electric Heat the house I bought it has a heat Pump and there is no natural gas line

Coming here which is ironic since There's a natural gas line pipeline like Literally like 20 or 30 yards from from my house like There's a big natural gas line goes Through so an emergency situation I Always just drill a hole in it and you Know get all the natural gas I need I'm joking about that You don't want it to be doing that that Would that would be a very very bad idea Um but no natural gas here it would be Too costly to run the pipe here so it's Either propane or electric and I opted to go with wood so I've been Stockpiling wood Um stacking it up and getting it covered And all that kind of stuff like that but Figure out what you need to do to be More energy independent and stacking Wood is a great option if you have a Fireplace if you have a wood stove in Your home which I do actually have a Wood stove in my home so I'm actually Kind of set that way I've I've done a Little bit of work with it uh but uh It's not the best wood stove for Everything it would be better for Emergency use and so that's what it's There for if they shut off my Electricity I'll be able to keep the Pipes from bursting and I'll be able to Stay warm downstairs but I will probably Have to sleep in the basement in order

To stay relatively comfortable and That's all right I can do that for a Couple weeks a year if necessary Um what what can you live with If they if they decide to Target you in The dead of winter when it's ice cold or In the dead of summer when it is super Hot will you be able to survive without Your electricity a lot of people in Texas really struggle with that when it Was hot uh when it was cold And then Duke Energy area down in the Southeast of the United States a lot of People struggle with that Um for for some bits of time They were supposed to only shut off People for a half hour at a time but I Heard from a whole lot of you guys who Had your power out for four six eight Hours at a time And uh that's what I hear from you guys I don't know how many of those were were Scheduled outages how many of them were Just uh trees down on lines but You can't believe anything that you're Being told these days everything that They say Ends up being the opposite of what they Say that they would never do that And then they do it You know you keep using the slippery Slope argument and they end up doing it Anyway So

Electric cars I mean I like the idea of Electric cars but I don't like the idea Of being that dependent upon the Grid in Order to power the electric cars they Take a lot of juice unless you have a Really big solar farm you're gonna have A hard time powering that electric car Off of your property and uh what about Those people coming in and asking if you Have permits for all that that's a whole Nother question right all right folks if You found this video to be useful Helpful you might want to check out this Other video right here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later make sure You sign up for the Poplar report down In newsletter free newsletter down in The description I'll see you there or I'll see you later Steve popular out

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