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A primary defensive tool option for Preppers hey everybody it's Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness What I'm going to talk about today is Also known as the right arm of the Free World I'll show you that in just a sec if you Guys are new here please subscribe hit That thumbs up or the thumbs down Whatever Comment below Share the videos comment sections great Section to have conversation to learn From each other to talk about what we Have what we want directions we want to Go ideas stuff like that it's all a Really good thing so let's get into the Video the right arm or the Free World Right here This is known as that in many circles What is this this is a DS arms sa 58 Which is an American-made FAL Made by FN The fnfal main battle defensive tool This has been used all around the world In military use Um civilian use all kinds of things Combat yes All over the world Extensively used in Central and South America also Um This weapon system was used by the British military I believe the Canadian

Military and probably several others Um this one is an 18-inch barrel instead Of the standard 22-inch Barrel I or this Rifle has An ergo grip on it because the grip Angle of the standard grip is really Really steep so what that does when You're holding it it makes you kick your Elbow out doesn't let you keep it in Nice and tight and it's not comfortable When you're out here like this holding The rifle like this for long periods of Time because your wrist is all bent up Like that Good thing to do or to have on your Defensive tool optic Pick your poison there Um the iron sights are Not that great I do have this on um a Quick disconnect and there is a See-through feature for this the bases Um so you could use that this rifle also Has the DS arms railed top cover as you Can see other than that though this is a Jarred trigger because the standard FAL Triggers Suck horribly but this is a main battle Defensive tool Um I also added a little rail section Here or no I didn't add this rifle has A little rail section here I have to say It that way because you know the system And the way it works and stuff like that This rail section here is just for a

Light okay no big deal everything else Is pretty much standard on it it's going To adjustable gas block that's good Um if you want to run suppressed or Different kinds of loads Um also this is a high speed low drag Um cheek riser to get my eyes in line With the optic this is some shop towels Duct taped to the stock Good to go right sometimes you got to do What you got to do right Um and this defensive tool is chambered In 762 by 51 NATO AKA 308 now because This is a DS arms All-American made Um newer System this probably will do fine I Caveat because I'm not actually Absolutely positive this would probably Be fine with actual 308 Um seats in it Um Original fals you may not want to go There original like uh um hk91s same Thing because 762 by 31 or 762 by 51 NATO is not as hot as a lot of the Commercial 308 loads so be careful there But it's a 20 round box magazine Um you gotta insert it by tilting it Kind of like an AK and seat it in like That it is a Um this has a charging handle on it that Is right here you can see it is a Non-reciprocating charging handle which Means the charging handle does not go

Back and forth while you're firing the Defensive tool So That is what it is uh let me see what Else can I talk about this is a main Battle defensive tool not a precision Rifle however this platform can be very Effective at 600 maybe even 700 maybe Pushing eight possibly I'm not really Sure I would call this more of a six to Seven hundred yard Um tool so this is a good option Um I like the DS arms that say 58 it's a Great platform so far there are Different kinds of stocks where you get The paratrooper Style style stock that Allows you to fold it this one does not Because the uh part of the um recoil System goes back down here to the stock Kind of like a Um an Arkansas Defensive tool you know what I mean Um but yeah so you can get different Styles of it you can get it from feral Length they make a 16 I think they make A 14 5 or something like that they make A 22 Um I like the 18 because 18 is a minimum Barrel length I want to go on 308 762 by 51. Um and this is just loaded with M80 ball Right now Um so this is something that is a good Maybe a good option if you need a little

More power than a standard Arkansas then Um you may want to think about this Um and along with this if you're talking If you're talking 500 plus yards you Really need to have reference material And really learn how to effectively Employ defensive tools at ranges greater Than 500 yards because the average Person really out there I don't even know if they could properly Identify how long 500 yards actually is That's quite a ways Um and a book like this will help you Equipment setup MOA Mills ballistics Environmental technique or effects and Technique this is by Ryan M klechner I Know it's difficult to see right there But you can see it right there got this Off Amazon it was 25 dollars They make a portion of the proceeds of The book but donated military Um Charities really good you can see it Right there Um this is a really good book and it's More geared towards beginners but even If you're not a beginner I'm not a Beginner but it's good to get books like This this is an early Christmas present For me to go back through I mean you can See where my bookmark is right there I Skipped ahead to there and I'm reviewing The chapter that starts with Um let me see what was it what'd the Chapter start with

Fundamentals of Marksmanship because hey Why not go over that all the time this Book is very good a very good book uh to Get into uh long ranges and they have Dope cards in the back which is data on Previous engagements Um uh lots of uh different load data for Different rounds I mean all kinds of Good stuff round count log yeah there This is It's a good book and it talks About different kinds of um targets and Everything so this is a book if you want To get into employing your defensive Tools at 500 600 yards or greater Thousand twelve hundred fifteen hundred This is something you need to get and Read and learn about there's other good Books out there also I'm sure and lots Of good videos Um speaking of other good videos to Borrow source Rex here on YouTube go Back to go to his playlist go to the Sniper or um I think it's sniper101 Series is a over 100 videos in there I Think about 100 videos Um About long range Marksmanship so check It out and when you're out here doing This kind of stuff and training because That kind of stuff takes training Um If you really think that you're gonna go Out and grab any defensive tool Um without a lot of practice and

Effectively engage targets at a thousand Yards then you're wrong Um you need to train you need to Practice you got to put in the time and Do it properly and while you're out There you got to stay warm so check out This Fortress base layer great thing to Have on keeping me nice and warm all Environments links in the description Below yes it is an affiliate program Because they are awesome I love this Company I love their gear go out there And get yourself some portable heat Right here anyway enough about that Um this is an option you may want to Look into it's a lot heavier a lot Bigger than in Arkansas but Um it's a main battle Defensive tool so that's something to Think about and depending on your AO Where you live what kind of uh um what Distances you're shooting at Um and or Threat Level and or what you Perceive threats to be then a weapon System like this may be a really good Option for you Um and I highly recommend that DS arms Sa 58 Um in my choice of 18 inch barrel length Um I may swap out this with a little More effective flash hider I don't know I haven't really messed with this rifle That much oh I said the word defensive Tool

Um but yeah get out there train practice And get good with this stuff in the real World environments you're it's not going To do anything if it's sitting in your In your um safe or if it's just sitting In your closet or anything like that you Got to get out any of these systems you Got to get out you gotta train you got To practice real world cold environments Wet environments warm environments Sandy Environments muddy environments all the Stuff you got to make sure your gear Works and this is one of those systems That I know this will work I use these In my time in the military not Officially of course But what I did is we had choices Um pretty much whatever we wanted to use We could use in different situations so Um I do have experience on this platform And Um yeah it works really well this is Like I said the right arm of the Free World and a very good option for Preppers if you're doing Homestead Defense if you're doing Um your home defense I wouldn't pick This first as a home defense weapon Especially if I lived in a in a city or Something like that but um if you live Rural you want a hunting rifle there you Go here you go you pick up one of these It's great for that it'll take pretty Much any large game in United States I

Know that But it's also it'll give you a little More knock down at a little bit more Range than in Arkansas so check this Platform out and maybe add it to your Repertoire or your tool bag Anyway I love you guys have a wonderful Day and blessings too and yours

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