They Just Keep Coming | The Cold War Has Begun

Chinese spy balloons still keep streaming across our borders and increasingly the US military is shooting them down. 4 Balloons have been shot down over North America in the last week.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report uh we have had now four floating Objects shot down in the last week just Over the week uh we've had a round one We've had a cylindrical one uh we have Had an octagonal one and I don't know if It's just a misprint but apparently that The other one was also a round object so I don't know if the Chinese are probing Our defense sort of like a child's toy Where you have to stick the the shapes In the appropriate holes uh or what's Going on here but we've had a whole Bunch of uh differently shaped objects That hover above the ground Coming into the United States airspace We've had one in Alaska that was shot Down just off the coast of Alaska in the North uh one in Canada shot down one Over Michigan and one of course over South Carolina the one that everybody Knows about I don't know whether it's More disconcerting that we've apparently Been having all these spy balloons Flying over our our country and no one's Been doing anything about it or now that The US military is shooting down objects That they can't identify so they are Shooting them down if you go to the Range or if you're out hunting and You're just shooting at things you don't Know what they are that's that's Generally considered criminal Malfeasance and for those of us who

Often fly in cylindrical objects up in The sky you kind of might want to be a Little concerned about uh the US Military We don't know what it is but we're going To shoot it down with a half million Dollar missile Now I don't think that they're putting Anyone's life in jeopardy with that Because they're able to somewhat Ascertain that there's no humans on Board but still it is a little Disconcerting and maybe the aliens are a Little unhappy with their uh UFOs being Shot down or something or maybe it's the Chinese who knows but the Chinese are Out there accusing the United States of Flying balloons into their territory and They've reportedly shot down a balloon Off their Coast as well I don't know how Much that's just gaslighting like you Know oh well you're doing that to us too Kind of thing and oh look there's Something over there Um you know how much of that's just Stage propaganda I I don't know it's It's hard to tell with them but they've Also now accused the United States of Flying balloons over their country four Times in the past year again He said she said how do you know what The truth is and all that but I will reiterate again because I keep Seeing it going on out there you know

Why are they using balloons when they Could use satellites remember that Satellites are up 100 times higher than Balloons balloons can do stuff down Lower that satellites just can't you Can't do signals interception from Satellite height you can't pick up cell Phones you can't pick up that kind of Stuff or at least allegedly you can't Maybe the United States has come up with Satellites that are able to do that but Generally speaking with the general Understanding of the technology that is Out there at least commercially you need To be much much lower in order to pick Up cell phone signals and stuff like That and balloons with signal arrays Like the one that was shot down off the Coast of South Carolina it was confirmed That it did have signal interception uh Capability so it was It had the capability of snooping in on People's cell phone calls and radio Communications that would not be Ordinarily be intercepted outside the United States so they were able to Pull all that information up yes uh cell Phone signals have a tendency not to be Encrypted so Could they have been listening in on all Your private conversations absolutely Your data that gets sent back and forth Is encrypted so that that's harder for Them to break but being able to pull up

All the information uh could they could Potentially do stuff with that so Having balloons coming over the United States and snooping on all the Americans Cell phone data and cell phone signals Is uh is concerning and that's something You can't do you can also do uh mapping Uh there is the accusation that a Chinese balloon Chinese uh satellite was Putting the lasers down but off the Coast of Hawaii now I'm a little skeptical of that because Once again satellites are really high up There for them to be launching lasers From that height for uh for mapping and For uh yeah getting lay of land and that Kind of thing getting really accurate Topographical maps that would probably Also be kind of a balloon thing because Uh if you've been seeing these mapping That's been happening down in Mexico and Central America where they're finding Like cities in the jungle and stuff like That they're doing that with laser Mapping and that needs to be done by Balloon that's what we're using down There to find those lost cities and Stuff like that is Balloons with Laser attachments are penetrating Through the the leaf layers down to the Ground and kind of finding where the Ground actually is but they have to Slowly move over a territory uh to Really penetrate the foliage and so

Balloons floating across the United States potential with lasers to really Accurately map where the ground is could Be concerting especially if they're Planning on flying low altitude missiles And stuff like that across our border That that is concerning that they would Be mapping Canada and the United States All the way to our nuclear missile sites So Um What is going on out there hopefully We've realized that these balloons are Actually a threat and we've gotten to The point where we're like not going to Tolerate balloons flying across the United States and hopefully other Countries do the same thing and say no You can't fly your surveillance Equipment over our country without Permission so That's kind of where we are with that or Perhaps the aliens are invading and They're shooting down all of the uh the Ships that are coming at us and I don't Know why aliens would be invading us With different shape ships once again Maybe they think we're children and uh And they're gonna doing it in children's Story kind of way I don't know we'll leave it up to you Guys all right folks let us know what You guys think about all these uh Floating objects unpowered objects that

Might be balloon-like Some of these briefings are pretty Ridiculous if you watch them Um they just keep saying nothing as much As they can but some of the descriptions That they use and such like that Unpowered and Apparently floating All right folks let us know in the Comment section below if you found this Video useful or helpful you might want To check out this other video right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve poppler out

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