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Generals are warning that the current invasion may continue further than initially expected. Lot’s of economic news as apple and Alphabet report their Q4 earnings after the market closed.
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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we are here now live with Graphics how about that check that out So um we're going to be uh walking Through the news of the day and I'm Going to be uh putting some things up on The screen for you so that should be uh A welcome relief uh anyway but it does Look like I'm gonna have to be like uh Doing things with my hands and all sorts Of stuff all over the place so bear with Me let's jump right into the news like I Said Um unfortunately we're hearing out of Russia that they are now talking about Um going further with their winter Offensive uh possibly all the way into Moldova so of course Moldova is next to Eastern uh Europe uh the country I'm not Allowed to talk about Um but uh pretty soon Moldova may not be Allowed to be talked about particularly Uh this area just to the um foreign Just to the West of Eastern Europe there are Transnetria it's a complicated region That has uh quite a history and uh It's complicated that's for sure It all has to do with the fall of the Soviet Union and Romania saying Moldova Belongs to them and I I don't know all The ins and outs of it but basically Uh Russian troops are currently in Transnistria uh so there is concerns

That they may want to go uh all the way Through Eastern Europe into uh Transnistria and then possibly even Further in that's what they're kind of Talking about and it is very concerning They're talking about the the next Eastern Europe kind of theater here Um so we're going to keep an eye on that For sure Um Back to the United States and we have uh Texas storms with 440 000 people uh Without power uh in Texas particularly 440 000 people without power because ice Storms damaging power lines and taking Down power poles taking down trees all That kind of stuff you know the drill Over there Um we had earlier in the week we had Lots and lots of flights canceled Because of this uh that's just a big Concern there too Um so here you see uh in this article They're saying 300 000 plus the 150 000 In a different area uh combined to about This one says 450 000 another one said Uh 440 000 that was the power outage map Uh which tends to be a little more Accurate so that was maybe a little more Up to date than what you're seeing uh There but uh all right uh now this video Is brought to you by Genesis Gold group And if you want to talk to Jonathan and His team uh over there you can find his

Information right there give them a Phone call about moving your retirement Funds out of stocks bonds over into uh Physical gold physical silver physical Platinum and they do a fantastic job I've heard from a number of you guys Talking about how great of a job that They do Moving on with the news uh so reports of Annual earnings continue to come flowing Out of Wall Street and apple is Reporting that five percent uh drop in Sales in fourth quarter Uh since uh which is the largest drop Since 2016. so Apple has been considered To be like one of the the bulwarks of The entire SMP and the stock market at Large and so people have been very Concerned that if Apple breaks down and Basically everything's gonna go down With it because a lot of the other Technology stocks and everything like That they've been kind of dipping in Their in their Revenue they they've been making less Money but uh the idea is that well at Least Apple's doing good at least Apple's kind of pulling it out so as Long as Apple stays strong we don't have Any reason to worry and then suddenly Yesterday we heard after the closing Market that suddenly apple is not doing Well Google parent which is alphabet which is

Just okay people need a technology Companies you need to stop it with the Names meta and alphabet come on Seriously it's just dumb anyway Google Uh which owns YouTube Posts drop in ad Revenue We're all crying crowd out tears here For the tech companies particularly Google and everyone like that Um but it is showing that companies are Spending less money on Advertising which Points to the fact that they are feeling Pain as companies are feeling pain They're going to cut back not only on ad Revenue uh ad spends but they're also Going to cut back on You guessed it employees so we're kind Of watching that now this was an Interesting study out there right uh Unattractive people more likely to keep Wearing face masks uh in post covid era That's uh that's a funny one Um but yeah it kind of makes sense Doesn't it um so it makes sense why I I Just really never got into the whole Mask wearing thing and uh you know most Of you probably didn't get too much into It either uh but uh in a in a related Study Um they uh they studied one million People 78 separate studies to determine how Effective That is

And you know what they determined little To no difference In getting it Or in dying from it Little to no difference though there Would be some people out there would say That it does increase your likelihood of Having other health complications so There is that as well I would just drop Those two research studies right onto Your desk and you can just peruse those And think about those as much as you Want I think we can all draw our own Conclusions uh speaking of conclusions So uh turns out that uh that was his Laptop I mean he says so now uh we all Knew it was but um now he's saying it as But of course he's suing everybody who Uh handled the information that was at The time being told to them was not his Stuff Um but uh so all those felonies that we See Um are Legitimate now so um You know all the incidences of him using Powdery substances and all sorts of Other uh nefarious things like taking Bribes from Dragon country taking bribes from other Places apparently that's all true so um What you do with that that's another one For you All right uh this this one's just sad

I'm from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania which Is where Mr Rogers is from and uh Everyone is getting triggered by is this Video going to get Shadow banned because I said Mr Rogers I hope not I hope not this is you know Once you start looking back into what Was going on at Twitter and you realize That the whole thing was set up to just Shadow ban people that they disagreed With Um it would not surprise me if when they Finally get into uh YouTube's uh Algorithm everything like that to find The exact same thing going on in the Background it's just ridiculous Um Mr Rogers uh has that song uh that boys Are boys and girls are girls and uh boys Cannot become girls and all that kind of Stuff like that and some people are Starting to play that song on Tick Tock And other places and It's really triggering some people Really triggering people to see Mr Rogers declaring facts Crazy crazy he's he's gone and he's not With us anymore and yet he is still Triggering people really bad so mansion And Cruz uh two senators are revealing a Bipartisan Bill to halt uh oil sales to Dragon country Yes we've been depleting our strategic Petroleum reserve and selling it to

Dragon country Not using it for us but but you know Selling it directly to Dragon country Just pumping it out of the reserves and Selling it at a discount to Dragon Country and uh Apparently we're going to maybe see About making that not possible in the Future which seems like a good idea to Me I don't know about you but hopefully We don't keep giving away all of our Assets in the country it's bad enough That we were selling at a discount all Our soybeans uh corn we're selling way Too much stuff to Dragon country that We're going to need here when the food Shortage really gets into crisis mode Um Caspian Sea Which is related to an article that we Haven't seen yet uh Caspian Sea Mass death of seals uh Raises fears that bird flu is jumping Between mammals and threatening new Pandemic so we uh You know we we know that the bird flu Hasn't really been crossing over into Humans and so uh the fact that they they Found uh was a couple thousand Seals All Dead they're kind of like is this is This bird flu this bird flu that Happened here and um like I said that's In the Caspian Sea so let's uh let's Take a look at where that is

Nothing going on in that area of the World is there nope nothing at all Caspian Sea of course is landlocked Between Iran Kazakhstan uh Turkmenistan And Russia you know all friendly Countries I'm sure there is no chemicals or Anything like that that had anything to Do with all these seals suddenly dying You know any kind of tests or anything Like that I don't know what happened but Uh let's just say bird flu is not Probably the top of my list of Suspicions uh but who knows if it does Start jumping to humans it is very Concerning but uh remember that most of The cullings in the United States and Europe have been preemptive callings Where they got one false positive or Something like that or a couple false Positives and that was enough to trigger Them to Um start taking massive payouts from the Federal government in order to Coal Their chickens which is why we have our Egg shortages of course Um So apparently a Dragon country spy balloon has uh Floated across the United States across The continental United States so this is One of those balloons that goes up way Way way high up in the sky so I mean It's not like

Down nearby but we have a few very Concerning things in this story that Just Make me just want to Twitch just a Little bit it's just ridiculous Um okay so a spy balloon starts coming Across the United States and so uh Naturally That president is uh informed of this Um Mr Biden proposed that the High Altitude balloon be shot down after it Was spotted and reported by civilians in A commercial airliner Okay let's let's start where this Is concerning because there's a few Points in which this is very concerning One That it took the president to suggest Shooting it down like We didn't think of that before like Hopefully somebody below him kind of Proposed that and actually came to the President with like hey there's a spy Balloon here's our options on how to Take it out Um not like oh taking it out that's a That's that's actually a good idea let's Do that That's concerning but the thing that's Really really concerning is after it was Spotted and reported by civilians in a Commercial airliner So it's over the United States And nobody spotted it until some airline

Pilots like hey what is that over there What is that We didn't spot it before then don't we Have like the world's best search Radars Don't we have like Radars to to pick up Stealth aircraft and we can find Everything and we can we can find water Droplets we can find a wind and and Weather patterns and we can't find a spy Balloon that's floating over the United States either taking pictures or doing Something nefarious What happens if next time that has a Weapon attached to it and just kind of Drifts over the United States like is That concerning to anyone other than me Um I imagine a few of you I find that a Little bit concerning as well That's what I got for the news here uh There was some news out there that uh Some people are starting to talk about Whether Tick Tock is an intentional Cyber weapon uh designed by Dragon Country to be used against America's Youth and Western youth basically rot Everyone's Brains it's almost like a a Cough cough but like digitally and That's kind of interesting conversation Going on out there meanwhile we are now Up on Tick Tock so hopefully we're Trying to do a little bit to reverse the Trend there on Tick Tock we're not doing Very much but we're trying and if you Are on Tick Tock you might want to

Subscribe to us at uh the popular report Um always uh you can check us out Um on email at the pop at the at popular Preparedness Um if you have any reports or news Updates that you'd like to share with us All right folks thanks so much for Watching Um we are going to Hit the buttons to work You can check out this video right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve poppler out

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