THIS Crisis Will Get MUCH Worse

Another foot or more of snow is forecasted to fall on areas that are already buried in a snow emergency. National Guard and state workers are still struggling to conduct rescues of trapped individuals and to connect isolated communities to cleared roads.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report I am coming to you from Kenya uh There is a lot happening over in the United States that we'd like to cover uh Particularly out in California there is A a atmospheric River coming to dump More rain and melt a whole bunch of snow And at higher altitudes actually dump a Whole heck of a lot more snow on top of What is out there uh if you've been Following the news at all there has been Just a catastrophic uh series of events That have been happening over in California We're going to get you some first-hand Accounts here of kind of what it's like Over there right now what it's been like The last bit here but we're also going To be talking about what this Atmospheric river is going to be doing Uh in the near term let's start off with Uh what's coming their way unfortunately This atmospheric river is coming up from The south so it is going to be bringing Warmer air but it's looking at dumping Two to seven inches of more of rain and This is going to start Thursday and it Could and it's going to continue for a Number of days so the two to seven Inches is going to happen in the first Bit about how much total are they going To get and then the the bigger issue is Going to be at higher elevations above 5000 feet they're just that's all going

To be snow we're going to have a foot or More on top of the snow that we already Have that's going to be landing on top Of all the folks that are in crisis mode Up in the mountains If you are in the lower mountains under 5000 feet because this is going to be Warmer air it's going to cause a Catastrophic melting of snow so the Lower elevations that have a lot of snow This hot air is going to come in it's Going to start melting the snow as well As dumping rain on top of it which you Know that just that has a that's a Recipe for massive flooding so we're Going to see a lot more flooding in the Lower areas and we're going to see more Snow dumped on top of folks up in the Higher elevations just so you can kind Of get an idea now if you're in the camp It's basically saying along the lines of I don't see what this big deal is about Snow all they have to do is just kind of Wait it out but I'm going to walk you Through some of the things that have Been happening up in the higher Elevations that these people are kind of Dealing with that is not just hunker Down eat your food out of your cans eat Your food out of your MREs or whatever A lot of us could hunker down in our Homes but there's some of these things That you you need to hear as well gas Mains and houses are exploding because

Intakes are covered That's that's a big serious issue I mean Even if your home is relatively Self-sufficient if your house kind of Explodes while you're in it or your Neighbor's house explode or you're I Mean at the very least your gas lines Get shut down uh suddenly you are in Crisis mode of trying to heat your home A lot of us are fairly well prepared for Heating our homes but the issue there Too is of course gas means exploding is Serious serious problem air into intakes Being covered is kind of one of the Causes for that but also temperature Changes and just the the demand out There for all that gas is putting a lot Of strain on a lot of the systems over There all internet phone and cell phone Lines are down So we're not even hearing and we're not Even getting All that's going on in these places Because a lot of the internet and the Phones are down we're not getting the Flood of videos that we would from other Disasters and that doesn't make it any Less real it just means that that's why The communication is not coming Internet phone and cell phone if you Have an emergency a medical emergency You cannot evacuate because you can't Get out and you cannot call for help This is a very very big deal especially

For those who are more vulnerable this Is not just a simple uh simple hey just Stay in your home and stay warm kind of Thing roofs are collapsing that's right Folks if people aren't getting up on top Of the roofs to uh to clear the snow off Of which is a massive undertaking in and Of itself again if your house collapses It's all good that you have food in your Home it's all good that you have a way Of keeping yourself warm but if your Roof collapses you have a serious Problem and then you pick up the phone To try to call out and call for help Call your buddies call your church call To call somebody to try to get help and You can't actually make the call because The cell phone towers are down remember Cell phone towers They they rely on generator backups and Those generator backups fail after a few Days if they haven't been refueled and The telecom companies Can't get out to these generators to do Maintenance and to get them refueled so Roofs collapsing Also people that have been able to get Out to go get supplies are not being Allowed to return What happens if if if the the parent of The family Goes out to go to get supplies and once They've left to go get supplies and come Back they are then being blocked from

Actually being allowed to return this is A with the National Guard deployed and Everything like that the rules are in Place that that you can't go back up in There And if you're not allowed to go back up In there what what if you left people Who are vulnerable back there what if You're going to buy supplies so that you Could go help someone's roof who has Collapsed you now have the supplies but You can't get back there to help them You can't get back into to deliver food Supplies to elderly or single mothers or People that really need the assistance The assistance is not able to get there Because of these rules of not being Allowed to Um to get in And of course all these private Companies uh volunteers they're not Allowed to come in either because it's Too dangerous that's what they're being Told as well so they're not getting Assistance from church groups and local Volunteer organizations disaster relief Organizations they can't get in there Because they're not being allowed to go In there so this is kind of the Situation that is burning over there This is a devastating situation even if For the people that things are going Well for Um they're they're hunkered down they're

Doing okay they got their food they got Their heat all that kind of stuff like That they're doing all right the problem Is what happens if something goes wrong What happens when the snow snow starts To melt and that water starts coming Into their house Are they going to be able to call for Help are they going to be able to get Assistance and the answer is it's going To be very difficult if if impossible And we need to get those organizations In there that can actually help the National Guard the the state is doing Stuff with the roads A lot of these uh a lot of these places Are still snowed in so they aren't able To uh to do these things so Hopefully things are going to start Changing for the better but this news of This atmospheric River about to dump More snow on top of them on top of Everything else on top of the roads that Have just been cleared in some places uh Places where the roads haven't yet been Cleared this is going to make things Even worse of course when snow is up Over a snow plow and you plow into it it Just You know you're just moving it up and Over onto the truck and then you know Off the back of the truck it doesn't Really help at all because you're not Actually shifting that snow to some

Place useful so the the challenges of Clearing the snowfall and clearing this This Disaster is Monumental what we need Is some warm weather and we need uh we Need some warm weather that's what they Need down there and this warm air is Going to be coming up and it's going to Give some assistance to some people but It's going to be a mixed blessing Because it's going to be a whole lot of Snow a whole lot of rain and a whole lot Of melting snow that's going to cause Secondary disasters out there keep these People in your prayers if you have Disaster relief organizations that you'd Like to partner with financially or Volunteering you might want to be ready To assist them to get them the Assistance they need down in California All right folks wanted to bring that to You over on the Bible Channel there will Be some updates on what's uh been going On here we gotta get some stuff edited And we're still in the field right now Um so a lot of craziness happening uh Trying to get from here to there a lot Of exciting things uh if you found this Video to be useful or helpful you might Want to check out this other video from Me right over here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Out

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