This Is Big News & Will Save YOU Money | Food Shortage Update

Boots on the ground report from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania on the food shortages and empty shelves at Walmart and Aldi to help you save money and feed your family.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to Poplar Report uh back by popular demand we are Going back to full screen mode uh you Guys said that that that's how you want It uh that way you can see it for Yourself on the screen a lot better Without having it being a smaller Picture so we're going to go through the Store shelves and seeing what we're Seeing here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania And let's jump right into the pictures And of course the breakfast pastry slash Bread section of course is looking Desolate like usual they just cannot Keep the Frozen Breads in stash we're Also seeing out there that some some of You guys talking about how in certain Areas you're also having issues with Fresh bread here in Pittsburgh area Fresh bread seems to be okay Uh Frozen potatoes actually look pretty Good I know some of you guys out there Are having some serious issues with Frozen potatoes in your area but here They actually seem pretty good the last Uh last little bit so uh over to the Powdered coffee creamer that is being More and more of an issue as it goes Forward here so if you want to Um Have powdered coffee creamer for your Long-term storage that is that is going To be a problem a bit if you're looking For certain varieties you just can't

Find it anymore but there are enough Varieties out there that it's not a Critical shortage just yet but of course We're having issues with the liquid Variety as well The generic coffee as well as Folgers Continues to kind of just be In this weird situation where there's Just not enough But uh There is still some on the shelf and of Course if you had to move over to Maxwell House that would not be the end Of the world Let me know if you think I'm wrong on That I don't know I'm not I'm not as big of a coffee Drinker as a lot of you I guess but Coffee is is definitely in shortage out There though Um and we're just seeing that starting To hit the stores due to some bad Harvests peanut butter continues to have Some Hit or Miss issues here and there It seems to be pretty good today Of course most of that stems back to the Kentucky plant that had to do a massive Recall that was a while back it Shouldn't be impacting us still but We're still seeing some spotty outages Starbucks can't seem to keep their Coffee on the Shelf hopefully it's not Because they're selling so much because I don't really like them as a company

But um their their coffee is decent Sometimes but I noticed that there was Quite a bit of empty shelves here so not Sure if they just weren't able to Restock or what's going on with that I Don't think there's a dramatic uptick in People buying it in the mac and cheese Aisle still these massive gaping shelf Holes just What is up with that that's just they Should not be like that they just There's some varieties that they just Can't get apparently Speaking of varieties they can't get uh Boxes of instant mashed potatoes the Potato flakes they just have disappeared Not just the generics now but name brand Two just gone all the boxes of them so All you can buy now are the little Little bags of flavored mashed potatoes And that limit that's limited out there So Potato flakes are just disappearing Speaking of Disappearing we have the Canned chicken section that whole bottom Shelf should be stacked to the the Rafters full of big multi-packs of Canned chicken and it's not Only the individual cans three dollars And 18 cents which is highway robbery They should be under two bucks or at Least that's how much I got mine for way Back in the day but these You know people are trying to stock up

On these big packs apparently and There's just not being enough being Produced and so they're only selling the Little small packs that the individual Where they're charging you an arm and a Leg for these things so uh if you get a If you see a good deal on those canned Chicken you might want to do it I told You it's going to get more valuable it's Going up in price better than Bitcoin Has since I bought mine but uh we also Have uh some issues with the pulled pork Uh and beef section The shredded the the quality stuff right Not the spam but but the shredded pork The shredded beef Um just not as much on the Shelf there Spam is Generic and regular spam is is not all The they have a whole bunch of varieties Of spam but not so much of the the Actual spam cans and of course over There the Vienna sausages and a gaping Hole there because of the recall The armor recall I got some good news Coming up for that though um if you want If you like Vienna sausages if you like Potted meat I've got some great news for You soon all right uh ramen noodles the Individual packs were really picked over The multi-packs the giant packs seem to Be fairly well stocked though they seem To be having a little bit of issue with The beef and shrimp particularly the

Shrimp so not sure what that's about but The individuals packs uh not doing so Well out there Pasta seemed to be doing pretty good I've been hearing good things from you Guys too about pasta but certain Varieties having issues and if you want Some rigatoni well tough luck you it Looks like somebody sat on these these Boxes look at that And the bow ties same thing somebody sat On them Anyway Um you know when they're putting that Kind of stuff on the Shelf you just Gotta know that they're kind of at the Lower end of what they got right Sugar doing fairly well but you know They're missing I mean they don't have The big bags quite as many of them and Some of the Domino sugars kind of Varieties out too but we don't seem to Be in a general sugar shortage or a Flower shortage out there just now but You know we're keeping an eye on it We're keeping an eye on it The vegetable oils have been a little Bit more of an issue in the last number Of weeks they seem to be actually pretty Well stocked today so that that's uh Pretty good the vegetable oils So let us know what you guys are seeing With your vegetable oils if that's just A fluke here or if you're seeing them

Back on the shelves doing pretty good Um actually the pepper and spice Sections seem to actually be better Stock they happen the last number of Weeks still not optimal for sure but Looking a little bit better And most things seem to be in stock So that's good The distilled water they've put some Distilled water out of reach up on the Top shelf so that I guess maybe it looks Like there's more distilled water but uh Not very much there's a lot more spring Water out there All right and we're going to be moving Into eggs next but before we do this Video is brought to you by Genesis Gold Group they sponsor this channel to get Good information out to you guys if you Want to move some of your retirement Funds from stocks and bonds into Physical gold silver Platinum you might Want to give them a call Jonathan's team Are fantastic all right folks uh on to The eggs we have A little less stocked but here's why Here is why 274 Even I got some eggs That's a lot cheaper than I was last Week that's 75 cents cheaper than it was Last week I'm hearing that wholesale egg prices Have collapsed and we're starting to see

Some really good numbers in a lot of Places so a number of you have reached Out to me already and said wow eggs have Dropped in price and I definitely saw That here too so if uh if you're not Seeing that in your area over the last Number of days let us know if things are Being stubbornly high in your area but I Think most places are going to see a Pretty dramatic drop basically the price Is spiked because There wasn't enough Supply but then once The price of eggs went up so high people Just stopped buying them now I imagine What's going to happen is with the price Down like it is You're going to see people snap up those Eggs like nobody's business and that Might not be a bad thing to do you can Water glass eggs as long as you put Mineral oil on them so you need to put An artificial Bloom on them before you Water glass them but you can water glass Store-bought eggs if you have some Mineral oil All right over to the other like dough Sections and and cookies sections and They were a little lower than what I'm Used to seeing here so a little less Biscuits a little less Um Uh cookies and cinnamon rolls and stuff Like that We haven't looked at cream cheese for a

While somebody mentioned to me that they Were having some issues getting cream Cheese and so I want to take a look at It a little harder they were looking at Tubs but the blocks seemed to be fairly Well stocked doesn't seem to be any Issues there the tubs there's a couple Varieties they're having a little bit of Issue particularly the generic versions Of them but all in all cream cheese Seems to be well stocked let me know if You're having any problems with cream Cheese out there but I think generally The answer is going to be we're not Having issues the jugs of of tea and Lemonade and all that kind of stuff like That still seem to be having real issues Here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I think That's probably this just that they Can't get the jugs themselves but I Don't know are you still seeing that Kind of stuff in your area where jugs of Non-water are just really having trouble Keeping them in stock creamers looked Better today but You know still got some Thin spots there Right And of course when we come to the half And half the non-chemical uh creamers uh A lot more issues heavy cream half and Half All that kind of stuff just a lot more Picked over Regular milks uh fairly well stocked for

What I've seen the last number of weeks But you know there's still some holes There but In each variety they seem to be well Stocked enough All right rice and beans seem to be not Too too bad they had some 20 Pounders of Rice And there's uh the 20 Pounders of pintos But remember the rice is up two bucks Over what it was in just not too long Ago that's over a 20 percent gain in Less than 12 months I honestly I think over the past summer It was still hanging around nine dollars So They still seem to be having issues with Cornmeal for some reason for making Tortillas and then you go over and you Look at the tortilla section and the and The taco section and there's a lot more Holes than what I'm used to seeing there Too I don't know if there's some sort of Issue going on with with cornmeal or why That is I'll be looking into that a Little more let me know if you guys are Seeing issues with cornmeal out there I Don't usually buy it so I don't usually Keep quite as close an eye on it so Maybe maybe I'm just noticing it now but Uh over to Aldi they had a lot of their Uh Organic milks having issues and just Um

Fact they don't have another I mean they Just uh missing some of those items free Range eggs seem to be a lot more picked Over but the price of eggs here too was Down to about 350 ish powdered coffee Creamers are having issues here too There's five things of powder coffee Creamer cylinder or hazelnut and some French vanilla but uh Not quite as much as we would normally See there Oatmeal oatmeal seemed to be fairly okay But all of the oatmeal they had was Old-fashioned so if you want some quick Oats tough luck You know there are no food shortages Here iceberg lettuce limit three What happens if you have a bigger family Like that's just ridiculous Um These limits are just they don't they're I can't help but feel for the family That has like 10 kids and they're like We need more than three Now they're supposed to go outside and Come wandering back in and get their Does this really limit how my how much Lettuce people are buying that's the Question or not I don't know Spaghetti sauces Or definitely less stock than what we Normally we're seeing a lot of tomato Issues over at Walmart but then also Tomato canned tomatoes and things like

That issues over here at Aldi as well More canned tomato Things that are kind of misens stewed Tomatoes are gone It now when you if you guys have some Reports you want to send us let us know What you are seeing on your shelves Either email them to poplarprepairness or just pop them down the Comment section of any video use the Word update and we will end some sort of Geographical location now good news here Is Vienna sausages are in stock over at Aldi so if you really want your Vanna Sausages and you want to keep stocking Up on them not only are they here but They didn't raise the price on them so That's a fairly decent price for Vienna Sausages they must be packaged at Different facility than the one that had All the recalls or maybe they have Stocked from before or they got new Stock afterwards so if you need Vienna Sausages you might want to head over to Aldi Limit three on cream cheese and at a Buck 59 You gotta ask yourself who's buying more Than three that's Yikesers Um some of the dry goods jasmine rice Was out of stock basmati rice was out of Stock but they did have uh white long Grain and they also had the Black Eyed

Peas but white long grain for two 229 Yikes that's That's crazy that's crazy uh fresh meats Seem to be fairly well but I saw a bunch Of holes so I just figured I'd snap a Picture of it that's a pork chops and Pork area I don't think there's an issue with that I just saw a hole so I took a snap of it If you guys are seeing issues with pork Out there let us know but uh if I don't Hear anything from you guys I'll assume That that was just a fluke Frozen stuff like a chicken And and and fish just Not where they usually are particularly The chicken And I bought some bagels and 219 I can Remember back not very long ago when There were a buck 25. they've gone up Dramatically just I know we're all having those moments Where you just you go to buy something You haven't bought for a little bit and You're just like this is just crazily Overpriced compared to what I used to Buy it for right we used to buy these Things for a lot less and they just keep Blowing up smoke up our behind saying Four percent inflation it's just Ridiculous all right folks thanks so Much for watching there's another video Up on the screen I'll see you over there Or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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