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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

We're seeing what the conflict over There in Eastern Europe it just doesn't Seem like anyone's genuinely interested In peace but as we come home to the United States and and whatever country You're from it's probably not very much Different but the problems that are Inherent in our country it seems like That nobody is really willing to Seriously honestly discuss the problems That we have before us The people that are in power and are Making things better aren't really Making anything better all they're doing Is playing those show games and they're Stealing more money from my pocket and Your pocket in order to give it back to Us or give it to people that deserve it When you have selfish arrogant cowardly People Who are unable to to stand up and say Hey we have a problem we need to fix This we need to balance our budget Those conversations never going to be Had I mean sure some people come out There and start sniping with it like oh We need to have a bounce budget you're Spending way too much money but then as Soon as they get in power they just Start spending money too so it's really Kind of It's just all politics and it's just so Frustrating because we are a nation led By people who

Are inherently cowardly and have no No desire whatsoever to actually engage With the real problems that we have in Our country And It doesn't take a rocket surgeon to Figure out where we're going to go from Here If we're unwilling to deal with the Problems that we have it's like a Marriage married couple that comes in For counseling but then they're Unwilling to deal with their problems What are the chances they're going to Stay together Um very low now you may have met some of Those bitter angry couples that for some For the life of anyone around them they No one can figure out why they're still Together and that's kind of where we are In the United States right now it's like Nobody in the United States can figure Out why we're still together with those Crazy people over there and then you go Talk to those crazy people over there And they're like those crazy people over There like why are we still With them like Um I I think that a lot of the people in The United States Um you know 40 45 percent of people in The United States so you know living in Cities and stuff like that want to lock Up people like me and maybe like you uh

People out in the rural Countryside want To lock up other people and it's just When there's no attempt to reconcile But only just attacks and and Everything's designed to disturb people Up and get people riled up Where do you think we're going to end up Like is there any other way that this is Going to go down It's going to get worse and worse and Worse until It's completely broken until it's just Over What do we do about it Can you fix it can I fix it I don't Think so I mean we can maybe be part of a Solution locally Where you are like your local officials Be very concerned about who's on the School board be very concerned about Who's actually in the the lower offices Around you because those people are Going to impact your life and you might Actually have a chance to kind of impact Them and believe me when I say this you Showing up the polling place and voting On Election Day Um I think a lot of us kind of already Get that that's not very effective Getting in to the process early Helping the good people get onto the Ballot helping the good people get past The primary

That that makes a bigger deal because Just because they have the right letter Behind their name doesn't mean they're Going to be doing good things for you or Really standing up and having courage We're coming to a point where we need Some people To stand up and go into public offices That don't want to go into public office And when they do they're not career Politicians they don't know all the ins And outs of everything they're going to Need a lot of help to get in They're going to need people who are Going to take the the you know the the Petitions around to to get them on the Ballots they're going to need people to Run logistics for them they're going to Need people to volunteer to be volunteer Coordinators they're going to need People who who have a little bit of Experience doing door-to-door knocking And phone calling and understanding the Basics of how a election works so that When somebody you you know if for Nothing else when someone comes along That you truly believe in you can help Them kind of get things off the ground Because there have been a lot of good People that have tried to run for office That have stumbled over a lot of the Logistics and the early stuff and they Never made it to the ballot or they Never made it to the general election

So Get in early and whether it's writing Some checks for people Or volunteering or Or doing something to help along the way That's really something you should be Paying attention to and that's where you Really make the biggest impact out there Because if these crazy people Remain in charge Um they're like the Titanic racing over The ocean steering towards every Iceberg They can find Um And that's that's where we are right now And it's just a matter of time before we All go under with them because they Can't they haven't seen a project that They didn't want to throw money at They didn't see a problem where they Didn't think they could buy their way Out of it Every deal that is cut in Congress is Lubricated with so much money it's Ridiculous We have so many projects across the United States Where so much of the money just Disappears Selfish arrogant cowardly leadership Will lead us inevitably to our Doom Unless we can Get some better people in there and on Top of that

If we can't get better people in there We need to survive what's to come we Need to be able to get through the storm Ourselves and that means as I keep Saying unplugging As Much from the System as possible so that we're not Dependent upon things so when things Implode when the dollar implodes when All this chaos and and stupidity blows Up in our faces You can be relatively unscathed we have Some folks like uh bear independent and His gang out there You know I I can almost see someone like bear Independent kind of You know showing up uh For a couple days to Refuge medical and Uh where they put together the med kits And stuff like that I can almost see him Like going a couple days before Realizing that that Civilization has Collapsed you know and and hopefully You're in a place where you that could Be a similar thing I think I Pro I Noticed relatively quickly with that the Internet is out but uh other than that If the internet stayed up I probably Wouldn't notice anything for a bit there Are whole days on end that that I don't Leave the house and that's just that's Just how it goes and Can we unplug from the system as best we Can

That's that's all a matter of where you Are what are your values what is Important to you focus in on those Things and make sure that you can do Those things if it's family if it's Faith it's about serving other people if It's about I don't know just enjoying Your garden and your pets and stuff like That then just make sure that you're set Up so that if all this craziness blows Up You can keep doing what your purpose Here on Earth is to do For me it's to do missions work and to Do Church work and to uh And to serve other people as best I can To see the news but then also to do Something about the news and that's why Something you see here Um quite a bit is to try not just to see The news and go oh okay let's just talk About that River but to actually see if We can do something to help things get Better and that's my passion of course But uh what is it for you Structure your life around that Let's live intentionally folks because Uh there's a lot of craziness happening Out there and there's only one way that This is going right now and it's not the Right way because the crazy people are Running the Asylum and They have no intention of changing Things they're going to keep taking all

Right folks if you found this video Useful helpful you might want to check Out this other video from me right over Here I'll see you over there or I'll see You later Steve poppler out

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