This is the BEST way to LIVE + Secret to planting perfect vegetables and fruits | Homesteading Idaho


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1 thought on “This is the BEST way to LIVE + Secret to planting perfect vegetables and fruits | Homesteading Idaho

  1. Matt/Kendra – I always like to see how well things are growing at your place. Everything is so green and healthy looking. Awesome. Those beans are goin off, all the berries too. As part of my own keto journey (even within the very small space I have here in WA) I have started my mushroom colony in wood shavings in my garage in a plastic tub. The blue oyster mycellium are starting to take hold and creep out of the bag/sawdust block they originally came in and making their way into the sterile wood shavings that I placed around that initial bag they came in. I started with a single bag from northspore dot com, and the plan is to keep the colony going (as if they were chickens or something that will keep producing from an initial start), keeping them between 60 and 70 degrees with plenty of humidity and staggering them so there is always a bunch fruiting, not just one giant harvest and that’s it. Right now it is a single tube with a plastic tarp over it as a humidity tent and we have had one harvest so far, but eventually I can see needing a rack and placing a tarp or a greenhouse-like cover with a slit-door over a few stainless steel metal racks. The portaobello that I tried to start from spores from store bought portabellos doing a spore capture and then planting that in mushroom compost (some species like manure some like woods shavings) has not seemed to develop into a visible mycellium in the compost, so if I want to jumpstart my colony or portabellos, I might spring for the innoculated block from northspore. Anyway guys, the place looks great, thanks again for continueing to share this part of your lives with people that want to do the same as soon as they can. I would like to see a video on day from you on how you guys manage insect pests in your garden.

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