This is war

Woke up to this… Just realize the gravity and the reality of this situation.

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If this isn't War I don't know what is The Western mind said that we've all Kind of adopted has been this weird Conjunction of not really understanding What war is and kind of when we're in War the United States and other Countries almost think of it as like a Light switch that's on or off we're Either at war or we're not instead of This gray Zone but also this this total Misunderstanding of what Total War looks Like and it's really rich coming from The United States considering that the United States is the only country to Actually deploy nuclear weapons ever in In conflict You ever wonder why the United States Bombed Nagasaki and Hiroshima instead of Tokyo or other major cities it's simple Because Tokyo was already flattened the United States with its firebombing Campaign basically totally destroyed Tokyo there wasn't a city to Nuke Anymore and so we had to find a Relatively intact City to Nuke And that's kind of the situation here is So many people act like total war is Just impossible can't happen that nobody Would ever attack civilians directly and Yet in World War II that's exactly what The United States did we carpet bombed Germany we carpet bombed uh Japan we Dropped nukes on Japan To think that civilians are going to be

Kind of out of Harm's Way Go go to Ukraine and tell me if if Civilians are safe there that's not the Case right while we all have these Geneva Convention uh thoughts about Trying to minimize civilian casualties It doesn't take too long to look at the History of Vietnam and uh the bombing Campaigns there to see that That goes out the window relatively Quickly once Conflict starts So let's talk about these two two things First off is I think that our Adversaries are much More attuned to the idea that war is a Scale it's a it's a gradient as opposed To a light switch Americans are kind of like well they Better not do anything to us or else We'll flip that switch on to war against Them But we see our adversaries like China And and Bear Country over there are are On that scale and they're sliding down The scale up and down and it it's Driving us nuts because it's like we're Not at War but we kind of are and we're Not able to kind of grasp kind of what's Going on here that there is a major Power conflict You could say That we are already at War it's just a Matter of what kind of War we are in

Right now Our adversary of China has already Admitted as much that they said that They're already in war it's just they're In this gray Zone Warfare They are not in open military Hostilities our ships can pass their Ships in the Open Seas and we won't Necessarily shoot at each other but at The same time we are very much in Conflict with one another There is a sense in which only one can Prevail and we are doing things to Undermine their economy they're doing Things to undermine our economy they Gave us Tick Tock I don't I don't know How we could do anything quite worse to Them than that Um you know A ridiculous amount of our youth are Just best spending their time scrolling Through Tick Tock videos learning zero And doing zero I know that's how everyone used to think About all sorts of technologies that Have come down the pike but now I'm old And now I can bemoan uh the new Technology that's come out uh But there's this conflict that's Happening and then there's this idea in American mindset that that we can do Anything we want to everyone else we can Blow up pipelines around the ocean we Can attack other other countries assets

We can sell and I say sell we can give 200 billion dollars worth of weapons to A country that's an open conflict with Another and then claim we're not Actually involved in the war Even though retired soldiers from our Country are over there even though Black Ops teams are over there even though Uniformed soldiers are over there Training them on equipment and things Like that and acting as advisors and CIA People are literally in the command Centers giving them targeting Information on uh what what uh units to Attack They they've already said that basically They don't fire the high Mar system Unless they're firing at a Target that The United States has given them the Coordinates for Think about that And yet we want to stand back and be Like ah we're not at War we're not Involved in this kind of thing and when They do anything towards us Suddenly It's the End of the World There's this we can do anything to Anyone at any time however we feel like But if anyone does anything to us Oh that's just beyond the pale And that's the kind of the situation We're living in right now uh where the United States is so used to being the One dominant world power that we don't

Tolerate it from anyone else But like I said if this situation that We're in right now if what's happening In the world right now isn't World War I Don't know what is Now I I understand where in the Beginning opening stages of that but the Inevitability of what's Happening Here Is is the United States going to back Down in Eastern Europe No We just had uh President Biden just Basically said that he said under no Circumstances will ever There would be victory in Eastern Europe For Bear Country They can't win we won't let them win Okay well what if they start winning Well we're not going to let them win Kind of sounds like you're involved in The war doesn't it kind of sounds like That I mean Germany came out and said We're fighting a war in Eastern Europe So then on the floor of the European Union Uh Parliament or whatever General whatever they call it General Assembly That was the diff uh what was that the State I forget it was either one of their Chief politicians or one of their uh or The defense minister somewhat said that Just like eek you're just saying it out

Loud now aren't you And is it any wonder that uh the bear Country is treating Europe increasingly More and more as a party to the war That's happening Now they don't want to openly admit it Because Can they militarily take The rest of Europe maybe not but then Again they are kind of fighting All of Europe anyway everyone's sending All of their tanks there so it's kind of Like whether it's a Frenchman in the Tank or whether it's a French crew Repairing the tank and training the Eastern European crew member to Members to drive the tank and fire the Tank It's kind of a moot point in some in Some regards there's a very real way That bear country is basically fighting Europe right now Does Europe have the wherewithal to help The United States Defend Taiwan Against an incursion there Europe's kind of tapped out they're All of their resources already committed So the United States will have to go It Alone And of course the United States has Already committed quite a bit of Resources to Eastern Europe The war has begun and it's going to

Shape all of our lives in ways we can't Even comprehend all we can do is look Back to World War II And try to get some kind of idea of what It's like and remember World War II Everyone was out doing scrap metal Drives they're doing rubber drives Everyone's giving up the tires on their Vehicles so that uh military vehicles Could have tires they were doing all Sorts of things they were making major Sacrifices everyone had their War Gardens right their Victory Gardens Because they were being rationed on Their food people were getting rations Of sugar rations of flour they were not Being able to just buy whatever they Wanted to buy and if you think that is Going to be different this time around Believe me it's going to be so much Easier to enforce the rationing system Because all the computers all the the Cameras all of the sophisticated built Up networks of everything they're going To make sure that you're not getting any More than you ought to you're only going To get your fair share so stocking up Now is kind of a no-brainer if Everyone's not doing that I don't know What you're thinking War is not just coming it is already Here for us and you need to be thinking Through that what are the implications Of that

What's it going to look like And trying to do your best to be Prepared so that your way of life is Impacted as little as possible Or maybe some of the ways of life that You have need to change Maybe you need to take up gardening more Aggressively maybe you need to take up Other practices that you've been putting Off Maybe adapting now to some of the Realities that you're going to have to Adapt to later is the way to go All right folks if you have some Thoughts please pop them down below let Us know what you guys are thinking about That and as always be nice to each other Appreciate that if you found this video Useful or helpful you might want to Check out another video from me right Here Or you might want to make sure you're Subscribed I'll see you guys later Steve Poplar out

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