Threat Level Elevated – Bear Daily Brief 29 JUN 2020


This topic is quintessential to preparedness for all doomsday preppers, homesteaders, survivalists, militia, minuteman, city prepping, rural prepper, urban prepper, normal people, or looking to prepare for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI or natural disaster. Whether your own personal SHTF is the 2020 elections, economic collapse, civil unrest, martial law, food crisis, civil war, food shortage, EMP or CME, black swan event, or whatever, a prepper needs to be prepared for this topic. ***

Regardless if you’re a Viking Preparedness prepper, Canadian Prepper, into city prepping, or just normal people, you need to be ready for SHTF WROL TEOTWAWKI, which is why we’re discussing this topic today. Common prepper concerns are bug out bag, bugging out in general, food storage, security, communications, emergency preparedness, homesteading, budget, gardening, bushcrafting, end times, Torah, get home bag, survival, EDC, and all the things we discuss at this channel. ***

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We believe at this channel that Yeshua is Messiah, that Jesus is the Christ, the anointed of YHWH. We teach and preach the prophets and the Torah of YHWH as given to Moshe (Moses) and retaught by Yeshua Messiah, Jesus Christ. It is our doctrinal foundation as Torah Observant Christians that we should keep the Torah to the best of broken ability, and not abuse the Grace of the atoning sacrifice of our Messiah Yeshua, Jesus the Christ; and that we become one with YHWH The Father through the Son, Yeshua Messiah. We are not militant Hebrew Israelites who have corrupted the words of YHWH The Father to suit their racial and political ideologies; we are whole Bible believers who keep The Way as taught by Yeshua Messiah, the Torah of YHWH The Father. ***

These same teachings are reinforced by other channels here on YouTube, including Pastor Joe Fox and Shofar Mountain/Viking Preparedness, Zach Bauer at New2Torah, Paul Nison at Torah Life Ministries, 119 Ministries, Rob Skiba, and Monte Judah at Lion and Lamb Ministries. The awakening of The Way and the Torah is happening this very moment at YHWH The Father calls His people back to Him.***

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19 thoughts on “Threat Level Elevated – Bear Daily Brief 29 JUN 2020

  1. Didn’t get notif for live stream as usual….I stumble upon them though at times.I lived in Columbos for a year and it was crazy.Seen more shootings thefts and fights from the so called blm supporters in my life.Race and beliefs do that to that to a city.Cant argue with beliefs even when you have the facts.That is called ignorance.

  2. Dear Bear,

    I just want you to know that I was called to go to your livestream…and I came on just as you started your closing prayer. When two or more come together in the Father’s name, the Ruach ha Chodesh is there. Amein!

    We are being called together and it is important that we shama (H8085 hear/listen/do) the call.

    Much shalom with much thanks,

    Mrs Pleasants

  3. Ignorning a Marxist revolution worked out well for the millions of Chinese who died cut, burned, shot, boiled, flayed or starved. Head on a swivel, don’t underestimate mobs.

  4. Democracy is nothing but “mob rule” THIS is a CONSTITUTIONAL “REPUBLIC” as Franklin stated “as long as you can keep it” You keep hearing the so-called Democrats bitching about conservatives taking their democracy while they are actually Socialists who could care less about democracy, freedom, liberty or any other American value. They are funding groups like BLM, ANTIFA, to forward their agenda of taking over America and forcing their form of government over us.

  5. The more governments give in to the mobs the more there gonna want the line is drawed at the John Wayne statues leave the duke alone and don’t mess with our national anthem there would be problems if they do that

  6. Chaz/chop is down to one block take over ,they basically imploded within, most went home to mommies basement after the first person was shot and killed,and by the time the 2 and 3 rd shootings
    They decided to just remain around the police precinct

  7. “The very concept of a nation founded by European settlers is offensive to me. Old stock White Canadians are an unpleasant relic, and quite frankly, replaceable. And we will replace them.” –Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

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