Threat’s People Are Concerned About | How SHTF May Come Soon

From WWIII to financial crisis to our electric grid… there are many issues that have people concerned and preparing for SHTF in our current world. Here is an updated conversation about what people are talking about today.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we're going to be going over five Threats out there that were that a lot Of people are talking about that Preppers are talking about Um scouring kind of the sites kind of Giving you a bit of a broad overview if You haven't watched uh and read a Bazillion blogs like I unfortunately Seem to do Um spend most of my days in research Just looking at a whole bunch of sites Keeping an eye on different preparedness Channels and everything like that and I'm going to be giving you kind of my Assessment of kind of where the Community as a whole are kind of looking At threats we're going to be giving you Kind of a that broad picture of what People are kind of seeing what people Concerned about and so this will be this Will save you a whole bunch of time Reading and a whole bunch of time Watching stuff out there to kind of get General feel for things I know that's Useful to you guys when I aggregate so I'm going to be doing that just now this Video is brought to you by Genesis Gold Group so if you're looking to move Retirement funds over to physical gold Physical silver now's a great time if You talk to Jonathan team At Genesis gold they are waiving startup Fees to move an IRA or 401K over to a

Gold Ira so if you want to do that give Them a chat down the description down Below So the first thing that's on everybody's Mind it seems like right now Um some uh there's uh different polls And stuff like that that kind of get a Feel for what's going on and one of the Things that's just consistently ranking The highest right right now still is uh Financial collapse uh final Financial Collapse a recession inflation just all These kind of economic concerns are the Highest up while they are the in some Ways the lowest impact of any of the Scenarios we're talking about any of the Threats we're talking about it is by far The most likely in fact we're already Experiencing a lot of this right now Some people that may be watching this Video may have been laid off some of the Folks watching this video may find it Very difficult to find work right now The simple fact is that our economy in The United States as well as other Western countries is not nearly as Strong as people are making it out to be And because of that Um you know if you can't put food on the Tables if you can't go out and purchase Food it doesn't matter if the stores are Full of food If you can't afford it and when you talk About government programs like food

Stamps and everything like that Sometimes you don't qualify when you are Genuinely in need and other times it can Be where these programs can get cut and Even though you're in need you may not Have access to those programs for a Variety of different reasons I've known People who have been very in need and Have not been able to get access to Those type of programs it's interesting Once you get into these programs Sometimes it's like you can't ever get Out but on the other hand if you're Trying to get in because you haven't Have need Sometimes they can really put some Pretty big barriers for you to actually Get access to that which is odd but um There there is help out there for those Who are struggling but as more and more People struggle there's more people Competing for the limited amount of food Banks limited amount of assistance out There and if ever necessary that Governments start pulling back From their assistance that's going to Also cause a lot more trouble out there But but we're just looking at thousands And thousands of more people so we we Have the highest number of people Receiving unemployment benefits right Now That we've had since the cough cough Started like that big peak right after

Cough cough and Iran got laid off or or Had to stop working because this or the Reason or that we have the highest Unemployment claims right now since then And yet we have the lowest unemployment Rate it's just the government's just Playing with numbers and you all feel That you feel that when you go to you Know go to a grocery store when you go To Fast food restaurants and there's like Two people behind the counter working And they're like we desperately need Workers but then you look at the wages That they're being paid and it's like How can you live on that so you just see These strains within Society happening And uh Financial collapse if you lose Your job if you lose your income you Know and you're looking at where the Hiring is happening and then you look at Those wages and it's just like is it Possible to really survive on those Wages So Financial collapse recession Inflation Every day You know your money becomes less and Less valuable everything is going up in Price The second thing everyone's talking About right now and of course is you go Out there and you watch uh any kind of Videos or anything like that people are

Talking about world war three they're Talking about the conflict in eastern uh Europe they're talking about the Potential coming conflict in the Western Pacific around Dragon country over there There is a lot Happening in the world more so at a at a Major high level than we've seen in Generations the threat of World War III Is is suddenly possible the I remember When they made remade the movie Red Dawn Right and uh they're trying to Rack Their brains for what's the most Credible country that could like invade The United States in modern day and they They couldn't really come up with one so They're like well maybe you know maybe Dragon country would come over here and Do stuff then of course they want to Sell movies in in that country so they Quickly changed over to uh you know North Korea attacking us and it's just Like so ridiculous it's like what North Korea paratroopers coming to the United States like That doesn't even make sense you know Like I mean even Dragon country back Then coming over here and fighting us Directly was just nonsense but now we're Starting to see as things unfold who who Here thought that we'd see a a Chinese Airship in in the flying over the United States and everyone watching it go over Who who here saw uh you know the United

States military being challenged Directly in some places and US backing Down that's something that in Generations has not happened not since The Soviet Union did the United States Really seem to have some sort of Um threat out there that we were afraid Of and now it seems like our military is Absolutely Um giving giving way to some forces and And militaries out there and so world War three is not only a danger of Happening but we are Much more vulnerable than we've ever Been for once again for Generations Since the Soviet Union Number three the food crisis out there And this is partially drought driven We've had some bad harvests in places Around the world I've had some really Bad harvests uh we'll be I'll be heading Next week to Um Kenya and where the the Horn of Africa the Eastern Africa has Experienced tremendous drought in Somalia Ethiopia and Kenya they've had They've been devastated in their Harvest Over there they've had to import pretty Much all their food because things Aren't growing because it's just not Raining over there we're seeing bad Droughts in over China we're seeing just In other places and Argentina issues With growing Brazil is getting too much

Water and Argentina is not getting Enough water and we're seeing we've seen Issues over the United States at the Corn Harvest this past year so we're Seeing weather being a issue the climate Out there but then we're also seeing Other issues like de-globalization we've Gotten to the point where you know we're Getting strawberries from from who knows Where and we're getting bananas from Other countries we're getting we're Getting so much food from other Countries and all over the world then Suddenly we start realizing that we Can't be depending on these Supply Chains that are coming from very far Away and so as we started to try to Localize Production of different items not just Food items but but manufacturing Machining What what where do the machines for the Factory lines come from you know the Fact that we have one Factory in the World that's making whatever widget out There that keeps all these other Factories all the way around the world Functioning and if that one Factory has Something happen or the shipping of Those parts going to other factories Suddenly takes All sorts of factors offline that's a That's a threat to the global ecosystem Right and so as we de-globalize there's

More and more inefficiencies happening And mistakes are happening and that's Why you go to the store and you're Seeing more holes where you're like Where's that product oh well they Couldn't get X chemical you know you Look at the back of manufactured food Nowadays and there's like a hundred Different things that go into it and They just can't get that one component And Suddenly they can't produce that that Variety anymore so there's pepperoni up On the Shelf but there's no sausage There's uh just all these kind of weird Things happening out there because of Deglobalization but then we look at the Bigger picture and there's just a lot Less food out there we're seeing the Food stockpiles dwindling out there We're not about to run out of food next Week but we are seeing that the food Storage out there is slowly dropping Some food inventory of grains like rice Wheat I've done videos on this showing You the numbers of how we have less Grain we have less rice and I'm talking About the whole world than we've had in Years past and it's been dropping the Last couple years we've had bad Harvest And we're just taking what happens when We get to zero what happens when we run Out of food so food crisis is number Three number four is uh what everyone's

Talking about out there non-care cash a Non-cash society or the cbdc Central Bank digital currencies basically the Idea that the government doesn't like You being able to have private Transactions with people with cash where You have some privacy they want to know Everything you're doing with your money And they want to be able to approve or Disapprove Transactions they don't like certain Transactions so they want to stop those So they'd like to just put a hold on That and be like no you guys can't Transfer money Because we know what you're up to you Guys are doing something nefarious like Having free speech or Um Buying boomsticks or whatever it is that They don't like whether you're tipping Somebody on the YouTubes or whether You're uh they're just trying to disrupt Everything that they don't like they Want to literally be able to censor you If you say something or do something That they don't like they want to be Able to flip a switch and turn off all Of your income They want to be able to punish people And control them in a way that they Haven't been able to yet last time we Had our crisis with with the cough cough And the whole economy is in turmoil

They're like we want to take money and Just deposit in people's accounts just Like that we want to print money and Just stick it in everyone's accounts And that's um That's a psychotic weird kind of thing To you know suggest since money isn't Anything you want to give everyone like A zero behind all the money that's in Their bank account and like does that Really produce anything extra or are you Really just playing an accounting Gimmick in order to kind of make people Feel better and so we're seeing this Like this whole World Order thing kind of coming from From Davos and and they're they're it's Infiltrating all the central banks where They want to get rid of paper currency That you actually have some privacy in And so that's it that's a big concern Because they're seeing this Manufacturing of a one world government And uh it's concerning to people it's Concerning to people Um and number five a grid down EMP type Situation right wherever the electric Grid goes down or we see a major Disruption due to aging infrastructure Or direct attack or Um just bad policies that have Compounded upon themselves or seen that In South Africa where bad policies have Just gotten worse and worse to the point

Where their electricity grid is is uh in Shambles now they haven't been attacked And uh but just the bad choices have Been piling up one after the next when You're choosing to be more politically Correct then scientifically factual when It comes to an energy Grid or Infrastructure that's when you really Get into some serious problems and so There is that sense of our electricity Grid here in the United States and in Other countries too is more unstable Than it has ever been before we didn't Talk about the power grid just going out On people for decades and decades and Now in the United States we're talking About what happened down in Texas we're Talking about the shutdowns in in North Carolina in Duke Energy areas like We just literally have people getting Their power shut off because we don't Have enough power plants going because We keep moving towards Renewables and All this kind of stuff like that instead Of focusing in on actually having a Reliable energy grid not to talk not Even to talk about how the Infrastructure of the energy grid is is Well past it's shelf life the power Lines and these high tension lines and Stuff like that were not designed to Last this long and yet they're still Operating so we haven't replaced those Things we haven't invested in those

Things continuously we've just kind of Taken those things for granted and it's Starting to come back to haunt us all Right folks um that number one thing we Just talked about which is the financial Collapse Financial recession inflation I Just did a deep dive video this morning So if you want to check that out that's Right here on the screen I'll see you Over there or I'll see you guys later Steve poppler oh

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