Top 10 Fears in America 2022 : Prepper School Vol. 50

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Top 10 Fears in America 2022 :Prepper School Vol 50:
Chapman University Survey 9th year

1. Corrupt Govt officials 62.1%
2. Love ones becoming seriously ill 60.2 %
3. Russia : Nuclear War 59.6%
4. Love ones dying 58.1%
5. World War 56%
6. Drinking water Pollution 54.5%
7. Not enough money for the future 53.7%
8. Financial collapse 53.7%
9. Pollution of oceans, rivers, lakes 10.Biological Warfare 51.5%

5 main topics
Govt corruption
Loved ones

Not top 10
Climate change
Gun control
Mass shootings
Overthrow of the Govt

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Foreign What’s going on guys sensible prepper Live prepper School volume 50 50. we’re Gonna hit 52 before the end of the year I don’t know we’ll see but volume 50. Sarah Max going Um hope you guys are doing well and um Great to be here great for you guys to Be here great for Robbie Wheaton to be Here glad to be here and uh Robbie Wheat’s been a gunsmith for over 20 Years serving the U.S Marine Corps uh Also uh has which is a Block aftermarket parts Extravaganza if you want the his flat Face triggers the best on the market he Also furnishes all the upgrade parts for The dagger for Palmetto State Armory Which is a big feather in his cap and I’ll tell you those those flat face Triggers are phenomenal and then he also Does Gunsmithing custom gun work if you Need some RMR Cuts or things like that Bolt handles for your bolt action rifle Extended threading boat handle threading Those kind of things yeah those Sometimes it’s hard to find good quality This guy right here is the guy and we Really appreciate him being here also Has the wheat uh Robbie Wheaton YouTube Channel where he does gun reviews and Different things with that perspective Of being a gunsmith for over 20 years His the link to his video should be car

His channel should be down below the Description Um and we also appreciate Sarah Mack for Being over monitoring comments but also Mainly getting questions if you guys Have questions feel free to jump in uh She’ll go ahead and get that started so When we take a break we’ll be ready to Roll Um and we appreciate exotic they give a 20 off uh using search 20 with the link Down Below in the description and we Appreciate those guys for sponsoring the Videos also to battlebox a monthly Subscription service to me honestly is The best especially for Preppers and if You use prepper you get a 15 discount on Your first month’s subscription so Excellent I’ve been doing battlebox for A long time I really like the box They’ve just lots of stuff so we’ve got Some things today we’re gonna take a Kind of a different route today uh it Was something that I just was thinking About fear there is fear uh and really When I was doing a lot of This research A lot of people have anxiety they have Have fear they have worries and you know It can take over if you’re not careful You know when the Germans were invading Uh France in World War II It was a great fear even though the French had the largest military they had The better tanks they had more equipment

They had really top-notch but when the Germans came through there was this fear That they were going to be defeated it Was the defeatism The Great defeatism And Germany just rolled right over guys We can’t live in fear we can’t live in Fear but we’re going to talk about some Of the reasons and this is from the Chapman University uh they’ve been doing This survey for over nine years of the Greatest fears in the U.S what Americans Are afraid of and it’s changed it Changes it changes quite a bit Um and so we’re just going to talk about Some of these things and there are some Things that we can do something about There’s some things we can’t do anything About right and you know that’s one of The things I always talk about and and Really try and use as a guidepost for my Life is worry about the things that I Can control the things that are outside Of my control I don’t worry about them Because I have no control over the end Outcome with that situation right yes Make make a decision that based on this Fear that you can’t control what am I Going to do to negate that control what Am I going to do you know one of the Things that southern pepper won buddy of Mine lives actually pretty close by uh He’s he says don’t be scared be prepared Stocking up a bunch of food and water And all that stuff that’s not

Necessarily there’s a lot more to being Prepared uh I will say this the number One to me in life is being spiritually Prepared and when you’re spiritually Prepared then you can go through a lot Of different things a lot easier because You see that you’re not the center of The universe that there’s some more Greater power and this this controlling Things or maybe not maybe allowing Things but anyway they they have a he Has a plan so that to me is is both of Our one of our main things in our lives The main thing honestly that’s right and So this is not fear-mongering so anyway With this survey there’s a lot of Different things and so we’re just going To go through we’re going to talk about Number one First and this one honestly surprised me A little bit I I mean I guess it doesn’t in a way but Yet it does I guess because we see so Much of it it surprises me a little bit That it was number one on the list yes And it’s been number one for a long time And that is government corruption or Government or corruption with government Officials 62 percent 62.1 percent of people surveyed said That was one of their number one fears Is government corruption And you know that tells me that there’s

There’s people on both sides of the Aisle that voted for that one yeah There’s there’s Republicans that that Fear government corruption there’s Democrats that fear government Corruption there’s Independence and People don’t vote at all and don’t care One way or the other that still think That there’s government corruption or Fear government corruption well we see It you know when you have Injustice you See it and you know the thing is and This is the funny thing we have the Power to change that we have the power It’s just that for whatever reason We don’t know what to do one of the Things though that I do want to say and This is very important because I’ve been Guilty of this in years going back and Forth scored to where where my where I Am in the community what I’m doing but Guys when it comes to your school board When it comes to your dog catcher Whatever voting you’re doing that’s Local get involved know what these People are doing recently there was a State representative House of Representatives and he was doing a lot Of just he was a republican conservative And yet his voting record was showing Completely different too And people rallied around it and they Booted him out and guys incumbents are Difficult to get out but it’s very

Important I mean right now we have West Um Leslie Lindsey Graham Oh I couldn’t even hardly get that out Uh you know and he can sound really good You know but then his voting record is Awful and there are some things about That that uh you know these people get In and those are some things that you Can do that’s right get on the local Level and know we take a list when we go To the voting booth because sometimes I Don’t you know these different people uh County commissioner or this that blah Blah blah those people have a lot of Power over your life your daily life yes More than the federal government So and until I want to say this we’re Going to try to give you some solutions That we that we think we can help if This will help but to me if you’re Involved your level of fear starts to Come back I do absolutely agree 100 and You know one of the things that just Like you were saying that we always do Before we go and vote the week before we Really research all of the candidates What they stand for what their platform Is if they’ve been in office before what Their voting record is and have a really Solid plan when we go in to vote where We know exactly who we’re voting for There’s no well you know maybe this Person looks good or you know I Recognize their name or I’ve seen their

I’ve seen their their commercials or Whatever they look good on TV they’re Polished whatever I researched that person and find out What that person is really about right Before I go in and vote for them and Because like you said that’s that’s Somebody that’s going to be able to Directly affect your everyday life and You have to know what that person stands For before you vote for them yeah Because you you can you can go in and Just not have any idea sure absolutely This last primary yeah going in and Hitting the straight Republican ticket And walk out or straight Democratic Ticket and walk out and you know let the Chips fall where they may and that’s not Always the best way to do it no it’s not And you know the one thing too is is Holding them accountable on the local Level listen I can’t hold everybody Accountable it’s funny because what it Seems like and most people do this I Think is that when they’re one like Let’s say gun control that’s a big one That’s one of my hot buttons and so man I’m on the phone about gun control you Know I’m oh and I’m contacting my Senators my Congress you know my National federal I need to be contacting My local state my Sheriff yep who is Your Sheriff know who your sheriff is Know what he stands for you know social

Media we can get a lot of information Out that’s right and so getting involved Again locally those that are federal You’re going to have a very minute Influence those that are in your county Or in your state you can have a lot more Influence and so it really allows you to Be able to stand up but you know it’s Just like this thing with with I mean you know it’s like you look at That and you go what in the world I mean You know and and I’m not necessarily Talking about political here I’m just Saying somebody that’s being like over And over doing all this stuff that’s Just blatant to everybody we were Sitting at a restaurant the other day And there was a couple sitting over here From us and I couldn’t really tell which Way they’re done I could hear them Talking about Hunter Biden people talk About it but here’s the problem if all We’re doing is just talking about it and Not like calling our Senators calling Our our you know you can call your House Of Representatives and say hey let’s put Some pressure on yeah so you know again If that is your that is something that You’re really concerned about and I’m Definitely I know we are both definitely Concerned about it sure Matt’s concerned About it you know is don’t let it go oh We’re just hopeless we can’t do anything Honestly if we could mobilize we can

Clean all that up and that is what’s Important hold them accountable get on The local but then move up go ahead and Contact your other guys so that is Really the answer it’s just if we’re Willing to do it that’s right and so Number one government corruption guys There is something that we can do about It and it may take some time and it will Take some time it will it will because That’s the thing you One voice is never heard Thousands and thousands of voices become Heard very quickly right and then at the Voting booth that’s right doing the Right thing that’s right now maybe some Will go well you know that’s almost just A vain thing to even vote anymore but That’s the other side of it is get Involved that’s right and make sure that The election process is being taken care Of in the right way And you know in the primaries to me are As important or more important than the Actual voting Itself by the time Generally by the time you get around to Voting on November the the seventh Second seventh Yeah you know That’s pretty terrible we voted but when It comes time to vote you’re you’re you Generally already know who you’re going To vote for the primaries are when it’s Time to select a new person and get this

This old blood out and get some new Blood in some people that are passionate About what they’re doing some people That are passionate about making change Within our country from the Grassroots Level your local communities uh city Councils state representatives all the Way up to your federal government the Downside to primaries are you can vote As on the Democratic side or you can Vote on the Republican side so South Carolina right in South Carolina so if You want to you know vote for a really Awful person on the Republican side You’re like well they’re not going to Have a chance against the Democrat I’m Going to go in and vote Republican this Time and that happens so you have to Make sure that you go in and vote and Make sure you’re voting for the right Person make sure you’re voting for Somebody that’s going to do good in Office right okay unless we got a lot to Go we gotta drive government corruption We all know it’s one of these uh get Involved okay number two loved ones Becoming seriously ill that was number Two yep two percent it’s understandable I mean with what we’ve been going Through and a lot of people I’ve had Personal friends I know people that have That have passed away And obviously when you’ve got covered Covet on the news that definitely

Affects people’s mentality uh you know For one thing it it when it first Happened I mean we hunkered down and we Were like and we were like what are we Gonna do and you know and then we began To expand out But okay so you have these loved ones You know That’s something that there’s not a lot That you can do that’s right but you can You know keep yourself clean if you’re Sick my brother-in-law at this moment Has coped and you know he got really Sick but you know he’s coming through it It’s fine but um he’s doing a lot better But the fact is is it is it’s part of That fear and it you know and again it’s Just that this seriously ill but uh with All the news now let me just say this Sometimes watching the news And and I’ve taken a break lately Because I already kind of know what They’re going to be talking about and You know this thing but and so it just Leads to this fear uh if many if any of You been watching like these four College kids that were killed in Idaho Which is a absolute horrible thing it’s Been on the front page for over a month And and it’s just like rehashing the Same stuff guys if you’re not careful You get locked into some of the not that I don’t have empathy and compassion and Everything else to these people but

After a while it’s like okay right go Ahead and get your work done let’s go Let’s let’s quit harping and getting People all worried we don’t see people All the time say I’m I’m taking a break From the news or I’m taking a break from Social media for a while and it’s Because of all the negativity that you See on your mainstream media it’s Because of all the negativity that you See in social media and people just have To pull back from it and give theirself A a spiritual break and let their you Know let their emotions really just kind Of level back out and it’s not a bad Thing I think it’s a bad thing at all no I think it’s to pull back up especially From like I watch our local news in the morning For the weather Yeah I turn it on I watch it watch what The weather’s what weather’s going to be For the next it is wrong yeah yeah 90 of That I I usually go the exact opposite You know if they say it’s going to be 90 Degrees and sunny I’ll bring my raincoat And a jacket and uh because it’s Generally going to be 40 and you know Raining but yeah it’s all right squirrel It’s the only job in the world that you Can have be wrong at 100 of the time and Still get a raise okay okay love them All right let’s go But people becoming seriously ill and

Guys you need to do what you can Unfortunately the Health Care system has Changed since coping yes it has and so You know we’re seeing that um you know There’s some changes so you know really Live healthy the people that you love Encourage them to be healthy do the best You can I mean it really when it’s their Time it’s their time and so You can’t just sit around and worry About it it’s not going to do you any Good either because then you’re going to End up getting sick that’s right which I Found very interesting that people were Afraid of their own mortality were down At only like 29 percent So it was really down the list okay Nuclear war with Russia nuclear war with Russia number three 59.6 yeah I mean you Know and again I think a lot of that has To do with a lot of the vibrato I’m not Saying that it’s not possible because it Is it’s definitely possible uh but let’s Okay so let’s say we have a possibility Of nuclear war what are you doing To make yourself less of a Target and When I say that let’s say that there’s Nuclear war you know we did a video About Fallout about you know taking care of Yourself getting potassium uh iodide and Having that on hand if there was Something to happen and do you know what To do in a nuclear fallout situation

Listen if you’re at Ground Zero you Better have your prayers said because It’s all over but you know do you live Near a Target if things are ratcheting Up if you’re concerned do you have a Place to go a family member or somewhere Outside of that Target Zone that you can Live because here’s the facts guys is Honestly living through a nuclear Detonation you have a high probability Of living of surviving that uh so if you Do certain things if you get yourself Especially with an initial blast you get In the ground you get deep you know or If you can or you have you don’t get in Their Windows you know you don’t just Stay outside again we talked about this Last week there was a guy that uh Japanese Guy that actually lived through both Nagasaki and Hiroshima he was in the Cities he was in one and when the city Went up they transferred him to the Other one and the city went up and you Know and he lived to be in his 90s so Peter don’t let that take over you there Are things you can do and I think one of The things especially with this is Something that there are steps you know What when I was in the 80s and the 70s And when the Cold War was going on and Everybody was just freaked out about Nuclear war it was a hot button top it Back then like it is now but people knew

More what to do that’s right they knew More about this is what I do this is What I don’t do we’ve lost that and a Lot of the um the civil services you Know they were taking care of the things That prepared for that yeah a lot of our Major cities had Fallout shelters there Were signs up that directed you to where The Fallout shelters were and you had a Really good idea of where to go and what To do in case of a nuclear blast right And that’s not necessarily the case now Because it has been it hasn’t been a Hot Topic button for 35 years plus right so And now it certainly is and you’re Starting to see major cities like New York and other cities that are starting To put fallout shelter signs back up to Direct people and putting people Information out about where to go and What to do in case of a blast right Right but if you live in a an area That’s not really susceptible would Really be a Target learn and there’s a Ton of research there is a YouTube has a Lot of different research to be able to Find and really a lot of it is done very Well yeah so check that out do your Research that will take your fear level Down well it will because you’re it’s Doing all the research is it’s a big Rabbit hole that you can go down but Doing all that research and educating Yourself and understanding what happens

Before during and after a nuclear blast Really gives you a lot of peace of mind About being able to survive it and it Takes a lot of that fear away because You actually understand what you know What’s going to happen right and you Know if you don’t know then you’re just Going to be afraid right when you see How easy it is that’s right and it is They’re simple things Um so nuclear blast again one of the big Things is to have some not you know have Some knowledge okay we’re going to go to One more and then we’re going to open up To some questions Um number for let’s see number four Loved ones dying Yep 58.1 percent and I’m kind of Surprised that that one and becoming Seriously ill with your loved ones are So close to one another you know you Would think that I mean really I would Think that loved one’s dying would be Above uh seriously ill well I think Let’s let’s look at covet somebody gets Covered Statement when that was really big here In our area I mean if my son got a sore Throat it was like oh yeah let’s take Let me see you got to do this you gotta Do that you know uh you know there was This anticipation so I think with the Loved ones dying is maybe just a general On top of that right and two if they do

Get it but you know if loved ones dying The funny thing is they’re actually out Of these top ten there are five that go Into one category and we’ll talk about That but yes loved ones dying now number One You know there’s not a whole lot you can Do about it I mean there’s really not in the big Scheme of things right I mean there are Things you can do to help people uh you Know you can say don’t jump off that Bridge You know but uh really when it comes Down to it it’s Providence a lot of Times it’s you know yes there are things That we do that that Excel that Accelerate that but you know guys I Think we go back to what I said at the Very beginning what Robbie and I were Kind of said was you know get yourself In spiritual Fitness get your spiritual Fitness right and you know know that Okay there’s more to it than just this And the Lord help us if there’s not so You know there’s more to it than what We’re doing that’s right it’s a bigger Picture and so uh I think that is one of The biggest things and to show a lot of Love and concern and care about my Parents they’re um they’re in their 80s And there’s a lot in fact my wife’s got Them right now she’s taking them to Grocery shop because they can’t drive

And they’ve been in and out of the Doctor You know that’s a concern for me and so You know I know that but it’s one of the Things that I don’t fear I just do what I can to help and you know when the time Comes it comes that’s right Robbie’s mom Is there at his house same kind of Situation same deal yeah so you know uh But that’s just one of the things we Wanted to mention it’s not something you Can really do about it now let’s get a Few questions and then we’ll continue Uh Tristan Smith asked question If America bans semi-automatics what are Your guys second choice Um for a carry rifle a lever action Rifle That that is one that or pump would be My first yep uh what I the the thing is A lever action rifle is fast and a pump Is fast very fast so Um yeah that that would be it in fact I Did a video a few years ago uh in fact It’s on the sensible prepper Channel um About Alternatives to semi-automatics and two You guys are already facing that with it And you may be in Canada watching this You may be in some other part of the World but uh the lever action rifle to Me is fast it’s quick and um you know You’re limited on your calibers right And that’s where I think the pump action

Rifles really shine because you can do a Pump action magazine fed rifle that Still uses a standard capacity 30 plus Round magazine and so you have the more You have more capacity uh I think the Downside to the pumps are you don’t have A free-floating barrel so you generally Aren’t quite as accurate as you are with A lot of your semi-automatic rifles that That do have pre-floated Barrel Um so it I think it kind of limits maybe Some of your extreme long-range Abilities with it but for DMR 600 yards And in the pump action is it really Shines but they’re just fewer pumps There’s not as many options that’s right But on the flip side of that if Something happened to these then a lot Of your manufacturers would really jump Into the pump action Market really quick That’s true that’s true so if you get Into you know a lot of these rifles can Be converted pretty easily to a pump Action rifle or a straight pull bolt Action rifle yeah that’s right but I’d Still go with it Yeah straight out Uh Randy Brown asked question does this Battle box do big items like sleeping Bags yes they do sometimes some little Snuggies or different things and they Have different tiers they have a small Tier which is like 35 a month and then They go on up to really premium uh tier

Which you really get a lot of cool stuff And so it’s just according because it’s Just different things but I keep finding That when I open up a box there is like Sometimes there are tents I’ve got an ax That I it’s a wooden handled ax it’s Beautiful with this cover and I keep it In my my Hummer and uh just in the back I mean they really have some cool stuff And uh and really the prices When you take a look at it it’s way Cheaper per item because they negotiate These prices down to get a really good Price so excellent I really like it now Sometimes you can find steps and you’re Gonna go I don’t know what I’d do with That I mean you know but uh for but Overall with everything they get it’s It’s always a plus you know what those Are good for dirty Santa that’s right Dirty Santa or give it to your friend Hey I was thinking about you Um L Robert Van Dyke asked hi what do You think of getting medical kits Equivalent to skill level Should I buy more advanced than I’m able Well if you’re planning to do some Medical Um yeah and I agree with that 100 if You’re if you’re planning on increasing Your training throughout the year and Adding to your skill base absolutely go Ahead and buy stuff that is beyond your Current capabilities with the

Anticipation of taking the training and Learning how to use that stuff Successfully now one other side of that Is is let’s say you have the gear and You have a doctor show up that doesn’t Have gear or somebody that doesn’t need Like man I wish I’d have had this and You say oh look I’ve got this and They’re like oh okay You know it does give you more Capability so I would say definitely yes Go beyond your skill but increase your Skill that’s another thing this kind of Like nuclear fallout learning trauma and And going to some trauma classes it’s Not black magic it’s really a lot of Simple things just knowing what to do That’s right that’s right so you know Stop a bleed Um keep the womb clean minimize the Possibility of infection those are kind Of your biggest things that you have to Worry about breathing make sure that the Airways There it’s not a it’s it’s a science It’s not a it’s not a and it’s a skill It’s not it’s not black magic it’s it’s Something that anybody can learn and Figure out and understand pretty quickly And easily yeah it’s really basic yeah Really if you when you get into it hey Yes there are some very complicated Parts absolutely that we couldn’t help Anyway but brain surgery is not one that

I have a kid for normal one yeah it’s That bad just let it go I do have a Cordless drill just in case Uh Carlos HS what’s a good way to store Rechargeable batteries thanks The battery Daddy No uh yeah we have this thing it’s just A battery Daddy and um it’s just funny It carries a lot of batteries not Rechargeable but just batteries uh and It has a little battery tester on it Which I think is really important it’s Much better than taking this one and Putting it in check it no it doesn’t Work you know uh having a tester but um You know and there are a number of Different small battery compartment Things that you can get a lot of Companies have come out with different Ones I have a thyrum it’s a tube and you Put your cr123s in it or you can put Your Double A’s in it and it’s a tube And it closes up and it seals it but for A big storage there are some options the Big the battery daddies one that yeah It’s really cool and it’s got double Sides it’s heavy when it’s full but man You’ve got a lot of batteries and you Know one thing to consider with your Batteries is keeping them moisture free And dry if you get moisture on your Batteries it can cause them to corrode And it’ll ruin your batteries very Quickly so I still wear a lot of my

Long-term batteries my rechargeables That I’m not using at the time in sealed Ammo cans with discount packs in there To absorb any extra moisture And so and I’m considering also uh doing The same thing but vacuum sealing them To prevent moisture and stuff from Getting on them now to me now and I’m Just going to throw this out there Regular Uh lithium batteries that you know like Um well even just your um cr123s even Your Double A’s your triplet your Alkalines Uh they have a really long shelf life if You get rechargeable sometimes they Don’t have the shelf life that the Standard batteries have I think cr123s Are 10 years so uh you know it is one Thing to consider what I like to do is I Have rechargeables but I also have your Standard alkaline batteries alkaline Batteries A little of this little of that says not So much a question but I know people ask About maps and where to get them a lot I Just downloaded us topo maps on my Computer or phone and then just print Out the areas you want very detailed That is a great option uh I’ve ordered Maps from them before because I wanted The bigger map and I didn’t really my Printer would do it but yes there are a Ton of places you can order maps uh we

Were in REI the other day but it was Mainly you know like national forest and Hunting game land stuff like that but Going to a truck stop Be the best because that’s they have the Maps and I’ll tell you another great Resource for maps that I found the other Day and uh just chase this rabbit hole For for quite a while is uh Amazon there Are a ton of maps available on Amazon Everything from your your folded Maps Like you get at truck stops all the way Up through throughout your road alices And stuff a lot of that is available on Amazon that you’re not able to find in Your local stores anymore yeah maps are Important okay let’s go on to our our Questions or our questions our list Um okay now this one uh this is number Five and this kind of relates again to The Russia thing it does and I’ll tell You this one Falls right in line with About where I thought that it would be On the list yeah yep 56 believe that are Afraid of Another World War Which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a Nuclear one but another world war and Obviously I understand why people who Think that with the deal in Ukraine and Some of Russia’s saber rattling and and Ukraine’s second rattling for that Matter then you have the instability in The Middle East right now you have all The instability in Africa right now I

Mean there’s the entire world is very Unstable right now and you know right For the potential for another world war Yeah well and then you got Korea and China with us over there in Taiwan Asia Absolutely I mean there’s definitely a Lot to worry about and then you’ve got Iran and you’ve got Israel and there’s Like uh you know we’ve got nuclear Weapons and what we do too you know so Um you know the thing is is 56 percent Can we do anything about it Well being a prepper being you know Storing some food back storing some Water doing some things because what Happens during war is that the supplies Get taken or they become unavailable and So if that’s what you’re concerned about Then stock up on food water and those Things you know what was one of the Biggest things during World War II with With people that were back here in the United States supporting the the war Effort overseas was Victory Gardens Right every year people planted you know Your little subdivisions and stuff People have a victory garden planted in Their front yard and it doesn’t have to Be huge to provide the garden doesn’t Have to be huge to provide you with a With a large amount of food you know uh Boxes your grow boxes and stuff you can Grow a lot of food and grow boxes Year-round depending on the area that

You live and I would say that food is Vital yeah because you can’t just if the Grocery stores don’t have it you’re just SOL you know I’m actually surprised that That food didn’t make the top 10 list Yeah no it didn’t it didn’t but uh but I Think it’s layered in there I mean you Talk about war you know people might be Concerned about food that’s right uh you Know tires were almost hard to get they Had you had a ration on how many tires You get to reward to so War definitely Takes up a lot of supplies a lot of Industry shifts to war a lot of Resources a lot of your a lot of your Stuff ends up being hard to get uh so Here’s the thing while there’s not a war War going on Get yourself in good shape buy your Toilet paper buy those things you need Put them back you’ll use them sooner or Later extra ammunition yeah extra the Prices have came down on it yeah and Ammunition dries up I’m not saying You’re going to have a World War in your Backyard but you definitely have Ammunition that you can store you can go Shoot it that’s right but definitely Um you know that is one of those things That while you can’t do anything about World War you can do something about Your position and really that’s where This all falls in it’s your position and What you do about it

Um okay this one is interesting now I Want to say this drinking water Pollution But what I want to tell you is climate Change is not on the top 10 list and Hasn’t been for the past since 19. since 2017. uh I think that a lot of Times the hype for climate change is What it is Okay it was really hot this summer man It’s really cold already you know what’s The what’s the play here and yeah There’s a lot of I mean I’m not saying That there’s not climate change but I am Saying that man-made climate change I Think is exaggerating Beyond any belief And so and I think a lot of people are Just kind of looking at it going okay There’s not really a lot we can do about It so well and with drinking water Pollution you know there’s a number of Different factors that come into play There it could be uh industrial Pollution it could be typical pollution It could be uh terrorist pollution kind Of contaminated the water so you know There’s there’s a lot of different ways You can look at your your drinking water Supply being polluted and you know There’s a lot of fear surrounding that What you have to do is look at what what Can you do in your household to provide Clean drinking water and there’s a lot Of Alternatives out there a lot of

Different filter systems out there that Are available to be able to clean your Water to where you do have pure drinking Water for your family right I mean the Rain catchment system to me is one of The most simple and I’ve got a video About it how to do it it’s really it’s Not that difficult to do and it’s great It’s just a great way to have water but You do need to be able to filter it or You can boil it if you need to that’s Right but knowing how to take care of Your water Houston was under a boil Order for like a week just recently yeah I mean like two weeks ago or maybe even Less and so they were that’s a huge Metropolitan area and they’re worried About water and man those bottled waters Get going in a hurry when that stuff Happens really quickly so find your way To to produce water or to harvest water Even if it’s rain water now you guys That live out in Arizona and more arid Areas in Mexico sometimes that’s legal To actually have a rain catchment system But uh then you get back to your corrupt Government you start you know doing that But you know the thing is there may be Good reasons for it I’m not going to Slight that but guys if you live in an Area that you can have a rain catchment System I highly recommend it if you have a pool If you know where your Creeks are and

Your Waters of course those could be Contaminated so you know get yourself Figured out the best way to produce Water for your family well you know one Thing too about creeks a lot of your Universities you can send in a water Sample and they will they will test that Water and tell you what what’s in that Water if it’s safe to drink if it’s not Safe to drink if it’s been polluted from Chemicals from industry over the years Or or if there’s anything in that water Universe really a lot of your bacterias And stuff that could potentially be in That water that could be hazardous to You but you can get a real report on That water with and then have a better Idea of what you need to do to treat That water to make it drinkable right Potable and then if there is those Things you can actually boil it that’s Right you can use you know water Purification tablets but for us we like The big Berkey been using that thing for Years we use it every day and we can Filter water so you know as we’ve Checked in on that so when I see that it Says drinking water pollution that’s not Really how my radar because I have Prepared myself in other ways I’m not Saying that I don’t kind of go well if That ever happens it’s going to be tough Yes it will be but having yourself Prepared takes that and I think this may

Be even what we’re kind of going to is That top 10 list if you find an item and You kind of find a solution for your Personal life that’s right it goes down It goes down way down okay right and Then it makes your life a little better Um okay Not enough money for the future 53.7 yeah well you know we see inflation We see what it does I have friends that Have pretty large pensions that are like Really hurting people that have a lot of Investments that are hurting Um you know that’s and they well they’re Watching it and they’re you know their Investments that’s like I have some Friends that have planned on retiring This year and they they’ve put it off Because their pensions have dropped so Much the retirement has dropped so much And they’re like well I’m gonna work Another year or two and see if it comes Back wow and it may even get worse it Could get worse that’s right so what do You do about that I mean you’ve got Money in the bank you’ve got your Investments you’ve got your 401ks you’re Just watching it Um my brother’s one of them actually but He just said man I’m losing money on This Um you know what do you do well you Diverse you diversify and that’s one of The things that I’ve talked about with

Precious metals uh is you know I did I’m Very uh solid on precious metals I think That it’s a great way to to to protect My wealth and it does and so it keeps it A Level Playing Field while everything Else is doing this mine stays kind of You know in a certain place also there Are other tangible items like firearms And other things and uh your 401g that’s Right there are things that retain their Value and and here’s the thing guys when When economies start to slip Wealthy take their cash and they turn it Into Goods into durable goods assets Assets thank you yeah assets and then They take it so um you know find out What you can use what you can do Um but look at a lot of the the very Very wealthy in our country have been Investing in real estate the last few Years buying buying huge farms and stuff That’s right Bill Gates is one you know That’s been buying a ton of Farmland Which is scary but that’s that’s totally Different but you know he’s he’s taking A lot of his money and putting it into Into a tangible asset which is which are These these farms in these ranches right But that’s the key is tangible assets Now you may have a 401k you say I can’t Pull my money out of there you know and Get with your financial advisor and talk To them about it what can I do to help Protect what I have here’s the funny

Thing and it’s not really funny but it’s One of the ironic things is during the Great Depression There were people that became extremely Wealthy during that time because they Were invested or they had certain assets That they were able to actually Capitalize on right so you know there Are bright sides I I know I watched Patrick David who is uh with Valuetainment he’s on Instagram and on YouTube and he’s a big Financial guy and He talks a lot about There are ways to make money there are Ways to shift and to do and to to Protect what you have so you know find Out what you need to do everybody’s Different everybody has different but Here’s the problem if you’re living Paycheck to paycheck When gas prices go up that just takes Away what you’ve got left over that’s Right when through heating for storage For your power bill if it goes all those Things that go up food prices going up Yes it affects people on the lower Income side than it does the people that Have money But uh if you have a lot of money you Have everything invested in that and You’re like okay that’s my deal I Wouldn’t you know and I’m not a Financial advisor I’m not giving me 500 Advice but I’m just saying if that’s

What you’re worried about go to a Financial advisor or even your Accountant find out what you can do and Two it just helps to kind of go okay you Know what this is going to be horrible If it happens but I’m going to be in I’ll be okay yep that’s right Um okay now let’s see the next is Well pretty much the same Financial Collapse and uh that’s a 53.7 people Feel like financially and you know we We’ve been seeing signs for the last Almost two years of our economy taking a Huge downturn inflation through the roof You know upcoming recession or Potentially upcoming recession uh job Loss prices going up oh yes oh yes I Mean there’s a lot of signs right now That point toward uh you know whether It’s whether it’s a huge financial Collapse or whether it is a minor Collapse where we there’s a lot of signs That are pointing toward that right now Which to me is a another great reason to Diversify your portfolio if you if you Have money look at moving your money Around into things that are more secure Right now before it really tanks even Further or if you’re in debt get out of Debt absolutely get out of debt that Should be everyone that’s tough that Should be everyone’s first and primary Goal when it comes to money right is Getting out of debt and hey not

Affiliated with him whatsoever but check Out the Dave Ramsey series I absolutely love the stuff that Dave Ramsey does Um his program his get out of debt Program is absolutely amazing a lot of Your churches including my own they uh They have guys and girls that teach that Program free of charge Um it’s a great program our kids went Through it we went through it yeah it’s A good it’s a great program and I highly Recommend that to anyone okay the next One is very similar to the the fir one Of the one of the others but it’s Pollution of our oceans rivers and lakes And we’ve already kind of been through That but that is number nine number nine Number ten this is a little bit Different but yet still goes with the Nuclear war this is biological warfare Which this kind of surprised me 51.5 of People are more or were concerned about That it’s I’m I’m not surprised that That one made the top 10 list and like I Was talking about earlier that one Falls Right back up with number six drinking Water pollution uh because that’s that’s A a real concern and it’s something that Could very easily be accomplished uh by Someone with nefarious Intentions in mind and uh so for me Biological warfare is is to me it would Actually be higher than nuclear warfare

Because it’s much easier accomplished And it’s much it doesn’t require the the Amount of people yeah it could be Bringing it in easier yeah that’s right It’s a lot easier it would be a lot Easier to have a huge biological attack That could affect you know hundreds of Thousands or even millions of people Where a nuclear attack could do the same Thing but I mean you’re talking about World powers and I think the chance is a Lot less and a lot lower for that that’s A good point and two I think you know With biological warfare I think a lot of People speculate with covet they don’t Know the origins some people feel like And I’m not going to say one way or the Other just because I have my own Opinions about it but do they feel like That that was actually designed and so If that’s designed then what else could Be designed right so you know they could Fall into it okay so we’re gonna we’re Gonna take a break here we have some Questions uh and then we’ll put ceramic On but then we’re going to talk about These some of these because these really Fall into five categories you know we Have government corruption and then we Have pollution and then we have Warfare And then we have Financial collapse and Then people the ones you love and so Really a lot of these are redundant in a Sense and they’re just a little more

Specialized so really there are five Things Uh Allison Bradshaw says hi guys can you Do a future video about how to pack There’s so much gear and we can’t get Everything we want in them thank you Yeah it can be tough listen especially With a bug out bag and it’s funny I I’m Not big on bugging out it is vital that You have a bug out back but I think Bunkering in is by far the most Preferred but there could be a Possibility that you need to go and if You do you better be ready uh to me Honestly it’s funny James Yeager years Ago was doing something about bugging Out and he said I’m not putting a bag on He goes I got my big covered trailer Here that’s about 40 feet he’s now going To pack that thing out but yes uh in Fact I’m doing something in fact the Video should be out this weekend we went To REI uh which was not cheap and we put Together a bug out bag And so we’re going to be showing that But uh anyway yes that I haven’t done One of those in a long time and a lot of Things have changed so yes yeah we’ll Have to work on that one American preparedness says darn Works Calling we’ll have to watch the rest Later what is y’all’s biggest priority For 2023 Biggest prep priority

That’s uh that’s a tough one uh really Is to increase my Gardens uh is to get Our Gardens increased and to just get More and more self-sufficient uh and I Think that’s one I’d have to agree with You on that just to be just not just With a garden but just more Self-sufficient with everything and less Dependent on the outside world for Providing me with my daily needs I mean Let’s face it guys when you can do for Yourself yeah You got United’s dependent and you’re Just better off Uh Larry Billingsley ass Um Question why don’t more gun companies Make guns where you don’t have to pull The trigger to break down Um well do you mind okay yep so I so a Lot of your with your handguns Especially and I’m guessing that’s what You’re alluding to are handguns a lot of Your handguns now are Striker Fired and With the Striker Fired handgun you have To release the Striker from the firing Mechanism that’s within the grip the Striker is in the slide the the firing Mechanism itself is in the grip so you Have to release the striker before you Can remove the slide from the top of the Gun with your Hammer fired guns that’s Not the case the hammer fired gun you Can you can slide back hit the release

Lever pull the slide right off all of Your Striker Fired guns the striker is Going to have to be released before the Slide can come off but what there are Some that have worked out something to Where you don’t have to pull it yeah Maybe maybe the Tauruses that have Multiple strike capabilities maybe so uh In fact I just did one what was I doing Oh DSC the Sig p365 yeah uh you don’t Have to pull the trigger because I just Did the X macro okay and once you do it It’ll just come off but you know there Are some companies but you know the main Thing is is just to make sure that even If is to always Point again even if you Don’t have to do it point it in a safe Direction no matter what Uh Lewis and I ask any suggestion on gas Mask Mira mira they make really high quality Masks and and they make a number of Different styles and I would say uh US Military surplus masks are a really good One Um the military surplus stuff are Generally a little more cost effective And there’s still a lot of filters Available for them and a multitude of Different types of filters for different Types of chemicals and uh and biological Agents Sorry hey while she’s looking for a Second I meant to do this a minute ago

Um this is I just did a video on this The tool roll this little mini tool roll It’s got a wax canvas to it I love tools Just lay it out you’ve got all your Tools right there Um in fact they’re they’re having a sale On these they’re running for our gear And they said they would add to the Viewers an extra five percent off during The sale I think it ends on the 15th so You get 20 off of these using Pioneer Five these are Pioneer tool rolls they Have this wax canvas they’re really cool Little tool rolls I would open it up We’re running short on time but guys if You’re looking for a really high quality Tool roll and the price I think normally Is 39 dollars you get 29 20 off that That was not something that ended on my Birthday yeah yeah they did that just For you I know it I know it David Frost asked question is bino worth Keeping in my prayers well if you if you Value your relationships with your other Friends Um you know and Timothy if you have Stomach issues or whatever that can help It’s not just for them but yeah Definitely That’s your problem they’re one of your Problems I’ll tell you I always keep Antacids and all of my medical bags I’ve Got antacids in there yeah Yeah

Yeah that’s good Um if you only have if you had to would You use a lifestrol to drink toilet Water life or death situation Yeah Yeah but toilet water is generally Pretty clean you know especially out of The tank about the bowl maybe yeah you Know it’s it’s still pretty clean as Long as it you know hasn’t been you know As long as it’s flushed regularly yeah Maybe you want to flush it uh you know One thing I have a buddy of mine that Was hiking he and his son out in New Mexico and they were in this desert area And they came across a cow trough and They just don’t trough full of water and It had some coward pooped on part of it You know there’s some there and he said We got to have some water and they took I think they had a K29 Pro and uh just Put it in there drank it he goes well You can get sick but you know sometimes It’s just there there you are but well Listen dogs have been drinking at them For decades and not dying my dog’s Producers But uh you know yes uh I mean it just Comes down my Only choice sure Do you keep separate car kits for each Major season or do you just put in and Take out the seasonal things yeah I Pretty much you know because there’s

Some basic tools that you just need to Have yep uh The the really the only thing that I Really rotate out is in the fall in the Winter I add a heavy jacket Yeah I’ve always the heavy socks are Always in there because they’re they’re Great for like when you’ve got to walk For long distances right Um but I always keep the heavy socks in There but I had a jacket in the Wintertime that’s really the only thing That I add to my bag but you know you Think about it in a lot of places unless You live down on the coast Southern in Florida or Texas or somewhere or Louisiana even during the summer time at Night it can get cool that’s right so Having a jacket a watch cap that socks And gloves and you know because you need To keep that body that body heat is very Important and that’s how most people Dive of exposure you know you lose 80 Percent of your body heat out your head And uh one of the things that I started Doing years and years ago when I was Hunting in the winter time is I would Take a hand warmer and put a hand warmer On top of my head and put my beanie on And you would be surprised at how warm It keeps you even without you know a big Heavy jacket on and stuff just having That hand warmer on top of your head and Holding that heat inside right that’s

That’s an idea Uh Christopher Ray asked in a scenario Where rifles were inaccessible to Civilians what a shotgun and a pistol Caliber carbine be suitable for shca Yeah I mean if you did everything yeah It’s better than nothing I the the big Downside to shotguns and pistol caliber Carbines for that matter is the range That’s right you know you limit your Standoff distance shotguns with slugs You know 200-ish yards Yeah I mean you can it’s it starts Dropping up pretty good bit after 100 But uh there there’s a lot of shotgun Stuff out there that that can still Reach out to 200 250 yards I mean look At our soldiers during the Civil War you Know they’re carrying excuse me single Shot muskets and they’re shooting out to A thousand plus yards so I mean it is Possible and it is doable you just have To be a little more creative about you Know the the tool that you’re choosing To use for that situation but yeah but Yeah yeah that’s the one thing if Somebody has a rifle and they’re 300 Yards off you you’re gonna have some Issues as far as that but hey again you Know yes I mean definitely but I I one Of the things we did with our prepper Group is I recommend it because there Body kind of had a shotgun most of them Had pistols and I said you got to have a

Rifle you need a rifle for that very Reason And so we went out bought a bunch of Moes in the gants and that’s when they Were very reasonable Uh what’s a good solar powered generator That you can repair yourself thanks We have a homeless It’s not like a gas powered generator Right I put that that question there’s a Number of different solar power Generators out there Uh but most of them are more toward the Electronic yeah battery side Yeah I don’t have an answer for that one Yeah if you have a background electronic You might be able to do it if you have a Mechanical background that may not be I don’t even know that that’s possible But maybe with the two combined but well Here’s the thing You get a solar powered generator you Just figure that you learn you learn and You do some research and find out Because honestly yeah that’s that Stumped us Uh Okay let’s go and go to another question Then we’re gonna Finish up with a couple of things and Then we’re done Yes that’s a good question uh Dalton asked Is it okay if I don’t clean my guns

Often Um just once I get them don’t shoot them As often as I should probably once a Month You know one of the big things with your Firearm is making sure that you store it In a in a climate controlled environment Keeping the humidity and moisture to a Minimum and that’s going to prevent rust Um if it’s something if roast is Something that you’re concerned with Make sure you wipe down all the metal Surfaces before you store it up with a Uh with a lubricant that’s going to stay In place and not evaporate there’s a lot Of cleaners out there that that Evaporate very quickly you want to use Something that’s not going to evaporate And then as far as internally cleaning Your firearm you know I I like to keep My guns pretty clean the ones that I use A lot are absolutely filthy but you know They’re if I’m storing a gun if I store A firearm I’m going to play it’s going To be clean especially if it’s being Stored for a month or so it’s going to Be cleaned before I put it up the stuff That I use on a daily basis a weekly Basis it doesn’t get cleaned as much Internally as far as like removing all The carbon and stuff because I’m using It a lot lot yeah the one thing the one Danger is we did a test on uh it was six Thousand rounds for this AR and I just

Shot and shot and I take breaks in Between we just do it over a period of Time and when I finally knew and I Didn’t clean it in between and it Functioned up to 6000 rounds but we’re Getting ready to take it out and I Pulled the charging handle back and it Went then I went okay it’s time to clean And that’s one problem is getting that Gunky that’s probably the most important Is when you when it starts to affect the The reliability that’s right so uh but Like for me if I’m going to like a Shooting event like a like I was going When I went to tactical response but Last month I cleaned my gun I got it Typically uh I’ll shoot and shoot and Not clean it maybe wipe it down some uh But this is the thing I found out is When you become a real shooter when You’re shooting like all the time if you Don’t clean all the time to do you no You don’t absolutely not and that’s it Goes back in line with what I was saying If it’s if it’s something that’s going In the safe and it’s not going to be out In a while for a while I clean it and Make sure that it’s really clean to wipe Down an old before I put it up but the The stuff that gets used a lot it Doesn’t get nearly as much Okay let’s uh let’s kind of get things Finished up because we’re kind of Running down on time you know one of the

Things and I just want to mention this About the fears there were a number of Things that have gone they were up on The list in previous years that had gone Down and one is climate change it’s not It wasn’t even on the top ten about Five six years ago it was like like Three or so different ones and then Um gun control the control You know it’s really high times It wasn’t in the top ten well it’s There’s just nothing they’ve been able To really do even though there are some Things going on it’s not enough to get The big public involved in it I think uh But you know that’s one thing that gun Control is something that you know Immigration now that surprised me it’s Another one that surprised immigration Was not on the top ten uh you know one Of the reasons why it’s not it’s not in The media every day yeah yeah Outside of the borders the border states And Border towns they don’t see it every Day now because it’s not in the Mainstream media that’s a good point It’s a good way to suppress how people Feel about something is don’t tell them About it you know that kind of leads us To that top ten is that’s the stuff That’s in the media and that’s what That’s what we’re thinking about uh mass Shootings now which that’s something we You know we had one earlier uh this year

With Vivaldi but Uvaldi but Um You know it was kind of like ah and then Uh this was funny overthrow of the Government has been on the list that’s Interesting Um I I don’t see that yeah I think the Overthrow of the government is going to The Ballot Box and throwing those Goobs Out are you know the ones that are just Really screwing things up so Um Guys really this is the this is the big Takeaway do like Robbie said do what you Can to negate those fears if you have Figures for water if you have fears for Government take nuclear war whatever Then do what you can but what you can’t Do you can’t worry about it and That’s the biggest thing and two the Media take it for what it is So we’re going to sign off I really Appreciate Robbie Wheaton for being here Again also the Robbie Wheaton YouTube channel great stuff Smack we really appreciate her again X Attack You get a 20 off using search 20. You just prep where you get 15 off your This month’s your first month Subscription and I’ll just tell you FedEx is out there and the guy’s peeping The horn and so it really makes me Distracted

We really appreciate you guys being here Thanks so much guys and the main thing Is don’t be scared be prepared be strong Be of good courage God Bless America Long live the republic

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