Top 5 Things You Should Always Grow In Your Garden As A Prepper!

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Grow these five things in your garden in Preparation for shortages and increased Prices hey everybody this is Michael With asymmetrical preparedness and today We're going to talk about just that but First I want to thank you guys for being Here I really appreciate you guys When you're planting your garden it you Need to come into mind think about need Versus want and variety versus Production in the past we've grown a lot Of varieties of stuff a lot of different Things but that's not necessarily the Best way to approach it sometimes you May just want to minimize the varieties Of things that you're growing and settle On three four five six different Varieties that give you the best results So that's what we're talking about in This video [Music] Foreign Posting a very important part of Gardening Getting proper nutrients for your soil And having the ability to amend your Soil is very important This is some chicken manure we got from Our neighbors and I'm adding it to the Compost bin because as of right now I've Already amended all my raised beds and Put them to bed for the winter so until Next season I won't be doing anything With the raised bed but other than

Chicken manure you can add in all those Veggie trimmings from cooking all the Stuff you don't need banana peels apple Cores all that kind of stuff as well as Coffee grounds eggshells lots of other Stuff you can use for your compost and For amending your beds Very very important part of gardening Because we need to make sure that our Soil has all the nutrients in it as much As possible at least So that we grow healthy And nutrient dense foods Very important part of it so I recommend You guys get into composting even if It's in buckets if it's a compost bin Like I built here my little redneck Compost bin Um you can do it that way there's a lot Of different ways that you can get in a Compost but do it because not only are You getting good stuff for your soil so Your vegetables and your fruits grow Better more nutrient dense foods you are Also cutting out cutting down on the Amount of garbage that you're producing To that you have to pay to get rid of So that's something to think about so Let's get to number one these aren't any Specific numerical order But This tops my list for several reasons It is an invasive species it is easy to Grow it is drought resistant it is high

In protein it is low in the glycemic Index so if you're diabetic you don't Have to worry about that Um and it grows produces a lot of food What is it you can see here where I Trimmed the dead ones off from last year This is Jerusalem artichokes AKA Sunchokes I'm going to dig some up here And show you what exactly they are Just use a flat Fork when you're doing Potatoes and or tubers so you don't Damage them Nice little shovel full And let's see some drew some artichokes There we go Jerusalem artichokes Like I said it's a tuber just like a Potato you cook them like potatoes you Can eat them like potatoes you can Store them long term like potatoes a Little bit more difficult to store long Term because they have a little bit more Water in them but easy to produce and That one right there just gave me Four tubers so let's see what else we Got here Let's go down for another one Up see They grow so much that they grew into The side of this bed They produce a lot of tubers oh that One's split apart so I'm probably just Gonna throw that one away or maybe use It today for cooking yeah yeah drew some

Artichokes are awesome Native Americans Used to plant them along their trade Routes their routes hunting routes and Travel routes so that they knew that They always had a source of food along Their routes uh Jerusalem artichokes Don't know really why they're called That because they're native to North America and they're not artichokes as You see they are tubers like potatoes I Cook them up Um just like Homestyle potatoes you can Make scalloped drew some artichokes you Can make whatever however you cook Potatoes one thing to note though is That because of the stuff in them I'm Not a biologist or into chemicals and All that stuff like that but the stuff That makes them low on the glycemic Index could give you gas so what I do is If I'm using Jerusalem artichokes I mix Them with potatoes with what I'm gonna With whatever I'm making like uh four to One mix so four four times potatoes one Part drew some artichokes three parts One part whatever until you figure out What your tolerance is very important But this is awesome to grow this one Little raised bed here you see how Narrow it is and how long it is That will produce a lot of Jerusalem Artichokes and another thing that's Great about Jerusalem artichokes is Because they are

An invasive species And drought resistant you can do this See these are the dead ones I didn't Trim them I'm just leaving them alone Totally leaving them alone this is my Whole gorilla gardening idea I just Planted them here in the road the joins Or it goes adjacent to my property and I Just planted a bunch here because we Produce so many over there what I'm Going to do is I'm going to plant more Out here and just let them take over This whole area be like my little Prepper Gorilla garden so they'll always Be here one thing that is very important To know before you plant before you get Into gardening is what Grow Zone you are So that you know when to plant what for The best outcome because as Preppers We're not just doing this for fun we Don't just have a garden because we like Gardening or therapeutic which it is but We grow so that we can produce as much Food as possible as many calories to Keep our families alive or to mitigate The effects of food shortages and or Inflation so this is very important know Your Grow Zone get to know that learn About soil ph's types of soils all this Kind of stuff the more you know the Better you will grow and That you will have a much better Production and your learning curve will Be so much better the more you learn the

More you study the more you practice and Get out there and do if you are enjoying This video enjoy my content and if you Really want to be truly prepared for What is coming tough times shortages Inflation shtf whatever it may be then Join us here please subscribe hit that Thumbs up share the videos comment below And be engaged in the community Stay tuned for lots of good content that Is getting away from the fear the news And everything everybody else is doing And getting back to the basics of actual Real world preparedness Then subscribe Become part of the team [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign You just saw me sifting through potatoes That I'm going to use to plant for this Coming season and this is a selection of Them that you just saw me sifting Through What was I looking for I was looking for Um if they're soft if they're rotten if They're moldy you know if they're bad Toss them out throw them in the compost Bin more compost to amend your soil I Was looking for the best ones to use as Seed potatoes for this upcoming year so

I have some different varieties here I Want to show you first off we have the Red potatoes I'm just making sure They're nice and firm some of them Already have the nice little growth on The eyes coming out with growth and These also same thing Nice growth these red ones and these um Uh I forget the variety Brain fart but yes these are Store-bought those two are store-bought These covered in dirt still are our Homegrown potatoes from last season and These are the ones that we selected for Seed potatoes so let me turn the camera Down here a little bit so you can see Them a little bit better there you go Um So Storing them for use for the next season Cool dry Place but you still need to go through Them like I showed you sifting them Every once in a while I do it every I Don't know every couple weeks or so I Just go through them all I take out all The bad ones so that they store properly Potatoes are the next thing that we need To talk about growing very good easy to Grow So easy that If you're not growing potatoes You're wrong Um you need to make sure that they're

Not rotting like I said the easier to go To lots of calories this bed right here Is going to be a potato bed and this bed Is a about it's like uh well this is About three foot by seven or no three by Eight three foot wide actually no it's Four by eight sorry I'm sorry four by Eight bed and in this bed I can grow Probably at least a seven gallon bucket Full of potatoes from Probably all these potatoes right here Would seed this bed I'm not going to do Different varieties in this bed I will Only do one variety and when I'm Planting I will for example take this Potato here with the eyes on it so what I would do is see between these eyes I Would cut it right there and then There's another eye over here I may cut This so thirds so this will make three Plantings so this will grow three plants With anywhere between maybe four and Seven potatoes each so A good production for a small investment And one bed like this a four by eight Bed can like I said net you at least a Seven gallon bucket full of potatoes Probably 20 30 pounds I mean hundreds of Potatoes uh maybe even two buckets Depending on how well they grow but Potatoes are one of those things they're High in calories it's they're so easy to Grow they have to be in your prepper Garden hands down one of the best things

And who doesn't love potatoes right here Is another popular way to Garden In containers One reason is uh you don't have to till The soil you can put a container almost Anywhere you could put on your porch you Could put it on your lawn you don't have To tear up your lawn you don't have to Damage anything around you don't have to Worry about building raised beds Containers are cheap an inexpensive way To Garden But there are some downsides and these Are a bunch of my containers as you see Some of them are stacked up ready for Reuse question is why are they all empty Well that's one of the negatives of Container gardening is that you do not Want to leave the soil in the containers Too long I don't know exactly how long But what I do because you don't want the Chemicals from the plastic to leach into The soil So what I do is I at the beginning of Each season let's start off like they Are now I will go get topsoil and using Compost from my compost bin and dirt That I dig up around my property I will Mix it all up really well in the Wheelbarrow and then I will fill these I Will use that for the season I will grow All these containers here we'll grow Potatoes I grow potatoes in my Containers so they will all grow a bunch

A bunch of potatoes maybe even two full Harvests I usually get a two full Harvests although sometimes the Second Harvest is a little bit weak not as much Production because it's near the end of The season but then what I do after the Harvest is I use the dirt from all these Containers to top off my raised beds Like this one behind me you can still See a bunch of the organic material that I put in there that animals have dug up But it's a great way to to fill up your Raised beds because they settle and if You same thing with this raised bed Topped off with soil from the containers And you can see the Jerusalem artichokes I talked about earlier right there okay So if you don't have raised beds or an In-ground area what I would suggest Doing and you want a container garden is Just to take all the dirt out of the Containers put it in a pile Now okay yeah you'll have an unsightly Pile of dirt somewhere but so what who Cares and then what I would do is just Put that same dirt back in at the Beginning of the season so it's not Sitting in there all off season having Those chemicals leach into the soil but Containers can be a great and easy way To Garden But one thing to think about when you're Out and about in the winter anytime it's Cool outside and you're outside doing

These things like gardening you're doing Bush crafting you're doing anything Preparedness related outside any or any Outdoor activity and you want to stay Warm check out Fortress clothing right Here links in the description below you Should see a pop-up right there for them Portable Heat Renewable Heat by your own body I'm not Even wearing a shell over this it is uh 27 degrees out here right now I've just Been walking around doing this filming And I am perfectly warm next to the skin Nothing underneath negative five to 65 Degrees awesome product I don't pimp Products hardly at all and the only ones I do once I know work very well this Product is amazing it's a game changer If you are out and about outside You need to have this stuff the stuff is Invaluable and well worth the price so Check it out it is an affiliate link Because I firmly believe in this company And this product so if you want to Get some if you don't well just be cold There are other ways to go about doing It but this is not bulky the way they Design it is not bulky at all one layer Shell good to go if you're colder than That you can get some of their extreme Jackets extreme pants they're over Mittens they're baklavas anything like That and even if you aren't outside that Much right now doing stuff when shtf

Happens you probably will be so think About that think ahead be proactive not Reactive get some good gear that will Keep you warm while you're out doing the Things I know you want to know what's Next on the list coming in at number Three is beans Why beans because beans are easy to grow They grow a lot of food and you can eat Them in a variety of ways my family Loves to pick them as green beans we Pretty much just eat them as green beans So it really doesn't matter what variety Of bean that ends up forming in the end Because we just eat them as green beans There's pole beans and there are bush Beans we prefer bush beans just because Um I don't know just because but we will Be experimenting this year with some More pole beans because we can grow Vertically so we can grow more food and Make better use of our space which is Very important when we're talking about How much food we can produce You can let them go to seed meaning Produce the beans shell them and then You can put those shells in your compost Or you can throw them in a green Smoothie that'll be really good or you Can dice them up throw them in a stir Fry whatever and then you can dry out Those beans and use them like using Beans make baked beans make refried Beans whatever ever

They have protein Good amount of protein and like I said They're easy to grow and they produce a Lot of food this raised bed behind me You see the one I'm sitting on this one Produced oh my gosh Last growing season we were producing Between two and four pounds of beans Every single day for about the stretch Of about a month That was really good production then it Slows down you know it starts building a Little bit and then it slows down at the End but very good production lots of Food in a variety of ways that you can Use them another very important aspect Of having a garden growing your own food Though is what do you do with the excess Production that's very important and us As Preppers we want to be able to eat Our good healthy natural foods that we Grow and our kids can enjoy our family Can enjoy yes fresh is best but What do we do with the excess because That is to me one of the big long-term Goals so we need to be able to preserve That food for use later on and it needs To be in such a manner that it lasts as Long as possible it has the longest Shelf life that we can provide it so There are different ways to go about Doing this there's canning you know home Canning and jars there's pickling which Is also done in jars there's freeze

Drying if you've got one of those Harvest Right freeze dryers you're a Lucky person those things are awesome a Buddy of mine tribe member has one there Is also dehydrating And there is Um turning into a powder which I'll show You here in a minute that's a really Good way to preserve it also nutrient Dense powder so let me show you that yes I'm going to show you that nutrient Powder right now right here And I will get into our next item with the Other jar I'll show you so what is this This is stuff that we grew in our garden That we dehydrated This has kale Carrot greens which are edible Beet greens And stalks Um Kohlrabi greens collard greens Swiss Chard and arugula think of all those Nutrients in it that's I just write it On the lid holy cow so what we do is we Pick the leaves Harvest from the garden We put them on baking sheets we put them In our dehydrator I put them at 130 130 degrees and I don't know how many Hours it takes we just run that thing Around the clock for months the thing Around the clock for about four months Dehydrating everything that we produced

Not everything but the stuff we wanted Dehydrated okay so then when they're Fully dehydrated I'd bring them in the House I crumple them up a little bit I Put them in a coffee grinder and I grind It down into this powder and then what I Do is I put them in I just dump the Powder in these mason jars until I get a Full jar because then I got layers of All different kinds of things and I Usually wait till I get three or four of These jars full of Etc powders and then what I do is I get A stainless steel bowl like I showed you With my potatoes were in earlier I dump It all in there mix it up really well And then what I do is I spread it on Baking sheets again throw it back in the Dehydrator to make sure it's fully Dehydrated then what I do is since it's Fully mixed I let it cool off of course Then I put it in these mason jars And then make sure they're full up all The way throw in an oxygen absorber Throw the lid on and then the oxygen Absorber and the um the um Moisture absorbers they absorb anything In there and then what it does is Because then there's less of that stuff In there it causes the seal to pop down This one's not popped down because I Opened it because we're using it for What what do we use it for good question I'm glad you asked green smoothies you

Can put it in soups stews you could even Mix some of this in with bread mixes Tortilla mixes almost anything you make You can put some of this stuff in just For extra added nutrients in your diet Because macronutrients are important yes That's protein carbs and fats But micronutrients all those vitamins That you need are right here vitamin Packed all right since I talked about Storing foods and the dehydration Process I'm going to show you the next Jar and get into Item number five Beets beets are so awesome to grow and I'll talk about that in a minute but What I did is I dehydrated these see how To slice them up really thin dehydrated Them put them in here auction absorber Seal the lid long-term storage good to Go very easy very simple but lesson Learned this is an older jar it's one of My first jars that I slicing really thin Well you see there's a lot of dead space In there so I use a lot more mason jars So what I decided to do is I just Started dicing them up I dice them up Into little tiny you know little tiny Chunks about like oh let me see about Yay big you can see on my cheek they're About that big and they dehydrate more Much quicker and they fit a lot more of Them fit in a jar so that's lesson Learned from that all right so let's

Talk about beets Um they're easy to grow you can eat them Raw you can can them you can pickle them You can dehydrate them Um and another awesome thing about beets Is you can use the greens the greens are Awesome in salads stir fries green Smoothies or to make up into this Nutrient powder very good tons of Nutrients in them I love beets and you can cook the Beet Itself down and especially sugar beets And make a sweetener an all-natural Sweetener homegrown organic for whatever You're making That's a bonus number five Kale This is January 26th when I'm filming This And it's still here it's still growing Yes we had snow yes we had lots of Freezing temperatures yes we had Temperatures in the low 20s It's still growing Kale why kale because kale is so Nutrient dense it actually has more Vitamin C than citrus fruit so if you Really want to combat those winter colds Kale is a great source of vitamin C you Can use it in stir fries you can use it In salads you can use it in green Smoothies okay you don't like the taste A lot of people say that well that's the Seasonings are for if you're making a

Green smoothie that's what honey is for That's what other fruits and berries are For so kale is one of those things that You need to grow It is so nutrient dense it is a leafy Vegetable and combined with all these Other things the Jerusalem artichokes The potatoes the beets the beans Those are all good things and you can Get some leafy vegetables from them also Especially like the beet greens but You need good quality leafy greens in Your diet and kale is very easy to grow It likes cooler weather like I said it's Winter time and this grew all winter so I've just been letting it grow we use it As we need it I already dehydrated a lot Of it for that nutrient powder you saw Also so kale is number five it comes in At number five there's a lot of other Things I grow but if I had to grow only Five things that probably would be what I grew all right so I hope you guys Liked the video I hope you guys like the New format I hope you guys enjoy Process that I'm learning to make my Videos that much better And if you enjoy the video don't forget Subscribe hit that thumbs up share the Videos comment below let me know what You guys think about the video give me Constructive criticism on how I can Improve my content And directions that I might want to go

So that I meet your needs I love you guys have a wonderful day and Blessings to you and yours

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