Top Ten Basic Personal MUST HAVE Skills For Preppers!


Remember, You are your own best prep! And prepping can be as much in the mind as in the body!
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18 thoughts on “Top Ten Basic Personal MUST HAVE Skills For Preppers!


    #1) Physical Fitness

    #2) Basic First Aid & CPR Training

    #3) Determination (True Grit)

    #4) Self Defense & Situational Awareness

    #5) Gardening, Hunting, Fishing, & Foraging w/ Food Preparation & Storage

    #6) Outdoor Skills

    #7) DIY (in an off-grid world)

    #8) Thriftiness, Minimalism, & Resourcefulness

    #9) Home Economics & Personal Care

    #10) Critical Thinking

    #11) BONUS TIP – Know Yourself – Limitations & Strengths

  2. Excellent video. #1 is by far the most important. I see some people on you tube , they talk about having a 50lbs go-bag and how they can trek 20 miles with it, yet they look like they couldn’t even take a gallon of milk up two flights of stairs. I guess that’s #1 and #11 rolled into one.

  3. Rheumatoid in my knees, back and hands, herniated disc in my lower back. Waking up is difficult and painful. Still work (in the oilfield), hunt during season, garden during season, household chores, honey do list, and even be Mr Mom. I try to stay moving, but even some days are too much for me.

  4. What about having a good library of all of the critical skill mentioned in the video. Man’s greatest superpower is his ability to learn and that is best done with an old fashioned paper books. You may not remember the skill and you learn the skills in your free time from reading your library. I never go anywhere without a book to read but I get a lot of strange looks of the books I do read.

    Skills are just one factor in survival. Physical fitness, kit (equipment), will to survive, and luck are the other factors.

    1. GOOD POINT ! It’s likely that any extended SHTF scenario would include “electric grid down” – virtually ending access to the Internet, your computer or smart phone, and even playback of recorded media like CD’s. Books would become like gold – the only accessible source of knowledge !

  5. I found out this afternoon that a coworker of mine didn’t make to work yesterday because, as he told me, “My eyes were red from playing video games.”

    Definitely not the kind of person I want to be, especially in a SHTF scenario.

  6. This is why the world is getting worse and worse this Modern Age with technology we waste a lot more now than we did back then… the downside to this is we are going to pay for that down the road you will see…

  7. I like to think I got 7 out of 11 – not too bad for an old guy. That garden looked like my first years attempt. This was my first year to attempt it. I think I’ll do better next season.

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