Tractor Supply Feed Update & Food Shortage Reports | Empty Shelves Update

Boots on the ground reports from all over the world by viewers on the food shortages and empty shelves that they are seeing where they are.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report there's a lot going on out there In the world and we got a lot of reports Coming from you guys uh coming from all Over uh some of the things that we've Been kind of watching are kind of uh Getting a little bit better in some Places but then there's a lot more Things going on out there so we got some Updates on the chicken feed we got some Updates coming from South Africa where Things are getting rough uh let's jump Into your reports Turtle beats 21 says Uh California and Vegas have a gas and Diesel leak emergency so the pumps will Be shut down until they are repaired to Be safe out there now I haven't heard Anything about uh individual pumps like Gas pumps but the pump station between California and going out to Vegas and Phoenix Arizona that was shut down for Two days pumping Diesel and gas and they Had a leak and so they shut down several Of those pipelines and they have Restarted operation on those they were Shut down for about two days there Should not be supply issues however we Were getting reports of as it happened People were panicking in Vegas and going Out there and trying to stock up on gas We did not see any images of people Putting uh trash bags full of gasoline In their trunk but we did see a whole Bunch of people go out there and there

Were long lines at some of the gas Stations however supplies do appear to Be uh all right out there let's jump Into Marty n says uh chicken feed I'm Not aware of any added ingredients we're Still talking about the Tractor Supply Out there but the Tractor Supply feed Methanine and lysine have been removed Now that's allegedly Tractor Supply says They haven't changed anything of course This person says even if it's listed on The bag it makes a difference those are Important Ingredients for for chicken begins to Lay eggs we we're still waiting for Mike Adams is going to release a a test that They've done on Tractor Supply food out There a little more coming down here Someone else kind of chimed in what what I had already seen they did put out like A little teaser where they shared a Little bit of information but they said You know check back for their video when They uh when they actually released the The results of the test Carol says at Walmart I could not get broccoli it was Out of stock they told me I'm disabled So food was delivered you know two Packages of 18 count eggs was 15.95 Yesterday Dropped to 9.65 today and we're seeing That across the board so folks uh you Know if you want to hold your breath for For a little bit lower egg prices you

May see that in the next day or so Um so if you're seeing high prices wait A day or two Let It kick in uh they were 7.95 in September Um but lots of great value chicken not In stock fresh not available at all Times So that's we're seeing some chicken Outages out there different it's usually Different variety so you may have to Move to a different variety but we're Seeing enough chicken we're just seeing Some issues with some of the the generic Chicken out there Janet in uh went at The WinCo in Denton Texas eggs down 50 Cents a dozen so that's good news right WinCo coffee was up two dollars from Last week pork was better this week It's better to buy uh that that than Other meat no powdered milk Evaporated milk price up again no no Change in Veggie prices Canned chicken still same price but low Supply no half gallons of milk Refrigerated biscuits barely present Fronting many products Tomatoes 85 cents A can camp potatoes 88 cents a can Instant potatoes present including a few Giant boxes price up no store brand Though that was once again in Denton Texas space River news is basically Sharing the the Article the the teaser out there on the Tractor Supply chicken we can confirm

Now that Tractor Supply brand of chicken Feed producers Pride 16 layer feed mini Pellets contains about twice the glyph Glyphosate of any other brands we tested The next highest brand was Purina uh Laina layer crumbles now I have heard That producers pride is probably Produced by Purina as well in the Background of course they also make eggs And chicken so uh Keep that in mind keep that in mind the People making the chicken feed Are also competing with the people using The chicken feet So um there's been a lot of speculation That that might be a nefarious Conflict of interest But we are waiting for the full report On what vitamins and minerals are Actually in that chicken feed that they Bought off the shelf so um big foddy Says North Nevada Uh my friend who has been raising Chickens for at least 20 years just told Me yesterday that his chickens only laid About a handful of eggs during the whole Summer and now have stopped laying all Together he said it started when they Started giving them Walmart feed from a Big R Tractor Supply I've heard a couple Scattered reports out there of Walmart Feed being an issue but I don't know if Just people don't use it very often or What I have not heard anyone say

Anything bad about Rural King out there Or any other it's just been I've heard a Couple scattering mentions of Walmart Feed and I've just been hearing Tractor Supply Brands out there but eggs have Gotten up to almost 67 dollars per dozen At the local Safeway Our Family Dollar Store is pretty much empty medicine Aisle for almost a year now once again Wait for those eggs to come down if You're seeing six to seven dollars Definitely wait just a little bit you Should see some relief out there if You're in the United States I can't Promise you anything out there in New Zealand especially with the loss of all Those hens out there you might be in a World of hurt price wise in the near Future UK is in a different uh different Dimension as well as the United States Of course they don't export eggs between Europe and the United States due to Differing understandings of how you Should clean eggs before they get sold KD says rural Central Missouri Walmart Actually had some canned cat food last Night and still had a pretty good supply Of kibble for both cats and dogs yeah It's it's hit and miss out there I want Through the canned cat food here this Week and they actually had quite a bit Of can now they look like they're just Putting it on the Shelf still but I don't know how quickly they'll

Disappear once we people realize hey There's canned cat food here Eggs this is continuing rural Central Missouri eggs milk and butter were all Well stocked distilled water was Available but not a lot of it facial Tissues have been decimated but we've Had several bugs around here lately so No great Supply surprise yeah cold Medicines cough drops All that kind of stuff and tissues just That they can't keep them in stock fast Enough a salt fish I hear that might get banned soon Um says uh this whole fish says Lebanon Tennessee Aldi fresh corn was small missing Kernels and had red spots that kind of Resemble blood no cans of corn limited Selection of raw chicken Um That's a report out of Tennessee Dark World stories says you know listen to The Wildlife Rangers in California Colorado who have confirmed the infected Bear Mountain Lion skunk and The basically it's the bird flu that has Been lethal to the Bear Mountain The bear bear Mountain there should be Commas in here Bear Mountain Lion and Skunk all are dead uh bird flu is Jumping species in Colorado as well as South America in fact it seems uh Symptoms for all the species uh

So nobody's talking about it it's only a Little bit of time left before the Species bear barrier is close enough That humans can transmit it to each Other Um so I know some people are out there And saying oh well it's all propaganda You know but here's the thing Um I'm not hearing it too much from the Legacy Media or the mainstream media it Seems to be kind of not being really Broadcasted very much but the some of The Some of the media Outlets are picking it Up particularly overseas outlets seem to Be picking it up so I don't know what to Tell you guys it's it's hard to believe Anything that we're hearing right now But It does appear does appear from I'm Seeing it from multiple sources uh United States You know in Colorado the government is Uh coming out with these tests but also A lot in Peru It doesn't seem to be a grand conspiracy But you know you need to make your own Decisions about your facts but I'm Saying that uh there seems to be some Legitimacy to that there seems to be Enough people talking about it that Don't seem to be connected to each other Talking about it so Um and if it does jump that that's going

To be big news for all of us Uh Lauren in UK says uh Tesco Supermarket in London there were items On the shelves however price was up Again Johnny uh says dog flew in Texas So uh that got me on the uh the Google Search engine starting to look into What's going on with that highly Contagious between dogs and apparently This dog canine influenza is spreading Rapidly and dogs are getting it it Doesn't sound like it's usually lethal Though for dogs so it's not like you Know everyone's dog's going to die or Something which would be catastrophic of Course for everyone's you know everyone Loves their dogs right Except for cat people I don't I don't Get cat people but anyway so we got uh We got the the dog flu spreading lots of Dogs are getting sick and it's kind of Overwhelming the Vets there Uh Michael UK update they are now Allowed to sell eggs again so that's Nice so if you have your backyard Chickens you're allowed to sell eggs Again And then update from Africa Um and then I have a special Announcement for you guys uh before We're done uh parrot Africa says a Rolling blackouts are threatening South Africa's food security this has been Highlighted three times in enca news

This week so that's their uh one of Their news channels and farmers are Tethering to keep afloat during load Shedding Um I'm not quite sure if that's Referring to using cell phones for Internet or what if anyone knows exact I Was trying to do a Google search on that But I'm not quite sure uh what exactly They're doing in order to get through The load shedding but Sona uh Address Um is going to be addressed soon by our President Um Then another political party is pushing For wealth tax in South Africa to fund The basic income Grant so they're They're they want uh more free money Because of course they do and so they Want to tax all the income earners the People working in order to fund the free Money handouts to everybody uh also from Parrot Africa ngos are battling to keep Their doors open it's getting really bad Now in South Africa so uh there is There's a lot going on there the Situation has devolved pretty Significantly down there and uh we're Just praying for the people of South Africa as well Speaking of prayer on my Bible Channel I Will be having a a prayer meeting Tonight at 8 pm Eastern standards gonna

Be a live stream so people can email in Their prayers prayer requests so if You've got prayer requests you want to Be prayed over if you want to pray for Revival in your life in your in your Church in your area join us for that as Well I don't know how long the live Stream is going to go but there'll be Opportunities for you to kind of either Comment in prayer requests or email and Prayer requests and we're going to kind Of just see how that goes so if you want To join that over on Bold Faith Bible 8 PM Eastern Standard if you like this Video if you found this video useful or Helpful you might want to check out Another video from me here on the Popular report I'll see you over there Or I'll see you guys later Steve poppler Out

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