Trump Will Be Arrested Tuesday | Why & What This Means

Manhattan District Attorney’s office is meeting with local police to determine how best to carry out the arrest of Former President Donald Trump. On Truth Social Trump has confirmed that this is what will happen and that he will not flee or resist arrest.

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Hey everyone welcome to the Poplar Report yes we are going to talk about That why are we going to be talking About the Trump arrest coming up this Week unfortunately probably because There will be talk of very little else This coming week Um that's kind of my crystal ball Analysis is that this next week this is Going to be the story that everyone is Talking about and could set the United States on edge sure sure Wells Fargo is Out there saying basically that they Expect Banks to collapse in this coming Week and sure there's all sorts of stuff Happening around the world but Apparently Americans are going to spend At least the next week talking about one Thing and one thing only and that is Trump getting arrested in New York city So we're going to be talking about why Is Trump getting arrested and secondly We're going to be talking about what Does this mean what what is going to Come out of this we're going to to try Looking into some of that and of course A bunch of that is going to have to Unfold on itself so what is he being Arrested on is it January 6 issues no no Not that is it election issues no no That's that's Georgia So what is he being arrested in New York City for so First off this is uh pretty solid

Because we're not only hearing from the New York state New York City uh Manhattan district attorney uh office But we're also hearing this confirmed by Trump himself so Trump took to uh truth Social and has confirmed that it looks Like he's going to be arrested on Tuesday and that he's not going to Resist arrest He is being arrested or indicted Basically on charges that he paid off Stormy Daniels the 130 thousand dollars Um word is that he transferred money to An attorney who then transferred the Money to um Stormy Daniels this is to Cover up a a infidelity against his Previous wife I don't know who pays off settlement Fees to people that they didn't cheat With but um so that definitely puts a Lot of us kind of in a situation where It's kind of like Um yeah obviously uh a lot of us don't Endorse in any way shape or form uh him Cheating on a previous wife Uh that's uh pretty serious But then on the other hand we're seeing Him Transferring money his money from what I Can tell it's possible this was a Election money but whatever it was it Was classified as legal fees and because Of that that's the real issue here is That legal fees

Actually meant paying Stormy Daniels to Stay silent and uh The Trump administer Trump folks are Basically saying that this was paid to a Lawyer an attorney and what the attorney Did with it was another business but he Paid it to an attorney and that this was On the up and up because of that I don't know Announce the laws on these things but What I do know is that um There's a lot of crimes out there that Are happening that certainly aren't Being prosecuted Um now I I think maybe the best way Forward is that everybody gets Prosecuted for the crimes that they're Committing Um but it's kind of hard for this not to Seem like a a political hit job and uh So when uh Trump has gotten on Truth Social and has said essentially Um you know protest take our nation back Now that definitely has Echoes of January 6th on it Um is this a call to rise up and Overthrow because he was paying off Former lovers Uh with political funds or tax Tax funds um What do we do with that what do we do With that and uh I know a whole bunch of Us uh are kind of looking at that and Then seeing the 159 documented crimes on

The the hunter Laptop and going How come there aren't any uh commissions How how come there's no indictments how Much you know I mean they're documented There's videos of it stuff that's not Like is it a crime is it not a crime but Like stuff that's like definitely a Crime and No inquiries no nothing happening there And then you see on the other end of the Political Spectrum uh this thing that's You know You and I would have to consult a lawyer To kind of figure out you know What what crime did he do again like How's that how does that crime Uh legally Morally I I I'm on board I I understand Uh legally is it a crime I I don't know so what's going to happen This week Uh are there going to be Mass protests Are people going to take to the streets Start Antifa in things are they going to start A peacefully protesting Mostly peacefully protesting I I don't Know I think part of this is going to be how Much does the media spin this up and This is going to be the conservative Side of the the

Um one Party media Are they going to get a room on super Ginned up uh and and all that is this Going to be just kind of one big nothing Burger Is everyone just going to kind of watch It happen and just You know be upset about it but not Really do anything about it is everyone Kind of watching and waiting to see like What kind of crime uh what kind of trial Happens Um I don't know but we definitely see in The political world we see half of the Population in the United States Foaming at the mouth and saying you know Execute him kind of thing and then you See the other half the population seeing This as uh Um uh Just a travesty of justice of some sort Honestly I say 50 and 50 but really it's More like you know 30 30 and then a whole bunch of people In the middle kind of not really sure What to make out of it there's certainly People that are very very excited that This is happening and there's some People that are really really upset that This is happening and To be honest I I'm not quite sure where I land on this Um

And I think it's okay to be there where You're kind of still trying to Understand it does seem like a political Hit job it does seem like it's unfair Does seem Difficult to understand why On one side of the political system Seems to get a hit really hard with the Hammer of justice and then the other Side just never gets hit at all you go Back and you look at the the the body Count for uh for the Clinton family and You're just kind of like Still no investigations in that I mean It's still hard for me to understand how Someone tied themselves to a tree and Then shotgun themselves in the chest as As a suicide method Um that that doesn't make sense shooting Yourself in the back of the head Um for suicide just some of these events Just don't don't sound anywhere near Plausible And no investigations there no Investigations because of course people Don't want to be accidentally suicided Uh by the Clinton family I guess I don't Know but Where's the Justice where's the Blind Justice this ideal of Justice out there It doesn't seem to be present in the Present circumstances does it And so If

If there isn't Justice for the rich People up at the top who happen to have The wrong political views You know how about us Um there are people from from Washington DC That still don't seem to be getting Justice uh we've just seen a whole bunch Of videos come out of what actually Happened on that date and it seemed like They were completely railroaded Just because they went to the wrong Protest if they had gone to a different Protest they could have been built Burning buildings down and and attacking People on their cars and attacking cops And and that's fine that's fine because It's mostly peaceful there Um we really have this two-tier system Where it seems like the justice system Is being weaponized against certain Segments of society And if you're in one of those targeted Segments of society perhaps you are Not so much thinking this dude is Innocent and has never done anything Wrong but rather They're not really going after him They're really going after us And that's that's what Elon Musk took to Twitter and uh said basically that if This happens this week that Trump will Win in a landslide Possibly possibly friends all I know is

That Troubled Water lays ahead Whether it's the banks defaulting More and more and more of them Collapsing in the coming weeks and the FDIC being completely drained and all The other bank bailouts running dry You know what happens then will it be More bank bailouts will Suddenly people get stuck with nothing I I don't know I don't my crystal ball Only sees like what the next news story News cycle is going to be like this week It doesn't tell me what's coming after That so Let me know what you guys think in the Comments down below Um I do ask that you kind of be kind to Each other if possible And I know there's going to be some People from different sides of this uh Trying to think their way through this Um whole bunch of people have already Made up their just their minds and Decisions uh but uh you know pop down The comments down below and uh let us Know what what you're thinking What's um What your thoughts are on this because This is going to be the big news story And As much as none of uh all of us kind of Want to avoid this they just want a Solution that's Going to you know make us happy whether

It's just him not being indicted whether It's him being absolutely indicted and Handcuffed or whatever Um We're going to have to deal with the Situation as it unfolds this coming week And it has a potential to be a watershed Moment in American history It's definitely got that potential there Depending on how it's handled how it's Publicized and what kind of decisions Are made by everyone involved So Troubled Waters ahead What do you do All you can do is just get more prepared Because when Mass unrest or when uh this The whole system that we're insides Comes to a spinning halt You're going to need to be able to grow Your own food or acquire your own food Or have your own food you're going to Need to be able to supply your needs From what you have and you may not be Able to get all that much from stores And from Walmarts and Aldi's and all that kind of Stuff out there that's why we keep Saying build up your relationships with Other people around you and get into a Better more self-sufficient pose because That's kind of what's seeing people Through a lot of the history a lot of The difficult times in history in the

Past We're moving into one of those cycles And we all kind of feel that Will this be the trigger that leads us Into it I don't know but it sure feels Like it has a lot of the potential for That all right folks like I said please Let us know in the comments down below What you're thinking uh questions you Have whatever Um And if you found this video to be useful Or helpful you might want to check out Another video from me right here I'll See you over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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