Turkish President Throws A BOMBSHELL & Partners With Syria To Attack US Troops

The crisis in Eastern Europe continues to polarize nations as everyone is increasingly forced to choose sides on military supplies and sanctions. Modern day Turkey is caught trying to appease it’s increasingly hard line citizens and the USA’s demands as well as their meddling in Syria.

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Turkey the middle east's largest Standing army and most competent Standing army The president of that country has come Out and said that he does not believe That any individual anywhere Has the freedom to insult the faith of Muslims What is that so no one around the world In any country has the right to burn a Quran or criticize Muslims That's pretty big coming from the President of Turkey and he is throwing The full weight of the government's uh Policies behind that and we're seeing Turkey taking a left-hand turn Separating from NATO on a number of Things Syria Sweden and Finland uh joining NATO Obviously president erdogan is not on Board with the anti-russian policies That are happening in Eastern Europe All this is culminating to a major Fracture that's happening in the party And once again with the largest standing Army in the Middle East and highly Trained and highly equipped this is a Force to be reckoned with and yet they Are playing both sides before we go any Further With all these Global unrest and Upheaval Is your retirement somewhere safe If you have concerns about moving uh

Your retirement into some place safer You can call Jonathan and his team at Genesis gold to talk about physical gold Physical silver physical Platinum you Can find them down in the description Down below to learn more So Sweden and Finland have uh petitioned After the invasion in Eastern Europe They have petitioned NATO to join as Members One problem turkey has stood up and said No They said well maybe if you give us Enough stuff if you Um make us happy enough but really what We know is that there's a lot of Pressure being put on Turkey from Russia And Russia is making it very clear to Turkey that turkey is not to say yes And that's a big deal Because while turkey is a member of NATO The North Atlantic Treaty Organization And is required by treaty to defend Other NATO countries They also get access to weapons Materials American fighter jets that they can Purchase which they have been doing but At the same time they're also purchasing Russian equipment Russian weapons Russian missile systems All of which is really irked the United States as well as NATO but that Has been something of a

Um a marital squabble so to speak but What's happening now in Syria is a bit More serious and we'll get to what's Going on with Sweden in just a moment But just just this week in the last few Days An American base was hit by Suicide Drones Why isn't our American base in Syria That's a whole nother question right There but American base was attacked by Suicide drones and we're seeing that Turkey and uh the government of Syria Are starting to work together to Pressure To pressure the Syrian Kurds into a Peace treaty That would squeeze the United States in All foreign Operators out of the country and Basically get that oil going back to Syria as opposed to being sold through Iraq To American businesses and such All this is Um focused on turkey's Hatred and Suppression of the Kurds in Turkey as Well as Syria as well as Iraq the idea Of a Kurdistan is anathema to Turkey and Wherever they see free Kurds they hate The idea they have been oppressing the The Kurds for a long time there's been a Long simmering unrest in Eastern Turkey

A lot of fighting a lot of bombings a Lot of terrorism and that kind of thing Whether the the Kurds are right to be Doing that or not I won't get into but Definitely a lot of people have died Because of that on both sides it has Been a very big deal especially since That's the region where the Armenian Genocide happened yes that happened Um Turkey doesn't want to admit that happen But it happened And turkey is is finding itself at the Crossroads between Russia the Middle East and NATO and just kind of I can in some ways kind of understand The Turkish government's Wariness of being at the center of of These three worlds that are colliding And not really wanting to take aside and Not really wanting to be in the middle Of a fight and yet that's kind of where They find themselves they're still Allowing Russian oil and Russian grain To go through uh their their territory Part of that is treaty that the Bosphorus Strait is supposed to remain Open but they've blocked other things That they didn't like with inspections And with uh with permits and issues and Stuff like that but they've created Vehicles so that Russian businesses and the Russian Government can trade through Turkish

Territory even using Turkish ports to Offload product and reap and put it on New ships and all that kind of stuff Like that so they've definitely they're Playing both sides that's that's for Sure but we're seeing that they've Always kind of played both sides a Little bit they seem to be moving more And more away from NATO and towards The Russian and its allies because They're starting to work more closely With Syria because they'd rather work With Syria than they would allow the Syrian Kurds up against their border There has been rumors and threats for a Long time of a much further Turkish Invasion into Syria in order to attack The Syrian Kurds in the North Um there's a lot going on and when it Comes to the United States and NATO Wanting to bring Sweden and Finland into The fold turkey Turkey wallet puts on a face of being Moderate and and and secular government It is absolutely not and in recent years They've been pushed further and further Into the radical Islamic uh traditions And and a lot of that's coming from a Very large population in Turkey of Devout Muslims who believe what the Quran says and they believe in fighting For the faith and believe in not Tolerating other faiths and such like That I I visited some Mass graves in

Eastern Turkey a number of years ago They don't call the mass Graves but it Was a a church that was a church a Chapel where the whole town was was Brought into the chapel or church and Everyone who refused to convert to Islam Were executed in that church and then They buried the church bill building and That's where all of them might Of course the official line is they Don't know why everyone died and why Everyone was buried in the church there Must have been some tragic event that Happened but local Christians know the story and told me The story of what happened and said That's what happened In pretty much all the villages around Here as Islam came through some people Still question what what the Crusades Were about and that's exactly what the Crusades were about as Islam kept doing That town of town after town after town When they were coming to of what is now Known as Istanbul uh they were coming up On the walls of Constantinople that's When the Christian World At Large said You will not do that to Constantinople We will not allow you to execute Basically everybody in the city that Refuses to convert Um that's that's we're not going to Tolerate that we're going to send an Army to protect uh the Christians in

That area so this East-West thing has Been going on for for a thousand years Literally and They are now saying that Sweden had a Quran burned outside the M the Turkish Embassy in Sweden Um I believe in Stockholm and uh And turkey has taken offense to that and Said Sweden you're not getting into NATO We're going to veto you period end of Story every single member of NATO has to Agree and go along with the next session And turkey and president erdogan has Come out and said that uh those people In Sweden did not have the right to do That and because they haven't been Arrested and prosecuted uh Sweden will not join NATO and that's Going to upset a lot of the powers that Be inside NATO they haven't yet come up With a reason of why they're going to Oppose Finland yet but I would not be Surprised if something along lines comes Comes up because once again they are Under tremendous pressure by Russia To not allow these things to move Forward which are very very serious to Russia a lot of stuff going on in Eastern Europe with uh with tanks and Everything like that being approved Poland and Finland and I believe Sweden Are sending tanks now to to the country In Eastern Europe that I'm allowed to

Talk about and that's going to Definitely anger Russia significantly And they are holding drills of doing air Defense systems making sure their air Defense systems around Moscow are up to Date and that's very telling because Ukraine has no capabilities of hitting Moscow with bombers or Fighters or Anything like that and so you have to Ask the question of well who's capable Of hitting Moscow and who are they Worried about right now and the answer Is they're worried about NATO and United States as well as its allies potentially Doing Air Raids on Moscow question for You what are they planning on doing that They think that that may trigger Air Raids from the United States and from NATO countries that's a question I will Leave for you guys if you have Other information or thoughts pop them In the comments down below if you found This video to be useful helpful you Might want to check out another video From me right here I'll see you over There or I'll see you later Steve Poplar Out

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