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Syrian drone shot down by US forces, US denies missiles, UN Security Council to hear complaints against the USA, and inflation numbers being manipulated …proof.

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The U.S stockpile of Munitions Particularly guided missiles is running Low and the United States has started Denying some applications from Eastern Europe because of that explicitly Because it was going to leave us without The weapons that we need we're also Going to be going over some issues uh Over in Syria we have a drone that was Shot down we're not just taking out Blimps and balloons and child's toys Over uh U.S airspace but now over Syria As well of course we're still using very Expensive missiles to take down these Small aerial objects Russia is calling The United States before the U.N Security Council regarding the pipeline And we're going to be getting into some Of the numbers with the CPI which is the Inflation numbers that the US government Releases and of course has tweaked this Month they have manipulated those Numbers to make them just downright lies We're going to jump into all that and a Bit more as we go along uh before we get Into that this this video is sponsored By Genesis Gold group if you have Retirement funds that you don't like Being in the stock market going up and Down and you want that into something Solid like gold silver Platinum coins That you own you want to talk to Jonathan and his team over at Genesis Gold you can find them down in the

Description down below and they sponsor This channel I do want to just throw out Another sponsor of the channel which is You guys I want to thank you so much for For you watching these uh these videos And being a part of this and just I was Blown away by that on Saturday when I Spur the mount moment through the intern In the car and uh he and I went off to Asbury University to go see what was Happening as it was breaking uh you know That this channel has the ability to go Do those type things to respond to the Natural disasters down in Florida Eastern Kentucky flooding do disaster Relief uh just you guys are part of Something that is is great and we're Having a Uh we had a great prayer meeting last Night as well Fueling accusations that the United States is getting dangerously depleted In its weapon systems um and weapons Stockpiles the Army tactical missile System was requested by Eastern Europe The country over there and uh they're Asking for this this missile that can go In the high Mar system that can shoot 190 miles and the United States has Rejected it and said that we cannot Because it would harm U.S military Readiness so this is from four different Sources within the U.S government that Has confirmed that this is what was

Stated So the United States might be willing to Give this missile system to them but we Don't have enough of those missiles and Stockpile for our own use and so uh We're starting to see that this the Conversation is turning into whether or Not the United States will give the Green light to potentially have these Missile systems purchased from countries Where we've already sold it to like Romania Poland Greece turkey Korea and Some countries in the Middle East that We really will probably regret at some Point giving all these weapon systems Too you know they're our friends today But tomorrow you don't know It has been stated that these long-range Missiles uh have been threatened by by Bear country that that this will make us Party to the conflict that by giving Certain systems that this is tantamount To war because uh those will be used Against uh cities inside their home Country and uh maybe it's maybe we're Not really low on stockpiles maybe it's Just an issue of we not wanting to give These systems to Eastern Europe in order To get dragged into this conflict On another note U.S forces in Syria shot Down a cheap unarmed Iranian drone of Course with a super expensive missile We're firing uh half million dollar to Several million dollar missiles at these

You know Twenty thousand dollar or cheaper drones And uh that is a little bit concerning From a budgeting perspective it's kind Of one of those things that we're losing Even though we're winning But you know of course the the syrians Wanted to try to fly a drone over their Own territory Um over an oil and gas site that the United States military still occupying Because you know Isis and stuff even Though there's no Isis left I mean we Still have to Hold the oil and gas because we have to Just prove The Stereotype completely True that we only went into the Middle East because of oil and gas Because of oil and gas U.S troops are Still there and they fired a very Expensive missile that hopefully was Paid for by some of that oil and gas Money but we all know that all that oil And gas money is really just going to Pay off people overseas and into U.S Black Ops overseas anyway Um So like I said Um on February 22nd there will be a un Security council meeting and the United States will be on the hot seat As alleged uh by uh by the journalist Hirsch that with his contacts that it Was definitely a operation between the

CIA and the U.S Navy to Sabotage and attack some of those Pipelines there And The United States basically hasn't said Anything other than oh well it's just All fabricated it's all just lies even Though all the receipts were kind of put Out there times dates uh exercises and Which kind of assets were used and how It all worked All that was leaked out and it seems Awfully specific in order to be a Fabrication And the United States government hasn't Replied any of these accusations other Than to say it's all lies it's crazy It's all crazy talk Russia and China have said that the United States needs to give an account And needs to give a proper response to These accusations as they are very very Serious as this pipeline belonged Belongs to Bear Country it is It is basically an act of War It has just been pointed out and uh it Has been mentioned by other people I'm Sure but I just want to point out I was Not aware of that up at this point that Norfolk Southern which is the uh the Train uh train business uh the Freight Business that uh that that owns the Railroad that derailed over in East Palestine of course is owned their

Biggest shareholder is Blackrock uh of Course you guys all start picking up Your ears when you hear that name too uh They seem to be behind every nefarious Thing that seems to be going on out There I want to throw that out there for You too CPI so we just had the CPI come out and We were told that it went up month over Month inflation went up 0.5 percent in One month of course uh so annualize that Out and you're talking about six percent Inflation rate however as I previously Warned you that the CPI number was going To be Adjusted the formula for how they Calculate was going to be adjusted so Everyone said they're like it's only Gone up 0.5 percent over the past month Well Let's take the numbers crunch them into The old formula and we come up with 0.8 Percent So now That's 60 percent higher if you if you Needed a little help with that and You're getting your calculator out you Don't have to do that 60 higher than What we're being told Does that sound like it's even in the Ballpark honest it doesn't if we were to Annualize that out take that that one Month and stretch it out to a year Basically over the past month we've had

9.6 inflation using the corrupt weird Totally rigged numbers that the US Government uses or used now they have Even more gamed and more corrupt number Systems uh to getting even at a lower Rate but if we were to use what they Used to use back in the 1970s you would Be looking at over 15 percent interest Inflation rate right now so what is the True inflation rate well it's whatever You want it to be that's basically the Message of the government and the Government wants it to be low so uh We could try to bring it down or we Could just lie to everybody and Gaslight Everybody and that seems to be the Situation at hand again you already knew This you go to the grocery store you see The numbers you see what's going on out There you've seen your energy bills Who here's got an electric bill it's a Little bit more or a gas bill or all the Other bills have gone up haven't they What's gone down and the answer is nada Nothing nothing's gone down everything Keeps going up and it's going up a heck Of a lot faster than six percent Seriously over the course of the year Who do they think we are do they think That we're absolutely stupid Yes yes they do but for those of us who Can read the numbers and hold the Government a little bit accountable we Know that they're lying because their

Lips are moving All right folks if you found this video Useful helpful you might want to check Out this other video right here I'll see You over there or I'll see you later Steve poppler out

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