US State Dept. Has A Level 2 Warning… But I Went Anyway

A review of what a city and country struggling with serious issues looks like from the ground. US State Department has a warning on the County.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report Lord willing I am in Kenya now I Did shoot this beforehand um I'm going To be talking about the security Situation Kenya partially because some Of you have asked and for those of you Who didn't ask and you're just about to Click off and say I'm not going to Kenya I want to use this also as a little bit Of a case study of what what a country That's struggling with economic poverty What's struggling with economic issues Uh what that can kind of devolve into I've traveled to 49 countries and this Will be actually my 50th country to be In and uh so from that experience I just Want to say that um you When you have case studies of what Societies look like in crisis mode What people do when they're desperate From different cultures You have a much better idea what United States or other countries in the west Will look like if they devolve into Crisis mode There's a lot of movies out there There's a lot of zombie movies and and People just completely speculating They're just making stuff up or they're Using Hollywood tropes as to what Security situations look like what what It's really like to live on the run or In a society that's breaking down but I Think it's much more useful to look at

Countries that are struggling with real Issues and see how and you got to Realize different cultures are going to Respond in different ways but people are People and what you'd be surprised at is Even though some places are dangerous You find that people live there You know and that's that's one of the Shocking things you learn is like when You're talking about going somewhere You're like oh man that's really really Dangerous and then you realize hey The people that live there This is normal to them now I mean it's not good they don't like it But they've learned to adapt and they Have to live there because that's where They live People will try to make things as normal As possible and they'll find ways of Coping with dangerous situations or or Just difficult situations In Kenya there is a drought and the Surrounding country is particularly Somalia and Ethiopia have been hard hard Hit by drought millions of people are on The Move in Somalia as well as Ethiopia Internally displaced people and tens of Thousands of them have crossed the Border into Kenya Now Somalia and Ethiopia are Predominantly Muslim countries and these Uh these migrants coming into a Predominantly Christian and animalistic

Country of Kenya They're staying up in the refugee camps That have been set up but there are People that kind of filter through There's Um people who have those type of Sympathies as well inside the country There are terrorist attacks that happen Now let's listen to what the U.S state Department has to say now the U.S state Department has a tendency to Unders sell things For political reasons Um so they they tend not to want to say Bad things about the country that They're in so they tend to sugarcoat Things just a little bit but they try to Be truthful at the same time because They're trying to make Americans who are Visiting the country aware of How not to get hurt so the list like all The things that are bad and they'll be Like well it's not so bad So let's listen to it so is it safe State department has a level two Exercise uh caution uh warning for uh For Kenya now they have four levels they Have uh exercise normal precautions then There's the exercise Um you know enhance increased con Caution then there's recondition re Consider travel and then there is do not Travel Now

Uh I've been to all four of these so um all Four levels so I've kind of felt what it Feels like in different places and Honestly A lot of the danger is you not Understanding or surroundings you don't Understand how things are happening or Where things are happening or who's Doing what and how when you understand The situation you can operate in in a Level four warning place As I have but you need to know what You're doing you need there's just very Little room for error so Um as I worked as a humanitarian Aid Worker in Afghanistan Um and uh You know that that's basically uh level Four uh back during that time and it Probably still is So they they have a level two on Kenya There's a caution this was issued December 9 2022 so they have an updated Recently so that kind of gives you an Idea that that the situation isn't Rapidly evolving Um They warn of crime terrorism civil Unrest and kidnapping so it's basically Like Portland Oregon but not quite as Bad Or like Chicago but definitely not as Bad

Particularly the Kenya Somalia border Counties that is the worst because Somalia is Is a failed State I mean there is no Other way of saying it other than that Now there's some parts of Somali Somalia Up in Somaliland that have kind of Broken off and kind of done their own Thing and they're much better put Together but and Putland was trying to Kind of do the same kind of thing I Don't know how successful they've been At that I haven't looked into that super Recently but definitely the southern Areas like a Mogadishu area and then Towards the Kenyan border are just like Disasters just absolute humanitarian Disasters so bad that humanitarian Aid Organizations still really struggle to Work in those areas Um I knew a guy who who worked with Doctors Without Borders uh in Somalia And the stories he told me just Astonishing astonishing that his his Bravery and his team's bravery in what They were doing was just is just Ridiculous Um and we can all adapt to those Situations as needed certainly don't Adapt to them in order to be a tourist Though okay uh The Kenyan Somalia border counties also There's certain Nairobi neighborhoods Um I don't think I'm tipping my hand too

Much to say that we're flying through Nairobi Um I won't give you exact dates on that Um or which flight came in on and we're Not going to be talking about the city Uh that we were working in outside of Nairobi until uh we're clear of that for Security reasons and everything like That because I don't want to be Kidnapped and um I've that's uh that's Not a fun pleasant experience I've Received some training and uh I I kind Of have some ideas have some Understanding of what that what that Entails and everything like that and uh There's there's too many of you out There and this is going out to two main People for me to be too specific in uh Those travels but uh suffice you to say It's gonna be a an outer lying City that We're going to uh be meeting people in Too uh Likepia County Um they are warning specifically about Security operations and some terrorism Stuff going on there to stay away from That area They warn in general about armed Carjackings muggings they say the local Police often lack the capability to Respond effectively to Serious criminal Incidents and terrorism so just think About that in in your country in your Area what happens if things start

Devolving what if it's just the police Lack the resources to really respond Effectively to what's going on out there And they start responding with less they Start trying to manage and they start Triaging what's going on out there if Your situation isn't too serious they May just not respond to it or or they May only respond to extremely serious Situations like if it's not murder then They're not showing up I mean that's that's a good case Scenario they're triaging they're just Trying to keep the serious serious crime On on uh on hold and so they're focusing In on that but then somebody breaking Into your house stealing your stuff you Call the police station or whatever and They just don't show up because they Have too much to handle uh what happens When the police Don't have access to Vehicles anymore They start deputizing people who are Untrained and unable and they don't have Communications that are super effective They may not be able to effectively Respond to uh crises sort of like what Uh sometimes Kenya is like their lack of Training the lack of equipment and the Last lack of uh Um personnel and Corruption of personnel There too hopefully that doesn't take Place in the United States but uh or or In other Western countries but you know

That's definitely a reality in Kenya People are trying to survive and so are The police officers the police officer Trying to survive what happens when they Just stop getting a salary from the Township or the the city that you live In how are they going to be how are they Going to make a living and if you think That they won't just become security People for the people that can afford to Support them that's that's what often Happens in third world countries is that The police forces become privatized Because or at least it's not maybe a Bribe but they tend to protect the Places that uh that that helped them out And that's one of the things that's just Uh always always gets me shaking my head Whenever I see a sign up at a store There you know they're like oh well free Pizza to any police officers or Um particularly at gas stations stuff Like that you know free drinks for Police officers and they kind of tout That and it's just always like oh See you're going to give them free stuff So they spend more time at your store so They can discourage crime You're paying them To be present so that You see you see how that's that's why uh Quite a few police uh forces and stuff Like that uh refuse uh tell the officers To refuse any free items because it's a

Bribe that's what it is I mean it's a Bribe you're paying a bribe so you can Get more security presence and more Security attention at your store and That's just While we're all about we're all about Supporting Um well okay maybe some of you aren't We're all about supporting local police Officers who are doing a good job we're All about That local sheriffs Um police forces that that are actually Like Serving the community and serving Public Safety and everything like that Um and and so off duty police officers Getting free stuff absolutely on duty Police officers That that that's a conflict of interest It just is it's it's a it's a bribe um But I've talked to police officers and People who've been over police officers Uh and uh about the ethics of that and And what it really is all about and such Um it just becomes an arms race where This store wants them to come over here So Um sometimes it's like they give them Free stuff and then they start giving Them extra free stuff just so that they Come to their store as opposed to that Other store over there more often it it

Can it can escalate and go dark places And in places like Kenya Um and other corruption Prone areas of the world that absolutely Is how it goes is the police absolutely Will take bribes they will provide extra Security for certain businesses that That give them Kickbacks and if you Don't tip them You tend not to get service and if you Want any sort of service from them you Better be giving them some uh some bills Behind their back and that's just it's a Shame and uh unfortunately when you're Dealing with corrupt police forces like That In a lot of cases it's just better not To deal with them at all Because if you deal with them things can Get ugly real fast they can start Accusing the most convenient person of Committing the crime as opposed to the Person that actually did it once they Start an investigation they can start Accusing people that you care about they Can accuse your family members they can Accuse whatever whoever they want to or They can pin this on somebody who Definitely didn't do it and you're just Being that charge is being used as a Political weapon against that person That's the kind of stuff that happens in Those kind of places so you got to be Real careful about that know what kind

Of police forces you're dealing with That's why it always is is a really good Idea to kind of get to know your police Force in your area your local sheriff Your Sheriff's Department the deputies Find ways to connect with them without You know Them showing up to arrest you or Something like that right like don't get Into trouble to meet them but like find Ways that you can kind of support them And encourage them and also kind of meet Them one-on-one and get to know them a Little bit and and hear from them what Their concerns are for your community What their um What their perspective on things are and Kind of maybe even how how they need Help because maybe uh maybe you being Able to be a help to them is kind of Like you paying that bribe so that if Things go sideways down the road that They make sure they take care of you if They don't if they have to start Choosing between uh who what areas They're going to protect and and who They're going to protect they'll also Know that they have an ally in you to uh Because you have a passion for stability And security and fairness and justice For all and all that kind of stuff so Um there's some food for thought Hopefully that's been useful and helpful To you guys if you found this video

Useful you might want to check out Another video right here I'll see you Over there or I'll see you later Steve Poppler out

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