Vinegar Is Disappearing | Food Shortage Update Report

A boots on the ground report on Walmart and Aldi food shortages in the Pittsburgh area. Empty shelves examined and product shortages explained.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we're going to be walking through What I'm seeing here on the store Shelves in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania fresh Back from Kenya so I am uh running Through the stores and just kind of Seeing what seems to be in shortage and We'll be getting back onto the the Treadmill here trying to figure out Um what's going in the shortage and if You guys can help me out with that Always do appreciate the assistance Let's jump into what we're seeing at the Stores right now As you can see here at Walmart there Were some big gaps in the ice cream Section we've been having issues with Milk heavy creams things of dairy Particularly the heavy fats in Dairy and Just ice cream is just an issue once Again and uh I mean there's there's still different Options at the stores but some of the The brands and some of the different Kinds of options inside the brands are Just out of stock Frozen Foods looked Fairly full but definitely holes here And there and particularly among the Frozen vegetables there's some pretty Big sections kind of missing there Different varieties particularly Broccoli as well as I believe it was Frozen onions I was seeing out as well Uh then we also have a coffee section

Coffee section pretty well stocked Dairy The the powdered dairy creamer uh Definitely low the liquid creamers as You're going to see in a bit are Actually fairly well stocked so that Does seem to be going the right Direction whereas vinegar Still vinegar being At issue here generics vinegars not Being stocked as well Heinz and name brand vinegar Still have some on the Shelf but if you Wanted white generic vinegar Out of luck out of luck When it comes to rice and pinto beans Fairly well stocked but still a little Light on the rice side and of course Prices are significantly up than what They were a couple years ago You know when you're talking over 20 Percent increase in the price of rice That is not a small thing it's supposed To be a very basic stable commodity out There but if you want to stock up on Rice and beans folks you're just going To pay more pay more Still a lot cheaper than other options Out there a lot of barbecue sauces a lot Of hot sauces out of stock that's not How Walmart's supposed to work out there Why are they not able to get these Restocked that is a genuine question out There It seemed to be the Tomato based

Products that were having issues before But now it seems like just it seems more Like hot sauces and stuff as you can see Here And the ketchups and the barbecue sauces Were doing fairly well but um When it comes to the canned chicken Prices have gone up a good bit recently And that has translated into them Getting more stock in or at least being Able to hold on to their stock longer Canned chicken is is fairly well stocked Now but you will pay quite the premium In order to get chicken I was getting in For like a buck 70 something a can last Summer and you're not able to get that Anymore now it's more High two dollar range even if you're Buying the multi-packs One thing that we definitely are missing There is Vienna sausages Vienna sausages Have not been restocked since that uh That outbreak in January uh late December January they had Vienna Sausages With bad seals on the cans and that has Not not gotten to its place where they Could refill those shelves and so armor Vienna sausages are still just M.I.A all Over the place and of course Non-name brands are also having trouble Staying on the shelves as well it's the Weird you know barbecue vienna sausages And other flavored ones that are still

On the Shelf That's just kind of what we're looking At here other meats to to note is Spam Is holding on the shelves pretty well And the prices are not super Unreasonable But you can get better deals in this uh 628 for a two pack up there you can get Cheaper than that you can get under Three dollars on Amazon and you can also Get a sub three dollars if you buy Multi-packs over at like Sam's Club and Stuff so uh but I'm still recommending Spam is the best way to stock up still On animal protein Mashed potatoes still having serious Issues of being on the Shelf there is One hiding in the back there but uh Every time we go just not seeing potato Flakes out there I'm glad I kind of Stocked up on those I basically canned Them and that's kind of how I've stocked Up on those The rest of the mashed potato sections We are starting to see the non name Brand like so the generic packet of Mashed potatoes are kind of coming back A little bit but still pretty scarce on Those and of course the big Generic potato flakes not seeing those At all certain certain varieties of Pasta are having issues here we're Seeing ziti having an issue But others are fairly well stocked

Elbows Garden rotini Regular rotini Um but ZD Pretty short on that some varieties of Sugar having issues but by and large not Super problematic with that certain Varieties of vegetable oils like canola Oil having a bit of an issue but not Like Um you can still get jugs so vegetable Oils are still out there of course They're way more expensive than what They used to be Salt is on the Shelf uh most seasonings Are on the Shelf so that's good news out There we're having some issues with Seasoning but um that seems to be kind Of being sorted out I saw some issues Here with walnuts but it just seemed of Of that size not necessarily of other Sizes we'll keep an eye on that but if You're seeing any shortages of walnuts Out where you are let us know about that Dairy seem to be pretty well stocked Here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania Including the heavy creams whipping Cream Half and halfs Actually looking pretty good Uh that has not been the case uh some Issues with some of the butter Options but uh by and large it was uh Pretty good here at the Walmart over at The Aldi eggs were Buck 99 over at the

Walmart they were a buck 80 something so I am seeing pretty consistently Walmart Is cheaper than Aldi on eggs recently so You can be checking that out 2 56 I Believe for a dozen and a half over at Walmart so can I give you an idea there So that's kind of where I'm picking up Eggs Spices at Aldi a little bit more hit or Miss but uh not too bad vegetable oils Was a little bit off uh certain pastas Penne and rotini just nope Um another variety of Pasta was having an issue vegetable oils Like I was saying a little a little low On stock particularly canola oil again So not sure if there's issues with Canola oil out there but I will look Into that and get back with you about That Vienna sausages at Aldi were gone And that just you know that's how Shortages work the shortages kind of Spread from one place to the next Because there's a shortage of Vienna Sausages over the U.S because of that uh That issue that they had at the factory At Armor and it's just kind of tends to Migrate Canned hams at all at Aldi not in stock At all they they put some bacon dry Dehydrated bacon up there above it but Not canned hams Speaking of pork products definitely low On some things like hot dogs

Particularly hot dogs and I don't know If people are just stocking up on hot Dogs for the basketball season here but Or what's going on with that but uh Definitely not seeing hot dogs at Aldi More friends uh they they were missing This palette of water bottled water but There were some other options on bottled Water so I don't think that's a serious Issue at all but uh definitely something To kind of just throw out there uh I'm Seeing some issues with frozen chicken Frozen chicken tenders frozen chicken Nuggets that kind of stuff some Varieties are good other varieties not So good Brussels sprouts You know summon some out There were some issues with chocolate Too as you can see just some missing Chocolate there Not sure if that's a thing I didn't look Too hard over at Walmart at the Chocolate section it's not usually a Section I look at but I don't know if There is anything going on with Chocolate I will be look into that as Well all right folks if you guys have Anything you want to report uh that You're seeing on your store shelves Missing or shortages of certain things Please do let us know just use the word Update and comment Down Below on any Video and give some sort of geographical

Location you can always email me also at Poplarprepairness let us know what you're seeing And we'll keep an eye on things I will See you guys later Steve Poplar out

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