Walmart Canned Chicken Missing Again & Lots of Other Empty Shelves This Week | Food Shortage Report

Boots on the ground report from grocery stores here in Pittsburgh to show you how things are looking here. Food shortage and empty shelves all over the store this week… let us know what you are seeing in your area.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2022 get worse we need to be prepping for 2022. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2022, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2022.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report uh we are coming to you from Pittsburgh with reports of what's going On at the Walmart all the shopping in This area what seems to be missing what Seems to be in stock we're going to get That right to you let's get right into The pictures like previous weeks uh Frozen Foods we continue to have issues In Frozen breads Frozen Bagels all the The weird snacks and treats and stuff Like that that you have in the frozen Food section Um just holes here holes there when it Comes to Frozen potatoes of course whole Varieties just gone you just can't get Certain types of Frozen potatoes that You want particularly the generic brands The cheaper things on the Spectrum [Music] Just I mean that's been going on for a Bit too it's it's a little worse than Than what it has been um in a couple Weeks but um Frozen vegetables holes here and there By and large you could get what you want Generic brands of course going first the The great value Um certain kinds certain varieties you Know you're just not going to get what You want you might have to pay extra for A name brand or something like that the T section seem to be particularly hard Hit but as we're going to see it it

Seems like a lot of people have the flu Or cold right now so it makes sense that People are stocking up on tea because They got you know they're sick basically Coffee continue continues to be Not fully stocked but Um unless you want Folgers you generally Can get what you want Uh generic's a little touchy there there Too uh the peanut butter section A lot Of holes again Um they really shouldn't be this many Holes all across peanut butter but uh no Real reason out there for why there Would be a peanut butter shortage that I Know of the factories making peanut Butter are back online and everything uh Cornmeal And a little bit of Vegetable oils you know got some gaps There That's the uh In the Hispanic section vinegar Continues to be an issue we're seeing That all across the United States and For our last number of months vinegar Continues to be an issue I've been told That a lot of the vinegar actually Comes from Comes from China but uh I I haven't been Able to Source all that stuff but Apparently a bunch of the apples Get used to make vinegar but then I Would have thought that was apple cider

Vinegar but You know it is what it is uh olives we Had some bad Harvest of olives and Spain And and uh Italy so that makes sense We've been kind of keeping an eye on That uh still still plenty on stock so If you want Most kinds you can still get and most of Them of the generics are still in stock But there's certain varieties that you Can't get because they're just out of Stock you can see there's holes for Yourself now this was this was the most Uh unnerving uh the last week we saw That they were very low on canned Chicken and then I heard from a bunch of You guys about canned chicken being low In your area too and here we are The plant-based Meats seem to be well in Stock but uh canned chicken not so much Uh there's there's a few cans left down At the bottom for the multi packs and Then uh then there's a couple of you Know individual cans and stuff like that But uh there's the small cans That's uh that's a little uh Little less than what we're used to Seeing and also you're seeing upper Shelves kind of picked over there too uh Keystone Meats there's some Keystone Chicken but that's that's about it Um soy sauces seem to be pretty hard hit But from this angle we can actually see There's some more soy sauce back there

In the back of that shelf so I'm not Sure if that's an issue just yet uh Boxed mashed potatoes definitely an Issue and that was that was one of the Cheaper ways to kind of stock up if uh You know if you don't want to buy those Big expensive food buckets you can kind Of make instant food yourself with the You know instant mashed potatoes Pour That Into You Know Um canning jars or some other way of Sealing it up or vacuum sealing it and It keeps for quite a while and you just Pull that out of the package dump it in Some boiling water and poof you got get Yourself a meal but when it comes to the Packages of instant mashed potatoes The generics have been pretty scarce and As you can see that's the case again There's a couple packages of of baked That is down there but you know not what We're used to seeing it's just all name Brand stuff and of course that's uh That's kind of pricey Holes in the ravioli and such And uh Yeah Some that canned meats and stuff like That across the across the aisles are Being hit gaps in the mac and cheese Still uh someone's paying for all that Space and they haven't been using it the Last Weeks I don't know if it's been months

Yet but Why they have the Gap like that that Somebody's paying for and nobody's Putting stuff on it it's just beyond me Um that's not how you run a business uh Spaghetti sauces Um Definitely a lot less than what you You'd normally see and then also the Generic brands the Great Value organic And great value spaghetti sauces are Kind of missing in action Pastas have whole rows empty but Generally speaking you can kind of get Most of what you need there's certain Varieties that are just out so if you Want your fettuccine I believe you're Kind of out of luck there I don't want to go through all of it but Uh But you can get your bow ties you can't Get your multi color noodles I get those A fair bit for pasta salads But yeah so There's pastas just may not be in the Right shape for you Um I am I'm concerned that people are going to Start waking up and starting to panic so I'm keeping a closer eye on the ramen Noodle section there's been a bunch Purchased but it's not not like Panic Buying levels yet so that's our Panic Gauge and it's not indicating Panic at

This point uh Egg noodles other noodles you can see That they're in short supply too Flour fairly well stocked A lot of generic Um some holes but not too bad now this Is new they put in all these racks Before it was like where they put the Pallet uh pallets underneath here with Bottles I don't know if that's to hide If they get short or if it's or what What's going on with it these are more Convenient much more nice uh you know I Guess if you want to buy like a a Package of two or three bottles that's More convenient to have them in a carton But they were still selling them Individually they just had them you know Unbox your own kind of thing here uh This is this is handy as long as Somebody doesn't pull one out and then Try to return it because you can't Really push it you know a lot of people Can't push all that back Uh eggs in stock uh not as much choices As you would like and of course the Prices are yanksters Um 378 Ouch Slightly cheaper at Aldi right now so I Was surprised by that that has not been The way it's been in the past couple Weeks but that's the way it was uh today Milk

It's it's in stock not as fully as we Would like probably but uh creamers more Or less stocked some of you guys have Been saying that half and half is out in Your area there's half and half here So Um butter butter continues to be a bit Of an issue we're we're seeing that Butter uh particularly generic Butters Usually in pretty low Supply Aldi was Having a lot of problems with that and Now it looks like Walmart's having Problems with butter as well Uh cream sour cream Dips that kind of stuff You know about 50 percent stocked It's it's picked over but it's it's Still in stock why there's Carnation uh Instant milk there Um no idea about that so I'm gonna put That there I guess Uh so low price of three dollars a pound For chicken breasts uh I don't know About you but that's just like that's Not a low price that's not a low price Folks This was one of the more concerning Things last week and it continues to be This week vegetable oils are drawn down Pretty significantly and that's that's Not the way it should be on that Also ketchups and Other Tomato products Continue to be struggling a little bit Um this isn't not too bad again from

This angle I can see back into the into The recesses a little more and see that There's more ketchup back up in there That wasn't quite visible from walking Past but uh so not as bad as I thought It was but um I checked the baby formula Section here in Pittsburgh and seemed to Be fairly well stocked I don't use this product I haven't used This product for many years so if I'm Missing something Clue me in on that Um I'm not saying that it's like that Everywhere of course but I took a quick Gander at the uh The toilet paper section fairly well Stocked you know again it's there's some Holes now Tissues tissues were down there's a lot Of holes and tissues once again I think Because people are kind of sick with the Flu and stuff we got uh Cat food is down significantly Way down still a lot of you guys been Complaining about this it hasn't gotten Better dog food actually looked fairly Well stocked though Except for this section and but I I Gathered it was like this fancy dog food So Seem to be all one brand and then in the Cold section of course just issues with The cough syrups and Mucinex and all That kind of stuff just not good I was

Trying to get some cough drops uh I shouldn't let the cat out of the bag Until I pick them up but uh equate has a A honey Cough drop that's actually quite good my Mom actually back at Christmas when you Know I had a I needed to make sure I Wasn't coughing after my surgery She uh she pulled out a bag of those and They're they're cheap and uh they're Actually quite tasty and I don't know Maybe they're healthy but they sure work Too so they're a lot tastier than most Of those cough drops which taste Terrible so Uh if you but they were out of stock of Those so that was kind of disappointing But overall the cough drop section as You can see you can get some things You just may not got the ones that you Want Over at Aldi 367. look at that 10 cents Cheaper good way to go Aldi you're back On track Mostly well stocked at Aldi most things Were pretty good they had a few things Like some canned peppers and some canned Stuff in the Hispanic foods and the Frozen potatoes to be seem to be fairly Well stocked but looks like they've Taken over some of the section with us With some seafood but our mac and cheese Up there that used to be frozen potatoes But the the meat can meat section let's

Be fairly well filled they have the Canned chicken they have the canned hams They have the luncheon meats they have Which is the generic spam Um they even have corned beef hash so Doing pretty good there for some reason They were out of black beans But they had most other type of beans There so you know Fairly well stocked all right folks uh If you guys want to send in your reports To share with other people uh just email Them directly to me at Poplarpreparedness or type Them up on any video just use the word Update give us a location and let us Know what's missing on your store Shelves in your area thanks so much for Watching there's another video right up On the screen uh that uh YouTube thinks That you might be interested in from me I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve Poplar out

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