Walmart Closures What Is Next. #shorts #walmart #prepare

Survival preparedness refers to the actions taken to ensure that one can survive and cope in the event of a natural disaster, pandemic, or other emergency situation. It involves assembling a kit of essential supplies, learning survival skills, and having a plan in place for communication and evacuation. This includes having non-perishable food and water, a first aid kit, a means of communication such as a radio, and tools to start a fire or signal for help. It also involves being informed about potential emergencies in one’s area and understanding how to stay safe in various scenarios. The goal of survival preparedness is to increase the chances of survival and reduce the impact of a disaster on oneself and loved ones.

World has gone mad Walmart is just another little bump in The road all right Yes they're closing stores because They're not producing they're closing Stores because people are stealing They're closing stores because people Are trying to burn them down so why Leave them there I wouldn't Set my store on fire and if I have as Many stores as Walmart does guess what Fit it's out of there

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