Walmart is Over Stocked Again Here’s Why!

Walmart is Over Stocked Again Here’s Why! With all the stores they are closing where does all that product go?? Well I found out.

Survival preparedness refers to the actions taken to ensure that one can survive and cope in the event of a natural disaster, pandemic, or other emergency situation. It involves assembling a kit of essential supplies, learning survival skills, and having a plan in place for communication and evacuation. This includes having non-perishable food and water, a first aid kit, a means of communication such as a radio, and tools to start a fire or signal for help. It also involves being informed about potential emergencies in one’s area and understanding how to stay safe in various scenarios. The goal of survival preparedness is to increase the chances of survival and reduce the impact of a disaster on oneself and loved ones.

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To be prepared, follow these steps:

Identify potential risks and hazards: Consider the specific challenges and dangers that you might face in different scenarios, such as natural disasters, pandemics, or financial emergencies.

Develop a plan: Write down a step-by-step plan that outlines what to do in case of an emergency. Make sure everyone in your household knows the plan and understands it.

Assemble a emergency kit: Keep a stock of basic supplies such as food, water, first-aid supplies, and a battery-operated radio. Make sure it is easily accessible.

Stay informed: Stay up-to-date on current events and weather reports, and sign up for emergency alerts in your area.

Practice and review: Regularly review your emergency plan and conduct regular drills to make sure everyone knows what to do.

Be financially prepared: Make sure you have a savings account for emergencies, and consider getting insurance for major assets and liabilities.

Know your resources: Familiarize yourself with local resources, such as hospitals, police stations, and emergency shelters.

By following these steps, you can increase your readiness and reduce the impact of emergencies on you and your loved ones.

#1 water 1 gallon per day per person
#2 non-perishable food/canned goods
#3 manual can opener
#4 paper goods and plastic goods
#5 Zip lock bags
#6 paper towels & toilet paper & baby wipes
#7 Extra glasses or contacts
#8 personal hygiene tooth brush, toothpaste, soap, Deodorant & baby powder
#9 feminine products
#10 All baby needs food, diapers ext
#11 pet supplies
#12 propane or gas stove to cook on with extra gas
#13 first aid kit a good one
#14 prescription drugs or non prescription drugs
#15 sunscreen
#16 insect repellant
#17 change of clothes for everyone and 2 pair of extra socks
#18 tarps, sleeping bags, tent, some way to get shelter
#19 very important cordage to make shelter
#20 good shoes, boots waterproof
#21 Important documents in waterproof bag
#22 battery backup for you cell phone and extra charging cord
#23 a good map of your area you live in
#24 cash
#25 Books & games & toys for your kids
#26 pen pencil and note pad
#27 battery powered radio with extra batteries
#28 battery powered lantern, headlamp or flashlights
#29 candles and matches
#30 battery banks and solar chargers
#31 whistle
#32 light sticks
#33 a good pocket knife
#34 basic tools
#35 Gloves
#36 shovel, saw, ax or anything that will cut up wood
#37 mask, safty glasses
#38 fire extinguisher
#39 all kinds of fire starters you name it bring it
#40 large trash bags they have many uses
#41 duct tape
#42 PATIENCE… to get you through the tuff times….

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It is just amazing and shocking Especially when you see food sitting Outside in the sun Waiting to be either brought in Or it looked to me like they were trying To unload the pallets and try to put it Out on the floor or maybe they're just Trying to make room in the back room to Shove it somewhere but wait till you see These pictures folks so this past week I Did receive a couple of interesting Emails from community members and one of Them was an employee for Walmart and in This shocking images you're going to see Is just incredible folks and shocking Truth is in the photo right here of the Food setting outside in the sun now you Can see there's mayonnaise on top There's canned goods and everything else The bags at the bottom almost look like What flour or sugar could be in And this stuff is setting outside Probably because there is no room inside Folks and the other one this person was Shopping at Sam's and this person sent Two pictures and wanted to show me all The different junk food and how they're Piling it on the floor And it's just like the guy said that They were just it was just aisles and Aisles of this stuff you know just candy And popcorn and chips and everything Else and it was just everywhere You know

And then he did send me the one here of The uh paper towels and toilet paper and All that you know they got them piled You know they don't have room for them You know they ran out of room but one Also has a question are these from of Another time Where they made A while back and stuck on containers See this is the thing we really have to Wonder You know because It is what it is folks And we don't have any control over it Down doing You know this one picture here you know You can just see this stuff it's just Stacked the shelves and stuff for their Back rooms are just full they're just Crammed full folks I mean they're just They're just having to put it on pallets Carts wherever they can find to put it And in some areas if it's like a little Cubby hole or something they just cram It all in there imagine you know the Aisles are so they're supposed to be Really wide and you know some of these Aisles you can barely even get a hand Truck or a cart down through then in Other areas you can barely walk through Them they're just they're so bad do you Know how long they've been sitting out There do you know you know what were They doing because if you look at the

One palette it looks like they're trying To offload it because everything else is Shrink wrapped they're trying to offload It and maybe bring it inside and I was You know because heat isn't good for These type of things doesn't surprise me Because Walmart and Sam's are definitely Way over stocked right now with Everything not just food but all types Of goods because they're getting in a Lot of product that has been waiting to Get over here they got stuck on Containers and everything else either at Sea at the ports on trains trucks Whatever the case may be but they're Getting all these products and stuff and Now My local Walmart and I just went to it Yesterday I mean it's just piled right Up and if you notice if you went on and You looked at some of these things and If you've done a little research like I Have some of these products are from 20 20 21 you know like iPads and uh cell Phones and all this kind of stuff where Has this stuff been setting are this Just a way for them to clean out their Warehouse and tell us quote we're Getting a good deal and they've always Wanted to try to compete with Amazon but Now they're offering these insanely Seems like really good deals but it's on Older product here yet so I think this Is Walmart's way of taking and trying to

Make sure that they are trying to get Rid of all their goods and move all Those products make you feel all warm And fuzzy inside because maybe you've Got a really good deal since we're in This high inflation they're going to Ship it to you for free now everybody Feels really good the only problem is The only one laughing to the bank is Walmart because you're buying products That are a year two years old and nobody Knows where these products have been Sitting now they're saying okay these Are online products so they've been Sitting in a warehouse but they could Have been on a truck somewhere they Could have been on a container somewhere Maybe they got a fluctuation of all These goods and they want to get rid of Them before anything really starts to go Wrong with them who knows But one has to question them right I mean I understand there's a lot of People out here that do not like Shopping at Walmart that say they refuse To shop at Walmart and everything else But in this day and age when you start Seeing really good deals you know and You can save quite a bit of money you're Probably going to look at these and say Well you know maybe I'll give it a shot Maybe not It's all up to you I'm just reporting What has been sent to me

And you know some of these pictures and Everything else and you know I mean the Thing of it is folks What are you gonna do [Music] [Music]

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