WARNING: Radioactive Dirty Bomb On The Move

Leaked reports are suggesting that nuclear material are on the move in Eastern Europe in an attempt to widen the current war.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report in the Jerusalem Post we're Seeing a article out that um There's accusations from bear country That the country in Eastern Europe is Planning a dirty bomb uh false flag Operation And uh That's very concerning that they are Apparently Gathering Radioactive substances that have been Transported into Eastern Europe from Another country in Europe And this is going to be a large-scale Provocation to make it look like bear Country did this uh this thing And in order to draw Europeans and Americans into this conflict and that is Very very concerning There have been a number of times where Bear country has said there is something About to happen and a couple of times That Thing arguably did happen Other times they said something was Imminent that there was plans for Something to happen and then it didn't Happen so Um we're cautiously and thinking Critically Hearing a warning from a a propaganda Source like that we need to be Cautious and not jump to conclusions not Say well they must be right because

While we are maybe very critical of our Government and the Western governments At large does not mean that the the Folks on the other side of the fence are Any better in fact a lot of times they Are just more transparently worse and we Can see that a little more readily Whereas they don't necessarily sit on The high horse and and claim to be Something that they're not but Um What would be the effect of this If there was a a Weapon of mass destruction that went off In Eastern Europe or potentially up Against a border of a NATO country or Possibly even across the border of a NATO country Would that immediately trigger The World War III scenario would it Demand that America send troops to Defend these countries against hostile Actors Would this type of escalation be so Grave that they that we get pulled into Something like this uh possibly things Have been crazy there we've just passed 200 billion dollars of assistance that The United States has given a loan Um You know which is which is more than What's gone to uh You know the the derailment over in Eastern Ohio

That's uh that is a concern too great Ecological and human Casualties and All sorts of issues there that the Government is saying that they're not Going to get involved or at at a very Limited degree And yet 200 billion dollars over to Eastern Europe so far and that was Because of what's happened so far If a weapon of mass destruction were to Be used for the first time really a Large scale since World War II Would that change people's minds about Uh about the situation over there Would it be spun in such a way that uh That there'd be no getting out of it Quite possibly so we're going to keep Our eye on what's going on over there a Lot of concerning things of course we Have the trip by the president over There to uh to sniff hair I guess and That's On one hand it's you I I don't know maybe you don't agree I I Kind of agree with with the With the whole I'm on their side I don't necessarily think that 200 Billion dollars worth of Aid is Appropriate necessarily but Um without at least some significant Promises back to you know a legitimate Way that where they could pay us back Would make more sense to me as we are

Supposedly a third party in this and not An actual combatant But To to grovel at the feet of other Countries and to To dedicate yourself to protecting the Borders of other countries while Completely Completely opening up our borders uh to Foreign Invaders is is I It's hard not to be cynical about that I Think I think when you just see oh well We care so much about protecting this Other country it's like what about ours Why aren't you protecting our country When we see significant problems Happening in in Ohio when you see Significant problems plants and Infrastructure blowing up all over the Country When you see these effects of Foreign countries flying their Intelligence Hardware over the United States and we don't even bat an eye at That but then you know we start talking About how we're going to spend you know Billions and billions and hundreds of Billions of dollars to protect other Countries we're going to build border Walls for other countries and and just Like the hypocrisy of it is just so Ridiculous we're going to be getting Into actually all the things that are Happening uh with uh with the visit for

The president over there There's some there's some crazy stuff Going on with that and So much of it just doesn't make sense None of it really makes sense and that That's You know they're calling it gaslighting These days right uh that that You can see with your eyes the truth and Then they're telling you to your face That what you're seeing is not Not the truth What you're seeing with your eyes is Wrong you need to believe us you need to Believe the experts that uh that we're Right And your eyes are wrong your ears are Wrong the people that you trust are Wrong Even if they tell you they've seen it Themselves Their experiences are not in keeping With reality What you read on Google is reality what You read on the uh the news sites that's Reality what they tell you on the TV is What you should believe and nothing else Uh friends uh that that's that's just Not the case That's just not the case We have grave concerns about what's Happening over in Eastern Europe what's Happening with between Israel and Iran Iran has uh looks like they're getting

To the point where their uranium is Enriched to the point where they can Build multiple nuclear weapons what will They do with those Well they've already told us what They'll do with them they will wipe Israel off the map And Israel just did a a set of air Strikes inside Syria With the with the earthquake and the Disaster that's happening there to see Air strikes happening at the same time On the country that is recovering from Such a a devastating earthquake is it's Hard to watch but Um The the fighting there in that region of The world doesn't stop it just continues On and on and on They're caught in this cycle of violence And they want to eradicate each other And there there is no peace And there won't be any peace for a very Very long time you know Even if they win Nobody ever really wins All right folks keep your eyes on what You can do Try to do practical things to become More prepared Don't get too sucked into what's going On with the news and certainly do not Despair There is much hope

Much of that hope you're going to Generate yourself and amongst the people That you surround yourself with and uh Your religion and your your hope for the Future What is it that brings you hope try to Spend some more time on that and if it Means going out in the the woods and and Soaking up some peace and quiet please Do that spending more time around your Family if you can find peace that way do That But calm yourself Center yourself and Get the work done that needs to happen All right folks thanks so much for Watching if you found this video useful Helpful you might want to check out Another video from me right over here I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve Poplar out

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