Warning Signs Everywhere | Food Shortages & Empty Shelves Report 2-16-23

Boots on the ground report from Walmart and Aldi in Pittsburgh, PA. Covering the empty shelves and food shortages at the grocery stores here so you can see the supply chain issues where you are.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Things are looking normal out there I Don't know if you've gone to the store Recently but in this video we're going To be going to my local stores I'm going To be showing you some things and it is Really just this if you look closer if You look with the critical eye you will See that there are systems breaking all Over the place there are things Happening that should not be happening And we're going to take a look at these Things but if you just look at how They're spreading things out all over The place at first glance things look Normal but when you take a closer look You're going to see something different Let's jump into the pictures here in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania bring up Aldi And at first glance you're going to see There's a lot of green on the shelf Right but then you look up the top and You see some gaps right you see Italian Salad you see spring mix missing and That's okay you also see a Caesar salad Missing okay that's a little concerning But there's a lot of green here still Classic coleslaw is really low but then When you start looking closer you're Going to notice that pretty much most of The bags sitting in front of you are Spinach Wow I didn't know they spread spinach Out over so much space before well they Didn't that's why you can see like a

Whole bunch of different products are Covered up in this wall of spinach okay Look at that They just took the spinach and just Spread it out because they didn't have Enough greens and we're just seeing that Type of stuff at first glance things Look normal But when you look closer Not so normal 351 for eggs when that's a Little bit more expensive than Walmart's Which has got down like 270 something But You're like well there's lots of eggs Here But look at that little sign there limit Two If the situation I mean when you're Being rationed that doesn't mean there's An overabundance of supply And then you see just different things Like this just different products just Missing that doesn't happen normally Normally you don't have products just Gone Sure there's uh there's other options Out there different varieties Uh some good news out there though bacon Prices have continued to drop egg prices Are dropping bacon prices are dropping That just means that breakfast is Getting a little cheaper if you eat that Kind of thing so bacon prices are coming Down and they're probably going to keep

Coming down for a little bit Generic tuna a little bit low on stock But overall tuna fish here as well as Over at Walmart is actually not looking Too bad again this is Aldi This is Every time I've gone to Aldi recently Their sugar has been low in stock And I kept passing that off as well they Just need to restock it I just need to Restock it but it just always seems low I I don't I don't know if that's just a way of Discouraging people from buying it or What but it just sure seems every time I Get there it's low Um angel hair or fettuccine sorry out of Luck Normally that doesn't happen normally They have a backlog of stuff I mean they Put more stuff on the Shelf so that if They don't get a delivery or they miss a Delivery for one day that's telling me There's something going on at the Warehouse the warehouse they don't have That It's not like it just got bought out Yesterday it's that there's just not Enough in the system and it's just all Those little cracks kind of add up Remember how we're having that salt Issue Salt's gone again You say it's probably just a fluke when We go over to Walmart you tell me it's a

Fluke Aldi out of salt Not like low on salt out of salt Chicken various chicken products just Frozen chicken products just not there Again Aldi usually has a good backlog they Have more in the back or they they just Stock that that shelf with more boxes Behind it but they don't On sale for the Super Bowl or after the Super Bowl I guess chicken wings at 249 A pound but Here's the thing chicken breasts were Like 249 a pound too That wings are selling the same price as Chicken breasts is just what like what's Happening there Um Aldi did have a good supply of jugs Of water especially with the handles I Know Walmart's been having trouble Getting the ones with handles because There's a handle shortage out there you Know just all these little cracks in the System systems are just failing This video is brought to you by Genesis Gold group before we head over to Walmart if you have retirement funds That you want to get out of stocks and Bonds now is the time you can give Genesis gold a call Jonathan's team can Answer your questions about getting your Own physical gold physical silver coins That go into the through the vault in

Delaware Uh for you to uh be able to take Distribution of when you're ready at Retirement So over at Walmart here Pizza 's are just low Um Just it looks like they just either Missed a delivery or whatever but it's Just they don't have enough And of course the breakfast sections the The breads the frozen bread section Pretzels pastries Toaster Strudels all These things and all the little dessert Kind of things they just keep having These massive outages where just like The products are gone and they haven't Been restocked and there's not going to Be restock or whatever I don't know But we just kind of keep seeing those Problems When you have an outage of a of a Product for one week it could be a fluke But when you see it for weeks and weeks And months and months you have to ask Yourself what's really going on coffee Is a little bit low in Supply but it's Present Folgers is fairly well stocked Um Normally it is stacked too deep but you Know in fact the fact is that's on the Shelf so if you need your coffee go for It coffee creamers are better stock than What they have been previous weeks

Particularly the Great Value ones seem To be the hardest hit usually but uh Um coffee creamers in the liquid form Seem to be coming bouncing back pretty Good out there uh the the the Non-straight half and half or creamer This looks pretty good once again if you Look at the Shelf here there's some rice And everything like that but it's the More expensive right there's more Basmati rice jasmine rice but when you Look at just white long grain rice no 20 Pounders That's what people would be putting in The buckets no 20 pounders And even if they were it's two dollars More expensive than it was last year Vinegar I know I know you some of you are going To keep saying it's for canning it's for Canning Friends people aren't tanning quite so Much right now there's no produce coming In from their from their Gardens right Now and yet we still are having a A very low stock of vinegar certain Varieties are out If you want a gallon Great Value white Vinegar tough You either have to buy name brand or you Have to get a different size Not just pointing to just the cracks in The system once again People were looking at the shelves and

Saying there's no problems there are Those problems I promise you it's Because they're really good at covering Them up okay Maybe in other countries it's normal to Have gaps on the shelves but not in the United States not at Walmart okay There are some they put some instant Mashed potatoes here on the Shelf here But the boxes of it but they're all Fronted They were able to get some and they put It right on the front but those are Probably gone just in a matter of hours So if you want potato flakes out there To either stock up or because you kind Of eat those in your rotation It's it's really hard to find them right Now The tuna looked half decent over here at Walmart as well Um actually the Great Value ones Actually seem to be better stock than The name brand ones across the aisle Here in the the canned chicken They had some multi-packs over there but Uh But certain multi-packs so those are the The four cans over there on the right And then the uh was it like two or three Cans on the left are just gone except For one it's probably dented two So there's canned chicken Um it's not as bad it has been one or

Two weeks ago but Still it's not anywhere where it should Be especially when they're charging like Three bucks a can Two cans for six bucks Yikes Rest of the meat section Vienna sausages are still gone there are Certain varieties Libby's is still in Stock but there's a little bit of those And and that makes me kind of think that Aldi basically gets their private label From Libby's as opposed to armor that Would kind of make sense why the the Great Value ones are wiped out as well As the armoire but there's some libbies There and ALDI still has them All right Um there's a lot more canned beef Keystone canned beef is out there and They did drop it down to you know 8.94 On the store shelves and they're if you Look at it closely online you can Actually get some deals whether it's More like seven bucks a can if you buy a Two pack basically if you do get it Shipped to you just check for dented Cans and if they're dented uh initiate a Return sometimes they uh they will you Know because you're Declaring them damage they won't ask you To actually they'll make you initiate The return and then you even have to say How you're going to drop them off but

Sometimes it just says you know just Just keep these or donate them to Somebody and we'll send you Replacements Um so that's that's something I've Experienced um I just got some cans and Half of them were dented so they sent me Replacements and just means I have to Eat the dented cans uh relatively in the Short term and put the good cans in my Uh my pantry my deep Pantry all right Folks uh moving on to spaghetti sauces Tomato sauces canned tomatoes Yeah like I said just normally it's Stacked too deep and a lot of these Places one deep and then there's some Holes and gaps here and there Just not the way it used to be on I Don't know why they can't stock uh Individual packs of ramen noodles very Well they have a giant gaping hole there But they do have the multi-packs down There and once again I do keep saying That this is a this is the fear gauge This is the fear gauge when people get Freaked out in the U.S they start buying Up uh ramen noodles this is what they do Pasta section looks good But Um I didn't get a good picture of it but I have noticed that they've shrunk this Section It's a lot I mean this is basically as Wide as the pasta section is the Barilla Um and the Great Value pasta sections

Have been shrunk pretty dramatically They just squished the whole thing Together In order to kind of make the holes seem Less obvious but the stock seems fair Fairly well and uh you know as you look Around you see all the different Varieties so actually it was pretty good Pasta wise this week Um vegetable oils We're missing some varieties of Vegetable oils there's some holes right There up on the Shelf They're uh they're not And if you 'd like to get some good pictures from Uh from a while ago to show you kind of A difference Um I didn't think doing that just for This video but uh if you flip back and Forth the amount of vegetable on the Shelf here is like one third of the Vegetable oil we were seeing before like They've Shrunk the section they've moved Things around they've moved other Products in on the space in order to Just make the uh make it look like it's Full And that's just the story of everything Out there they're just making sure that You don't see the holes And you have to you got to watch them They've shrunk all the shelves we got All those reports from you guys out

There that they're renovating and they Just decrease their shelf space and Increase their uh their aisles and Everything like that So now there's Morton salt here But there's no Great Value salt There's no generic salt That should tell you something and the Fact that they moved the Morton salt to Cover up the generic salts sections Should also tell you something they're Hiding it once again They're running low on spring water Today for some reason Um they had enough distilled water jugs But uh spring water today I don't know If they're just alternating deliveries Or what's going on with that but um Distilled water there's a lot of uses For that medical reasons and machines And stuff like that so I know a lot of You are buying up distilled water for Various reasons but uh spring water is Kind of more of a luxury item kind of Thing I know some of you gotta go off Them you can get filters and stuff I use A water filter at home myself Milk jugs You know that's less than what should be On the shelf right Chocolate milk still seems to be having Issues especially certain varieties You know some people said that there's Some ingredients that go into chocolate

Milk other than chocolate and other than The milk that they're having trouble Getting those chemicals Uh it's to thicken it up or make it seem More like a milkshake 274 for eggs at Walmart which is that's pretty nice and They had a whole bunch of them out there So uh if you're looking To stock up on eggs because you don't Want to get bit again this is a good Time might get better I don't know but Things could people could go on an egg Binge shortly and it could push the Prices back up again uh we'll see Because the egg shortage hasn't ended It's just people started buying a lot Less eggs and then these stores and Everyone got caught with a whole bunch Of inventory that's going to be expiring So make sure you check those dates out There that they're not unloading Inventory that they just are having Trouble moving but also you want to you Can water glass these once again if you Coat them in mineral oil you can Google That just basically make a bowl full of Mineral oil and then you just dip the Eggs in doesn't have to be very long Just dip it in you don't have to get it Soaked just as long as it's got a thin Layer of mineral oil there before you Put it into a jar to water glass and Water glass of course you need Pickling lime for that but you can do

That with those eggs you just need to Artificially replace the bloom or else It won't work don't just water glass Eggs that you haven't put the bloom back On Um Unless you're in other countries where The bloom is still on it okay half and Half A heavy cream Still having issues keeping those in Stock the uh Chemical ones seem to be pretty well Stocked And hot dogs they're they're not getting The hot dogs on the Shelf like they Should really I mean hot dogs don't move That fast I mean it's not for Valentine's weekend Having issues with that sausages I just Want to give you a sausage and bacon Kind of overview they're still having a Little bit of trouble stocking some of That stuff but I don't know how much That's just just normal give and take But pretty much most varieties that You're looking for there are there Certain kinds of bacon that you might Not be able to get like certain thick Cut bacon and that kind of stuff a Vegetable frozen vegetables still seem To be having issues but uh not like Really bad issues so that's why I want Kind of what I'm seeing here if you guys

Have updates you want to let us know What you are seeing on your store Shelves please do email me at Poplarpreparedness gmail.com or uh send Your updates By commenting down below using the word Update in your comment and give us a Geographical location we use the word Update to kind of find those comments Particularly all right so folks uh There's a video on the screen I'll see You over there or I'll see you guys Later Steve poppler out

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