We Are Under Attack! #infrastructure #offgrid #darkwinter

Power grid attacks sweep the nation!
PREPARE for #griddown and #darkwinter

IS this the start of #civilwar or #revolution 2.0?
Get ready to live without power!

#offgrid #brownout #criticalinfrastructure #substation #resistance #collapse #powertransformer #infrastructure #offgridliving #attacks #without #power #partizan

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We are under attack The grid The critical infrastructure across our Nation is being attacked Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness who is doing It who is responsible We don't know yet Of course the media is putting a spin on It they're trying to say it's right-wing Extremists which it may be People are getting fed up They're getting sick and tired what's Going on in the country and the Increasing likelihood of more of these Happening is a very high probability What we need to understand and prepare For is the grid going down Combined with winter weather And The Fragile the fragile nature of Our grid It's highly likely that we will have a Dark winter Prepare for power outages in your area How can you go about doing that also how Can you keep your family safe With all this stuff increasing every day There's a lot of threats out there Don't know who's doing it is this a Start of civil war 2.0 Revolution 2.0 Only time will tell this is one of those Situations that me and a lot of other Prepper channels have been talking about For a long time we talk about long-term

Off-grid living Do you have solar backup do you have Wind generators do you have Um gen you know gas powered generators Um dual fuel generators diesel Generators all these kind of things you Have a wood stove do you have an ability To heat your house do you have the Ability to cook food But before I go any further in the video A lot of good stuff to talk about please Stick with us to the end Please hit that subscribe button be part Of the team team AP Share the videos comment below and give That thumbs up I really appreciate it Also with all this stuff happening like I said the media is putting a spin on it Of course they're trying to make it look Like Um you know white supremacists or Extremists and stuff like that but you Know what it may just be people getting Fed up Um so like I said this may be the start Of something I don't know I don't know Who's doing it it's not me it's nobody I Know but this is a uh situation where if We get into darker times Um challenging times Um It's increasing likelihood as turmoil as Civil unrest gets worse and worse and Worse for things like this to happen

Also another spin on it may be the fact That who knows maybe it's International Actors people from other countries or People here doing in the name of other Countries like North Korea like China Like Russia like many other countries Iran there's a lot of other countries Out there that don't like us and some of Them for good reason we stick our noses In a lot of stuff just to fund our Military industrial complex so that we Can line the pockets of all the rich and Powerful and wealthy and so that they Can gain more control over us so those Are things we need to be aware of being Aware of what's going on around us Though isn't the entire part of the Equation like I talked about there's a Lot of things to do there's a lot of Things to prepare The two biggest things are we need to Keep ourselves warm in the winter and we Need to be able to cook food and boil Water those kind of things which is very Important we have to provide for our Families if you're here you're of Preparedness mindset and you want to Know how to better set yourselves up for Success to hopefully Thrive not just Survive in adverse conditions so that's Why we talk about these things here I'm Here to empower you guys I can't do it For you you have to get up and do it but Having alternate sources of heat an

Alternate source of cooking are vital I'm not here to sell you anything I Don't have any solar generators anything To sell you I don't You need to do the research yourself and Find good quality stuff that fits your Budget it's very important or what you Can do is like we do here at the AP Homestead we prepare in such a way that We don't need the grid to live I don't At all now with the stuff in our fridge And our deep freezers would we have to Go through that stuff yes we would But our deep freezers are full and so They would stay frozen for quite a while Um we have a wood stove we have a Propane cooktop that we can always use We also have alternate ways to cook and That's very important we have a grill we Have a propane grill we have a charcoal Grill we have a campfire pit outside we Have those little foldable stoves with The little fuel tabs in them to cook Stuff we got radiant heat you put on put One of those underneath a clay pot or a Candle under a clay pot set those up Around your house and create radiant Heat you can do things like that it's Very important that you're prepared for What may be coming stuff like this is Good to have also right yeah it is Um Blankets

To keep yourselves warm inside depending On the situation you may not have a wood Stove you may be in an apartment in the City Um I don't know where you are where you Live stuff like that but Having lots of blankets especially wool Blankets quilts fleece blankets all Those kind of things you can cover up Windows with you can put under the door To keep the Um the warmth in you can also bundle up In them isolate yourselves into one room Um but just take this seriously these Kind of attacks are once they start Doing this like one an isolated one is Like okay but then we I got reports of I Mean I've heard things like North Carolina South Carolina I've heard of Ohio here in Washington state it's Happening so it's happened it's starting To happening starting to happen on a Regular basis also people Um targeting other infrastructure things That affect our lives traffic cameras Street lights Um different things like that I forget All of them what I've been hearing Lately I'm just watching some videos Um looking at the news sources and stuff Like that and of course they're just Putting their spin on it like I said Before so be wary of that also well What's a situation like this starts

Really picking up steam Um and people start hearing about it in Other locations it's probably going to Increase because there's people out There that are willing to do these kind Of things are they good people or are They bad people I don't know I don't Know what their agenda is I don't know What they're pushing for I don't know What's going on but I know that the Beginning of a conflict some civil Conflict whatever kind of conflict you Want chaotic times those are primary Targets Power stations substations Transformers All those kind of things because what That does is it sends a signal And it degrades the capability of people In those areas to Do what they need to do Because there's no power These are why we prepare these reasons Are why we prepare I don't want you guys to be left out in The cold or in the dark So it's time to take a round turn on Your preps ramp up your prepping get Things that will help you live through This winter off grid Um and where you're if where you're at Is untenable unsustainable Um where you can't stay there if an Event like this happens then have Fallback plans this is talking about Bug

Out locations bug out routes tribe tribe Is very important maybe you can go stay Somewhere else with a tribe member Um that has power or has some form of Off-grid capability this is about being Flexible and being Dynamic you need Options We want to thrive not to survive this is Very important So as this problem evolves and gets Worse which like I said the likelihood Of it being and or getting worse is high What do you need to do well first off Don't be pulling your vehicle up neck Anywhere near a substation a power Station Transformer stuff like that and Stopping if you see them don't pull over There because then you may be brought Into the into the problem Um stay away from them and Interface with others Build your tribe grow your tribe Make sure that you can get through this Winter without power I have a feeling This is gonna it's gonna snowball Um I have a feeling and I also have Feeling that this will and or could be The start of whatever people want to Call it civil war 2.0 Revolution 2.0 It may be I don't know if it's left-wing Extremists right wing extremists I don't Like all the labels anyway that's just An agenda of division they're trying to

Divide us to keep us from being aware of And paying attention to what the real Agenda is which is controlling all of us They don't care whether we're left Whether we're right whether we're you Know uh Christian or not well they do Actually they hate some of us more but Um they just want us divided and they Really just want to control all of us And there's a lot of us out there Probably me included that they just Don't want to be alive Um and so we have to try our hardest to Stay alive to be self-reliant Self-sustainable doing things like this You know growing your own food raising Your own animals Um and having the ability to weather any Storm So please prepare yourselves get Yourselves ready to weather this storm Have a wonderful day and blessings to You and yours

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