We’re One Crisis Away – Shortages Are Coming – Get Ready For Empty Shelves “Again”; Are You Ready??


We're One Crisis Away, Shortages Are Coming; Get Ready For Empty Shelves "Again"; Are You Ready?? Thank you for joining me today, Many Blessings to all of you and your Families.



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88 thoughts on “We’re One Crisis Away – Shortages Are Coming – Get Ready For Empty Shelves “Again”; Are You Ready??

    1. @Concerned Citizen yep. And come this winter many will starve and suffer because they ignored the warnings. Even beans and rice beat starving and a few other meds or some herbal plants or extracts will beat bare shelves.

    1. alexandria elwell depends on what it is. Like I have a lot of dish sets and I love them. But, although we’re coming towards this minimalist, bare bones, only need my teeth and a paper plate society, those are unnecessary things. Although I don’t want to get rid of them and probably can’t, for much value, I know that food and prepping supplies are, now, worth more. That, despite me wanting to have beautiful things that I’ve worked for, to enjoy life and make work and life more palatable, we’re essentially heading towards a dirt path for life, as a society. SPAM I have for barter though. I don’t really want that anyway.

  1. I agree with you, I was trying to save money in the bank but now I told my husband when money is going to be worthless. food and supplies are going to be gold. so I’ve been trying to do as much as we can, we have five kids and I just lost my job, but I’m still buying as much as possible every penny I can lots of canned and dry food items.

    1. @Concerned Citizen What happens when we allow calculating psychotics get into positions of rulership. Our society needs to spot and diagnose and sequester these types at a young age and have a humane practice for them to regain sanity – otherwise, we deserve what we get for turning away from treating the worst of our psychotics, caught up in evil, instead of returning evil for evil. Yes, there is a “balm in Gilead”.

  2. IT is time to repent please read John 3:16 and be saved time is short now Jesus is waiting pleases take his hand and pray get your food and water but please repent first and keep the lord by your side every day God bless.

    1. If god cares, why would he allow the coronavirus to kill so many and start a economic recession/depression? And no BS answers like “god works in mysterious ways” or “we cannot hope to understand gooses plans”. You sit around and wait for your imaginary god to help you, you won’t last long.

    2. You maybe need to read Job story in the bible about what satan told God about shield Job and give him every thing and how he insinuate that he only serve God because he protect him about everything. And what God allow Satan to do so he can proof him wrong. Remember Satan is the government of this wicked world and he is running out of time bc it will come the time God will destroy him.

  3. A few additions to your great list: assortment of tape (scotch, duck, masking, etc.), sewing supplies (thread, needles, buttons, etc.), paper (notebooks, copy paper, etc), pens, pencils, ink for your printer, life straws (in addition to a water filter since you can add these in your pocket on the go), warm socks, base layer (top and bottom).

    1. Now would be a good time to expand first aid kits, as well. I thought I had a pretty good one, but then I realized I’d run out of certain things if only 2 people were hurt. And I didn’t have enough if there were extensive bleeding, or if it was something that takes longer to heal. Quite the eye opener looking at it in those terms. And thanks for reminding me – I need more long johns!

  4. This so called pandemic is keeping our eyes off what’s that’s really happening behind the scenes.Dont fall coming out of the gate.We got something coming that will need all your strength. These things happening is only a skirmish put you your trust in jesus christ. You WILL NOT make it out without Him no matter how prepared you are.I believe in being prepared but SPIRITUALLY and PHYSICALLY as well.

    1. @glaxo welcome At this time in my life I really don’t have time for crap questions. You know the answer why ask.Some how even if I explained I really don’t think you care anyway. Get that chip off your shoulders first and humble yourself.

    2. @glaxo welcome Im sorry you feel the way you do. Let me ask you this why are you here on Earth? What is your purpose? Who made all of this? and before you answer think really hard, and research for yourself, don’t answer me if your going to be rude, I’m not here to fight you, I’m here to hopfully open your eyes. God loves you, and will always forgive you, but when you sie it’s to late, and you could die before this even gets to you. I will pray for you, and i hope you will research and pray also, GOD LOVES YOU.

  5. You are such a blessing to those of us who are prepping. I get insulted all the time for it. My own spouse says he wants to enjoy life and spend it on having fun not prepping. Other people just think I’m paranoid or a conspiracy theorist. I’m so happy there are people like you that I can listen to that reinforces that I’m not paranoid, I’m not crazy and I’m doing the right thing. God Bless you….

    1. Im 30, my mom says God will supply and not to worry about the future. I believe in God but sitting there doing nothing isn’t going to feed my kids.

    1. Chances are nothing will happen! but, I find it concerning that your husband is not on board. But! And a big but, as a male. I would be on his side if it where just you and him. But with/if (little) ones involved, a male would most likely be involved. I held ramen noodles in my basement for over 15 years with a family of 5 in original packaging(We are not poor, my kids just liked it and I found it to be a start to prepping). (we all still ate them now and then over such time. The only, and I mean only thing that changed over such time, was the spice packets started to form into a solid. Which you just broke up and de-solved before or after cooking.

    2. @Michael Triptow your absolutely right it would be so much easier if he was involved but after the shut down that we just had a lot of people finally opened there eyes

    3. They head of household is the one that should be doing it
      But if you’re the woman it’s called nesting like the cartoon Disney the grasshopper and the ant got never seen that cartoon but been nasting since my daughter was born.

    1. @Jaqui Lockett next emergency do you really want to have to go panic shopping at higher prices I m old I get tierd to I don’t have a car but I fell better knowing I have everything I need even for my grandpuppy

    2. @Meine Geheim your right it’s here,, people are acting like animals now,, have you heard right here in Arkansas one person stabbed another person over toilet paper,, it happened a few months ago but still it’s crazy,,other things are happening to homeless people are coming up missing as I speak,, this is going to get way worse than this,,

  6. I know that we’ve got to persevere in our efforts but is anyone else getting tired? I find the entire situation is very draining. Thank AP for keeping me going!

    1. @Concerned Citizen It may be in a FEMA camp anyway if we don’t get the chip that is coming… in the meantime we can only do our best now for a good conscience later… and pray!

    2. @Redeemed by Grace Im exhausted and am getting a mammogram hopefully this week… something is off. I’ve had two tumors benign removed in past years. If I do have cancer, Im pretty sure I just want to go home to heaven!

    3. I took a month off to just breathe and focus on my kid. I had to I was burning out. But I’d been prepping and hustling since the end January until we got the damn thing end of May. And then again end of June. I was tired. I just started stocking up again. My son will be 4 this fall and I got his homeschool stuff situated. I’m widowed so it’s been hard with just the two of us.

    4. @J. Ferebee Absolutely. He’s little and little kids are very literal so I have to put it on his level but we talk about “Daddy God” all the time. His favorite Bible story is Moses with the burning bush. He knows who keeps us safe and provides what we need. He knows it’s not me…

  7. I try my best if things are on sale that I eat, I will try to buy 2 or 3 of each! Hard though since I am on government old age pension and in reality, right now I’d have to prep for my son who lives right next door to me and doesn’t actually have a job right now. He does get money from welfare here in Ontario but it’s sometimes hard for him to meet all his responsibilities since he has one thing that takes away a good part of his check, easily half to be honest, so I pay whatever hasn’t been paid!! Plus I am trying to put money away for my funeral, getting harder with prices going up! But I had a fantastic thing happen to me tonight. My son and I used to work on rides with a travelling fair. I haven’t worked there since 14 years ago, my son about 3 years ago! But every Christmas since the last two or three years there are always gift for us and today this former boss cleaned out his freezer I think he told my son and gave 4 very large foam containers with food in it, plus condiments. I was bowled over when my son asked me to hold the outside door and I saw these containers. He told me what happened and I was amazed!!

    1. Good luck man hope you all get by with the resources you have if you have to pal together since you are so close but I do know that living Father and Son can be strenuous still hard times and all glad to hear something good happened y’all take care of their do what you got to

    1. Keely M I dunno what u guys have in the US but just went to a local organic shop and bought it from there for $7. Feels great no side effects would recommend

  8. I’m in the UK & I got laughed at when I started bulking up everything as soon as covid started to impact, now look where we’re at, China has lost its grain stores, countless rice paddy areas have been washed away, just the price and availability of rice is going to heavily impact from here on in. Now is also the best time ever to start learning those skills you’ve always wanted to learn but never quite got there, between us we are a pretty skilled family here, I’m a seamstress, I also quilt (I hate waste) I’m a very accomplished cook & camp cook, we all fish, can process game, we grow a lot of our own veg and fruit, I’m teaching myself to pressure can (sadly not even remotely popular in the UK) I can spin, weave & dye. We have bushcraft skills, extreme survival skills, my husband is a builder, his hobbies are carpentry and leatherwork, my son is an engineer, 2 daughters are nurses, we all live within 5 miles of eachother. If things get bad we become not only a self supporting unit but also community caregivers & assistants. Don’t laugh a thing or skill off, if it can even only help 1 person at a time it’s worth the time investment.

  9. Ok bought the box of toilet paper. I have most of everything on the list. Been prepping for awhile. Also may I suggest buying cans of protein powder. They are also good meal replacements…

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