Western Oil Sites Under Attack | Too Many To Be Accidents

India, USA, Mexico, and Ecuador having catastrophic disasters with their oil production and oil processing facilities. All just days after the UN meetings.

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Just days after Bear Country going Before the U.N and demanding Justice for Their pipeline being attacked and Destroyed intentionally by Western Special Forces We are getting a string of incidents That um They look highly suspicious now you may Have heard of a few of these uh Mexican Refineries two refineries owned by uh Pemex that ex kind of went up in the Last uh three days on Thursday A refinery in Mexico went up on my pemex One in Texas By pemex and then also uh they also had An oil a separate oil storage facility That caught fire all on the same day now Some people were saying well they just Have a bad track record of of safety but You know what else happened on Thursday Ecuador declared Force Major on their Oil exports they had oil export Contracts and they said we're not going To be exporting any of that oil For the foreseeable future because Things are happening here and once again That's pointing back to the protests and The unrest that are happening in Ecuador Is that it no on Friday in a major Indian refinery in pujab in Punjab Province up near the Pakistani border Exploded sending uh smoke towering into The sky We've started to become actually quite

Familiar with that site haven't we a Black Rising cloud And we haven't been seeing quite as many Of those recently but uh just the last Couple weeks suddenly ever since the Train derailments And the pipeline shutdowns and also the Uh the the refineries on fire we're Seeing more and more of this It's hard not to start connecting the Dots we still have a major the major uh Refinery in Colorado shut down Sun Core After they had a mysterious fire on Christmas Eve now they're just getting To the point of being able to reopen That Refinery and this week they had Another fire I covered that previously Um the fire was able to be put out and Uh they just said basically it's going To delay the reopening of the refinery More yeah It's just one thing after the next Infrastructure If if this is not an assault it is Certainly highly highly suspicious It's hard not to see this as a shadow War that's going back and forth we see Refineries exploding over in Bear Country over there too Their refineries are exploding our Refineries are exploding our allies Refineries are exploding Things are catching on fire trains are Jumping off their tracks

And we just continue to let everybody Who wants to walk in our Southern uh Door Come in and they don't even have to wipe Their feet they can just come on in and We give them free cell phones we give Them free lodging free transportation Free food free health care What's not to love about that while You're derailing your trains you can get You can use your your free Obama phone You can use all the things that uh that Are given to You Free by the government Then you can go uh get some subsidized Housing even though you're in the Country illegally Is it any surprise that things are Spontaneously combusting in our country We're letting everybody who hates us to Come into our country and we're giving Them all sorts of free stuff Equipping them to attack us Now I'm not saying that the majority of The people I'm not even saying a vast Majority of the people or even a small Majority uh minority of the people are Attacking us I'm talking about the Fraction the the people that are hiding In the crowd that are coming across the Border We don't know who's coming in The Surge of Chinese Nationals coming in Across the southern border illegally Does that raise any warning flags to you

We're about to be in a major power Struggle uh with with China and we're Just letting them walk across the border How many of them are coming from bear Country and its allies we don't know And uh I got a a doozy of a video this morning About what's happening in Belarus Belarus looks like they're about to join The war in Eastern Europe And uh it's it's looking even worse than That as we're going to be kind of uh Walking through over the next couple Days just like how things are unfolding World war three is one step at a time I'm doing some continued research on Just kind of what's going on in the next Steps here but be aware be aware of the Situation around you what are the Industrial facilities like around you Have we learned anything from Eastern Ohio East Palestine Have we learned anything from that be Aware of the chemicals that are moving Past your home where the Rail lines Where are the industrial facilities what Type of chemicals are moving around your Sites That could potentially impact your life And being ready if necessary as I shared In the newsletter if you're not sign up For the newsletter pop down the comments Down below uh the description box down Below and make sure you sign up for that

Newsletter it takes like 30 seconds you Just click the link and just put your Email address in there and you'll get Start getting weekly emails that are Very practical that are focused in on Skills one of the ladies at my church She has been gracious to to take on that Project and she's doing a fantastic job With that we're talking about bug out Bags just this past Saturday because We're seeing that with a chemical spill In your area you may need to get out of Town Fast You may need to get out of town even Though you have no intention of ever Leaving your home You can't really do all that much when Chemicals are falling around the sky Your garden doesn't really help you all That much your rain catchment system Doesn't help you A lot of things just stop being useful And you just need to leave That is an important point Are you prepared to do that if necessary A lot of people in Ohio were not Planning on leaving and and we're Working with some of them trying to find A place for them we have a a 27 year old Male that uh that is hoping to relocate Out of there temporarily if you have any Room anywhere in that Area that that you could put up someone

He's a landscaper Please please email me directly at Poplarprepareness gmail.com Uh You know just the situation there is What do you do and a lot of people are Staying when the question is is whether They should stay We're doing what we can for them and you Guys have uh come on board to help with That and appreciate that and we're doing The best we can in a situation that we None of us know what to do Um Some of the disaster relief Organizations that are now starting to Respond Um just approached us and said we we're Not equipped for this we have no idea What to do Ohio Baptist disaster relief has started Responding they showed up last week Early last week to start doing air Sample testing and they're also testing Water for people because a lot of people Have big concerns about all that kind of Stuff what do you what do you do though I mean they're helping people clean out Their houses uh getting the chemicals Out as best they can but how do you Decontaminate a house from chemicals These are questions that a lot of us Haven't really thought were our way Through but we got all these refineries

Uh exploding pipelines [Music] Um Train derailments What's going on folks what's going on There's a lot going on we just need to Be opening our eyes to see it I know you Guys do and that's that's why you're Here that's why you're looking for this Type of information because Um You need the dots so that you can Connect them right all right folks if You found this video useful or helpful You might want to check out another Video from me right over here I'll see You over there or I'll see you later Steve poppler out

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