What A Morning Of Homesteading Looks Like


Theres nothing like a morning on the homestead. A great cup of coffee and a ton of adventure await! In this video we will show you what a morning of homesteading looks like on our homestead. God Bless y'all

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13 thoughts on “What A Morning Of Homesteading Looks Like

  1. I recently discovered an awesome trick when all you have is thin bailing wire. Fold twice the length needed, wrap the middle on a screw driver put the loose ends in the chuck of your dewalt, give it a twirl! Congratulations you have a cable. Game changer.

  2. That is a large marge sow lol. I didn’t realize that KuneKune pigs got so big. Are they as calm as I have heard? There are also Idaho pasture pigs that are grazers too.

  3. :39 seconds….. THE BEST VIDEO MOMENT/PHOTO OF kendra EVER!!!!!! Badass!
    1 question, is she left eye dominant? Her right eye is closed while she aims right handed?
    Either way, that photo sums it all up!

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