What Happens Next To Retirement Funds? | With Jonathan Rose of Genesis Gold Group

Financial markets are currently unstable, meaning that prices of assets like stocks, bonds, and commodities can change quickly and unpredictably. This instability is caused by a variety of economic, political, and psychological factors that can affect investor confidence and contribute to rapid fluctuations in market conditions. As a result, the current financial market instability can have far-reaching consequences for businesses and consumers and it is crucial to monitor and respond to changes in order to minimize their impact.

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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report I got with me Jonathan Rose he is A world renowned can I say that now World renowned you're just interviewed By a international business times and Fox Business and you were just Interviewed actually by Forbes as well Weren't you yeah correct yeah um great Great Publications and uh always happy To you know work with press and and give My two cents on the views of the economy And and how you know precious metals is Playing a role uh in today's what I call Upheaval of a market Now um here the Poplar report I don't Think a lot of people realize how much I'm bombarded by just sponsors and Affiliates and everybody wants to work With us uh and I turned down just so Many uh requests and everything like That but um I want to make sure first Off that there are a morally Sound Business that they have a sound business Model too that they're actually you know Producing value out there and that uh That you're offering products that Really will help our our clients and or Our viewers and I know that uh that You've checked all those boxes and I'm Just so excited to be partnering with You continuing because I think you Really add a lot of value to our our Viewers I I'm gonna spring this on you But uh I actually got a card uh from one

Of our viewers Um says that Grace is such a simple word And yet it means so much I'm not gonna Reveal their name Um but uh they send that card and and so Basically this um you know thanks for Sending me to Genesis Gold group they Are awesome to work with and it is so Nice to have people with a Christian View of the world helping me transfer The funds and stuff Now they they said that I lost 20 to 25 Percent of my 401k in the downturn and Then while they had some were able to Get out and some bumps up and down they They still lost quite a bit and they Said it's hard to watch hard watching Your value disappear when you're kind of Locked in and not being able to do Anything about it since I rolled it over Uh I have been at peace so I mean just I I get cards like that and I know that You're doing good work over there that You're not just You know selling a product or or moving Something or helping people well that Way but you're actually creating life Change for people Um now we haven't actually talked too Much about your your Christian Foundation of the business and that's One of the things that really drew me to Your business could you just kind of Share kind of how your Christian faith

Kind of impacts your business yeah I Know you talked to me about that when we First met and I always said it's not Something at first I like to talk about Because we never want to lead with that Um you know when people speak to us and They kind of peel the onion back so to Speak and they realize well our moral Um and and beliefs kind of match up with Clients beliefs and they feel more at Ease and they feel like well we're Talking to the right group and you know One thing we believe in here is Faith-based stewardship so being a good Steward of your money well sometimes That needs a little bit of help so you Know we are able to help people make the Right decisions because any decision you Make financially it's a worry right and People worry because they want to make Sure they're taking the right steps they Don't want to you know take a misstep That will set them back further because People are already moving their Retirement vehicles from a place of fear And even desperation because people are Losing money month after month Especially if you have these 401k days And even these IRAs have taken it taken A hit so you want to make sure that You're doing the right thing so we're Really here to you know believe in in Our values and our principles that you Know we're here to help uh and we're

Here every step of the way there's so Many people in our company here that That care and there's so many people That will follow up with you after your Transaction and precious metals you know Whether it's decree with you Um whether it's just to kind of have a Voice to talk to along with you know Updating our clients with Market updates Portfolio updates Um and and communication is really key I Feel that the only time these financial Advisors call their clients these days Is when they liquidate their portfolio Because they're calling to say hey you Know keep it in there uh it will come Back take it on the chin like everybody Else and and what they don't realize It's not their money okay and and people That have worked hard all their lives And they're now kind of seeing the nose Of the plane begin to dip well you know They're looking for answers and and as People look for answers and they're Looking for stability we're able to at Least kind of identify what they're in You know why they feel that you know These portfolios could continue to go Down if they don't do anything and what The alternatives are and and obviously On that pyramidal scales or or what I Call Base blocks like the food pyramid Right you know the food pyramid goes up You know at the very bottom of that

Pyramid I always say is gold and silver Because that's the building blocks of a Portfolio or at least a diversified Portfolio so having physical Metals Either holding on to it or even putting It into an IRA or 401K doing what I feel Are these turbulent times uh you know Really is the right direction to to uh You know be moving into That's that's one of the real reasons Why I've been just really confident Working with you guys is just as you've Walked through all those things now you I don't know if you know that um you Know I kind of background as a Accountant but I worked as a tax Accountant for a wealth man a Family-owned wealth management company So um I kind of saw the in inner Workings of wealth management and uh we I talked to a bunch of the people that Were coming from other wealth management Companies and doing people's taxes Talking to them about uh how what They're both management companies have Been dealing with them and that's uh Um seeing it from that side of things I Definitely knew what I was looking for And uh I I really was able to sense your Genuineness and uh and see kind of how You handle your clients and everything Like that yeah I appreciate that it's Funny because we get a lot of call-ins And people who are other accountants I

Don't know if you know this to follow You so they may be you know Preppers and Homesteaders but they're also Accountants so uh I often when they say Oh I you know Steve Poplar referred me I Say are you an accountant and and we Kind of have a laugh with that so uh uh Absolutely they understand you know the Numbers and what's happening and and the Important thing is is is financial Literacy right to kind of be informed And understand you know in this market And informed investors a better investor It simply is because we've been thrown Into these other Investments and and we Just take the word of our financial Advisor or even the establishment right If you've got a big you know a big Sparkly name behind you they're just Really going in with that brand and what We kind kind of do which is kind of you Know turn the spotlight onto what They're exactly in so they can Understand you know you know the ins and Outs of where they currently are and What that means for for the future if They stay there most wealth management Companies do not really educate their Their clients that's something that I've Seen time and again and it's really Frustrating to me they don't educate Their clients about what they're doing And then they just yeah they do that Whole just trust us kind of thing and

They get people invested in things they Don't understand and and that's where I Think the real uh Problem with our whole uh Financial System in the United States is is we Have Um hundreds of millions of people who Have money invested in things that they Don't understand they don't understand Stocks they don't understand bonds and Yet they're heavily invested up to the Eyeballs and these things uh ETFs There's so much complications there's so Much stuff going on Um that You know if you don't understand but Everyone understands silver and gold Right I mean like fundamentally I think We all kind of get it it's something That has value It's really stood the test of time you Know there's little saying that you Don't wait to buy gold you buy gold on Weight right and people say well what do You mean by that well you know you don't Have to worry about the CEO what order Directors gold is kind of what we say is Independent of Market Cycles it doesn't Answer to anyone and throughout time and Throughout history there's been these Cyclical events uh when there's Uncertainty and an unrest you know People move their assets into gold and Silver as a flight to Safety and

Security so you hear the word hedge That's really what gold provides it's a Hedge against uncertainty and Unfortunately in this environment and Under this current Administration there Has been a lot of uncertainty and this Uncertainty stems down from you know Social economic issues all the way down To people's pocketbooks so you know People are really beginning to wake up Ask the right questions uh and and when They're being impact where they're being Uh you know financially taking these Financial hits you know there there has To be a solution so that's what people Are searching for as well when they Speak to us is like how how do we do This you know what are the right and Necessary steps to protect what we have Now when you first talk to somebody the First thing you say to them is how much How how ridiculously wealthy they're Going to get by investing in these Awesome Investments that you have for The marching absolutely not so you know We tell people that you know these quick Rich schemes that people have been kind Of uh lured into over the years and the Classic example for that is I talk about Cryptocurrencies you know Cryptocurrencies some have lost 97 98 of Their value when Bitcoin came out and I'm not saying bitcoin's terrible but You know it tried to steal a lot of the

The thunder away from assets like gold You know Bitcoin is the new gold well You know that's been proven that's not The case and putting assets like Cryptocurrencies in there where people Think they're going to double their Money overnight Um not only have they been proven wrong But they've been financially wiped out So you know you want something in there That stood the test the time Gold's Never been worth zero you're never going To hear us say you know put everything Into gold or it's going to double over And night that's not why we do this Based on the economy and what's Happening with how the US Dollars Unraveling and all the debt that we're In then yes absolutely I can personally See gold prices four or five thousand Dollars an ounce here in the next few Years uh but the main reason people Shift into gold is not to become rich Overnight is to preserve what they have And that's that's really the key that we Talk about and and when it comes to Retirement accounts that's really should Be the number one goal especially as You've uh arrive close to retirement That's why they try to get you a shift Out of stocks into bonds just as you Come up on retirement but uh the problem With that is that people don't Understand how risky bonds can be

Could you just touch on that just how Risky bonds can be well when you're Buying bonds you're essentially you know Buying a debt and over the years bonds Have been good when the economy has been Fantastic right but right now with the Government you know of fears of Government shutdown you've probably Heard that you know they're uh passing Extreme Measures to keep government open You know that's important to know when You're investing in bonds because if You're investing in utilities schooling Systems sewage Um and the governments can't pay their Bills and you're in government treated Bonds then then that's not going to be Good for you to be able to cash out Because you're going to be at the end of The line so again you know during a bull Market a strong Market yeah absolutely Bonds I've invested in them over the Years it's just very unfortunate right Now that there are limited assets that You can park your money into that really Makes sense and are going to going to Offer you that head that we keep talking Talking about Yeah so if if someone reach out to you Right now and to ask you some questions About their retirement account like what You can do for them what would be some Of the questions you'd start asking them And and some of the things you'd start

Uh wanting to Point them in the direction of yeah well We kind of find out you know what They're currently in and and you know we Kind of try and shed light on you know If people say well I have an IRA can we Protect it well before we kind of put The horse before the cart let's look at This Ira you know what exactly are you In because you know sometimes it doesn't Make sense to to move it over if you're Making money we never want to you know Move people that are in a financial gain Position if they're slowly bleeding out Then then obviously yes that needs to be That needs to be addressed and then you Know when I ask people what's in their Ira a lot of the times people say well You know it's just an IRA I'm like no I Understand but what's in it whether you Invested in and I don't say this to make People feel bad it's just to kind of Turn their attention to okay well let's Get educated let's let's recap because Like you mentioned these wealth managers They're very poor at communicating and Letting you know what you're in so it's Really getting that education and Understanding of of where you're Currently at position where you're at And then understanding how a gold-backed IRA works you know how's this new Custodian going to work with my current Custodian how do the funds get rolled

Over where are the metals kept you know The metals are kept to the license Repository backed by Major exchanges What happens when I take rmd's required Mandatory distributions so you know Before people springboard straight into The into the gold pile you know we like To kind of you know slow it down a Little bit and kind of educate these People along the way so they're not just Thrown into something like they were Before but as they move along they Completely understand you know why They're doing this and and the mechanics Of how it works Yeah yeah and and and that's that's the The honest thing to do I mean to educate And to and to make sure people feel Uncomfortable with what's going on Um because it's in the end in the end The retirement funds do not belong to The wealth managers uh they may think That but uh ultimately those are those Belong to the clients um those those are That's your money folks that's not That's not somebody else's money and and They shouldn't be sitting there trying To tell you what you ought to do with You know with the money it they should Be asking you what do you want to do With that they sure do cool them though When when they have to liquidate I mean Even this morning we had a very large IRA rollover and uh again they hadn't

Heard from their financial advisor but Once they put their sell order in it's Amazing they just miraculously start Calling so uh again you know it comes Back to being a good Steward of your Money uh understanding the problems that We're facing you know I've talked to you About this everything bubble in the past And and the everything bubble just Really consists of all the problems and The woes that the US economy is facing Whether it's high interest rates Um inflation which I could do a whole Show on inflation with you obviously It's scary right and obviously debt the Amount of 31 trillion dollars the debt That we're in you know tensions with Russia and Ukraine so the everything Bubble really encompasses everything That's happening in the world and Global Economies right now and you know what's Going to be the first Domino that falls That really you know sends us into a Financial extreme situation where you Know we're looking at collapse of of Currencies or or a collapse of the stock Market or collapse of supply chain Issues so there's many factors out there There isn't one that people home in on Necessarily Um One versus the other I personally Look at debt I think that does matter And the amount of debt that this country Is in we're addicted to printing money

You know if that's never going to change Um and you can only kick this can down The road for so long before you know the Can doesn't move and you stub your foot And you're going to go out and the Repercussions of that you know the Fallout can be Um you know a lot of people losing Values across you know multiple um Multiple you know Dow Jones the S P 500 In Britain the ftse you know multiple Markets it it it it won't be pretty Yeah and uh one of the things that I I Actually didn't end up study on on how Bonds behave in a in a stock market Crash and it was truly horrifying when I Started when you start looking at what Bonds did during 2008 and uh and what During an actual crash not so much just A downturn like 2001 but uh the bond Markets just lock up there's just no Buyers I mean they're already hard to Buy you know it's hard to get in and out Because they're just not usual buyers But when there's when the Market's Crashing nobody has money sitting there And so bonds can crash 20 30 in a day I Mean and then Um you know sometimes they bounce back Some but it's just catastrophic and Nobody's actually seen what happens to An ETF during a crash yet that's that's Another thing like everybody's in ETFs But nobody but ETFs were not really

Really a thing in 2008 like they've they They started to exist just but like There were very few and very little Money was in them now everybody's in the The spy and the QQQ and everybody's in These ETFs just heavily and nobody's Actually seen what happens to these Things during a market crash yeah Theoretically they'll be okay yeah I'm glad you're bringing that up because It reminds me you know people say to us Well you know I'm investing in gold is This an ETF you know is it a Gold stock And that's some of the questions people Actually do ask us and we say no this is Physical gold like gold you hold it Dropped it on your foot you'd go out Right because ETS you know that's paper You're not actually owning the gold in The safest way to own precious metals is To physically hold on to it again gold Stocks you're really investing in the Management team of that that company and If they don't mind any gold out of the Ground you don't make any money so again You know ETFs people still get a salary though Yeah they do yeah So physically hold on through that's That's what's really what we kind of Preach to people and it's going to be The safest Avenue for our investors Yeah um and I I can't highly recommend Enough uh folks that have retirement

Accounts that are in stocks and bonds And they want to get uh not into a gold ETF or or or buy some paper but to Actually get into physical silver gold Or platinum all three of those are uh Great options right now Um Platinum is looking pretty good Actually and uh silver is is kind of my My uh my favorite but uh gold is has Stood the test time too so Um but getting into those physical items I think is is critical uh not not to be Not A bank's promise that they will give You physical maybe or cash equivalent of Of whatever it would be in physical like Be done with the bank promises and make Sure that it's actual physical that You're invested in so No you don't want an IOU that's for sure Yeah Um well thanks so much for uh for Joining us and uh we have you your Information down in the description down Below as well as the pin comment Um give Jonathan a call if you have any Questions about retirement funds and What what you can do Um we have we have a bunch of people That have moved part of their uh Retirement funds over not all of them Right and we've also had some people That move all their retirement funds and Uh you know I think sometimes we always Think of like it's an all or nothing

Kind of thing but uh diversifying some Of your retirement account into physical And gold gold silver Platinum would Would maybe be a great fit for you and Jonathan will talk to you about that too In my opinion Yeah all right well thanks so much for Watching uh there's a video popping up On the screen right up up here if I can Get my uh Mirror Image back I I'll see You guys over there or I'll see you guys Later Steve Poplar and Jonathan Rose out Thank you

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