What Is The Problem? What Can I Do About It? Real Preparedness!

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Identify the problem Hey everybody this is Michael with Asymmetrical preparedness today we're Going to talk about prepping in general Basic preparedness introductory Preparedness how to get started how to Make sure that you're going about it Correctly So let's get into the video One of the first things you need to do Is identify The problem like I said Not necessarily the problem but about Preparedness are goals Where we want to go things like that so Let me talk about let me ask some Questions here that we need to think About Why prep Why do we prepare What do we prepare for How to prep How about how to go about doing it what Direction should we take What kinds of things should we get How do we start How to improve if we're already down the Road in our preparedness Journey One of the best ways I've found To approach this is to First identify Your weak areas If you're just beginning Everything is your weak area if you're Just getting into prepping

Yeah you don't have anything If you have been prepping for a little While you take a look at what you have You need to need to identify weak areas You need to have other people look at What you have So that More than one set of eyes Is identifying And able to identify weaknesses in your Preps because everybody looks at things From a different angle I look at things differently than you Look at things differently We also live in different areas We have different needs different Requirements so we need to identify Weaknesses in our preps is medical your Weakness is food is water if you're just Starting You say everything is right So if you're just starting How do you get started Getting started is actually pretty easy It's just pick up Some of the extra food at the store that You regularly Buy Not fresh fruits and vegetables fresh Meat stuff like that unless you can Throw in the freezer that might be an Option but most Preppers look at that as Not the best option because a lot of us Realize and think that the power grid Might not always be up

So freezer is one of power if you have Solar stuff like that okay I get it you Got generators there's ways to make it Happen But pick up a couple extra cans of fruit Veggies meat a couple of bags of beans Rice that kind of stuff it is fairly Easy to get started maybe go to the Camping section pick up yourself a mini Sawyer water filter Or some of those ration bars emergency Ration bars those are really good also Look in the what I call prepper area Well like say Walmart for example where They sell all the augason Farms the Freeze-dried stuff in the number 10 cans Or in the buckets that's a great way to Go about it I love it whenever I see Hard red wheat in the augason Farms Buckets at Walmart I grab it Seriously if I see one there I grab it Because I rarely see things like that Especially hard red wheat in the store So that's one of those things grab it When you see it yeah it's about 40-ish Dollars I think I forget but uh yeah It's uh it's an investment well worth it Then you can get into other more Advanced things not really Advanced but We're going to take a look and talk About not take a look at but talk about Some things that you can find in the Camping section that's very good and Some other places to find these items

Okay what are these items I'm talking About go to the camping section of say Walmart Target Fred Meyer you go to Bass Pro Cabela's Sportsman's Warehouse a lot of different Places like that any place that has an Outdoor section Big Five Sporting Goods Any Sporting Goods store Etc and some very important things to Get right off the bat if you're a Prepper if you're starting prepping or If you've been doing it for a while and Maybe this is one of your weaknesses is Shelter shelter is very important tarps Are a great way to make shelter quickly And easily in most environments if you Have trees around you can use tarps to Build a shelter What goes along with that though you Need some cordage meaning some rope some Twine something to tie the tarps up with To create shelter 550 cord I love it you Can find that at like uh you know uh Sportsman's warehouses some of you're Not going to really actually you can Find it at Walmart actually in the Hardware section Um with all the other rope and Twine and Uh string and stuff like that Um they sell 550 cord now is it the best Quality stuff I don't know Um I do have some uh put that in my uh Like backup Supply so I haven't actually Used it but 550 core works very well

Um if you want something that resists Rot stuff like that there's also nylon Cordage I don't like nylon because it's Very difficult to do knots with but it's Much easier to undo knots with so that's One thing all right so next we're going To get to what are some other good Places to find these kind of items some Of my favorite places to find Camping gear and or and other prepper Supplies is thrift stores For our thrift stores Goodwill Deseret Local faith-based organizations that Have thrift stores Great places to get camping gear we find The blow up sleep pads all the time we Find you can find tents you can find and I don't think I've ever found a tarp There but you can find blankets sleeping Bags Lanterns Coleman cook stoves you can Find a lot of things at Goodwill So check out your Goodwill or your local Thrift store whichever one is available And just walk through the store what I Do is I walk through every single aisle Thinking the entire time prepping Thinking outdoor survival thinking Wilderness survival Thinking Camping hiking any of these activities That could be involved with your

Preparedness gardening for example I always look through like see the Containers and everything like that what Can I use to plant stuff in to grow Stuff in what can I use in my garden how Can I repurpose these items to make them Fit other needs great way to do it save Yourself some money also Before I go any further if you're a Prepper preparedness-minded you want to Be ready for anything or you love Getting out in the outdoors when it's 18 Degrees outside when it is like it is Right now for me Check out Fortress clothing links in Description below never be cold again Base layer awesome stuff I just I've Been wearing this almost non-stop for a Month and a half almost two months now And I absolutely love it I think it's an Essential piece of gear you got to go There check out what they offer see what Will fit your needs and take advantage Of the resources I trust this stuff my Go-to now totally change from normally I Would be layering up with Merino wool And all this different stuff that's a Great way to go about doing it But this is a game changer right here Totally changed my idea about cold Weather gear let's talk about Identifying products for prepping Like I mentioned with a thrift store Same idea can be used for Walmart

Safeway Kroger wherever whatever kind of Store you go into Walk to the store the whole store and Think the entire time prepping What can I use for prepping identifying The best deals And always keep a lookout for these kind Of things A lot of people shop at Walmart so let's Use Walmart as an example You know obvious things the camping Section yep the food section yep that Freeze-dried bucketed section yep those Are some of the obvious ones maybe the Um medical section may be obvious to you But to some people it's not that's one Of those areas Very very good a lot of peppers are very Weak in medical because of training but Don't let training or lack thereof hold You back from having proper medical Supplies if you have them at least you Got them you can learn how to use them Especially all the stuff they have at Walmart I mean you're not talking about Any medical Advanced Medical stuff stuff They have at Walmart you can easily Learn how to properly use Um another section is lawn and garden Section right for growing things also Things like Home Depot and Lowe's are Great I love Home Depot and Lowe's I can Go in there and spend any amount of Money that you let me spend and get

Stuff there Stuff for building raised beds for Gardening but another aspect that people Forget about is security You're not going to find it at Walmart But Home Depot and Lowe's fencing Could be wooden fencing could be brick Walls could be chain link fences could Be barbed wire razor wire Depending on where you are what your Property is like and what you can and Cannot get away with building due to the Current world situation obviously I'm Not going to put up a razor wire fence Around my property even though I live Rural it's just not applicable or Appropriate for today's world but you Can have those things on hand so if the World goes to total Crap then you can erect those barriers So think about security very important Physical security how can you delay and Or stop bad guys or anybody else you Don't want on your property from getting In your property on your property into Your house taking your things hurting You hurting your family stuff like that Someone that's vital to think about Another very important part of Preparedness is having the ability to Light a fire having fire starting Supplies what about uh knives Tomahawks hatchets axes I'm gonna do a Video very soon about those things

Specifically folding knives fixed blade Knives tomahawks hatchets axes how to Sharpen some of them how to and why you Might want to include them in your preps Having basic hand tools garden tools Shovels there's a lot to think about There's a lot to do in the world of Preparedness But keep your eye out And always think when you're going Through a store have it at least in the Back your mind preparedness What can I find today that'll help me be Prepared better prepared tomorrow Than I was yesterday I hope you guys Enjoyed today's video I hope that you Got something from it I'm really going In the direction of getting away from All that fear everything going on in the World news reports and stuff like that There's everybody else is doing that I Want to talk about real world stuff and Continue our journey of Being better prepared For real Actual preparedness so thank you for Coming with me on this journey I hope That you are doing well I hope that you Are prepping a little every day And I hope that you know and you Understand that prepping is peace of Mind prepping is living Insurance it Will Or might ensure that you live through

Anything bad that happens of course There's all kinds of eventualities maybe You won't doesn't matter how much food And preps you have but You'll have a much better chance of Survival if you at least have some of This basic Preps in order I hope you guys have a wonderful day and Blessings to you and yours

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