What Options Do You Have To Feed Your Family If You Are Not Prepared??


What Options Do You Have To Feed Your Family If You Are Not Prepared?? Thank you for joining me today, Many Blessings to all of you and your Families.

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51 thoughts on “What Options Do You Have To Feed Your Family If You Are Not Prepared??

  1. “SOYLENT GREEN BURGERS!” … the food that walks right to your door! 😉

    on more serious note, raised beds, polytunnel greenhouses etc are good ideas 🙂

  2. Quite a few ppl think they are going to go out and hunt food but with many others doing the same, food out there will be gone soon also, not a good option. Stay safe and prep.

    1. I live on a private road, private access to 9,000 acres of state land. Hunters always push game towards me, my adult sons and I will be able to keep most off my mountain…

    2. We will have no problems assisting the depopulation of humanity; our entire culture is based on taking from the lesser and boosting (yourself) from the other person’s successful lives.

      Entire past 2 generations are influenced to record the starving neighbor before offering up a Teaspoon of sugar.

    3. my son and husband are hunters. my son loves squirrels and rabbits and pheasants. now honestly I am not eating those right now I am a venison girl. took me all 4 days to cut the meat off the bone and can 20 pints of venison which I split with my son. currently have 6 pints and a 1/4 pint in the canner. I try not to waste nothing. we have steaks and Hamburg in the freezer too plus some stuff left over from last year. was informed the next 2 dear they get is going into Hamburg for bologna which is fine by me. I need a little break lol. I work 11-7 so then I come home take care of the animals, eat lay down for a couple of hours then get up, take care of the animals again do what needs to be done , eat, shower, then lay down before work then go to work and start all over again. i am not complaining by no means. I go into my spare bedroom and look around and say to myself ok what should I can next lol. between my son and husband they can get 8 does and 2 bucks they have gotten 4 doe and my son got his buck. I feel fortunate for what God has given me the knowledge to do. I feel I am running out of time though.

  3. I got 2 of the same storage containers at my local Sam’s club. They have them online also with free shipping if you are a Sam’s plus member. God bless !!

    1. I have some other channels that may help you along the way. I’ll leave them you can check them out at your discretion and choose what is right for yourself.

      Prepper Nurse 1
      Northshore Preparedness
      Linda’s Pantry
      Michigan Prepper
      Southern Prepper
      Pegi & Don
      Magic Prepper

    2. @Regina Morgan I’ll check them out! I follow most of them already (recently), I think preppernurse1 is actually in my neck of the woods which I think is pretty neat.

    3. just do what you can. pick up a little extra when you go to the store. that is what I do. some excellent soup mixes is bear creek soup mixes. they have it at Walmart in the soup isle on the top shelf. I have eaten the cheddar potato soup and the cheddar broccoli soup. I added more diced potatoes and bacon pieces to the cheddar potato soup and I added more broccoli chunks to the cheddar broccoli soup. both are so yummy and you can either freeze or can any of the leftovers. I canned 3 pints of each that I had leftover. after I took out a couple of bowls for work or dinner the next day. i have the vegetable beef soup mix in the crockpot right now. i added some corn, celery, and diced tomatoes in it. it has carrots and peas and looks like rice in it along with some other stuff. but you can add more to it to make it stretch more. I also add 10 cups of water instead of 8 because I put it in the crockpot to cook. but you can just put it in a pan on the stove. it is so easy and delicious. and it is also only $3 at Walmart. going to get some more when I get paid. yummy.

    4. Try not to panic shop. Go to Sam’s club or Costco. Get flour, sugar, beans, rice, pasta and canned veggies. Check your grocery store for the sales like 10 or 10.00. That’s how I stocked up on pasta sauces. Buy a little each time and it adds up quickly. Check for the one day pass to shop at Sam’s if you don’t have a membership. Stock what you eat and eat what you stock to keep it rotated. Remember to stock your comfort foods too. Coffee or tea? Get it now while you can.

  4. This marauder mentality will get him killed. He’s going to go and try to take food from preppers who also have guns and ammo and likely training with them? He must not want to be around long

    1. It’s so SAD that the first thing people would consider is to harm others to feed themselves. I mean, my first idea would be to barter, ask for help, cooperate with people or farmers in exchange for food, do some work or something, forage, fish or hunt, etc. Don’t understand that mentality of wanting to hurt people just to eat a few meals. Next thing you know, they become a serial killer or whatnot. SMH.

    2. @K it’s called being evil..the world is becoming more and more evil day to day as Christ stated. It’s not going to get better. Because of lawlessness, the love of many will go cold

    3. @BlackConservative bartering will even get (you) in trouble with today’s culture. Heck can hardly get an highly reputable employer trade you for your time with a well balanced trade.

      When shrapnel starts flying, people’s dog eat dog mentality is going to override rationality. Likely to get turned into compost, just so they don’t have to trade what they need.

    1. try to find you some of those bear creek soup mixes at Walmart. they are delicious and you can add more veggies or like the cheddar potato soup i added more diced potatoes and pieces of bacon to it. I have tried the cheddar potato soup and the cheddar broccoli soup and both are delicious. I have the vegetable beef soup mix in the crockpot right now. I added corn, celery, and diced tomatoes to that. I also added 10 cups of water instead of 8. both was yummy. now you don’t have to put them in the crockpot you can just put them in a pan on the stove I just did it because I work 11-7 so I can make them in the morning and let them cook on low and then dinner is ready when I get up. but they are very good. they are in Walmart soup isle on the top shelf.

    1. Normalcy bias – people have trouble considering how delicate our system is or how bad disasters can get. People are desperate that normal times continue even when they can’t.

  5. “Raiders” would get killed quick, that is a relative term, after 6 months or so most would be dead…but would harm a great many innocents :(.
    there’s many reasons for this but a prime one is that criminals tend to be dumb, that’s why they are criminals !
    thugs want to control and demand to leaders and…do foolish things.

    When SHTF happens, almost any serious injury is likely to kill because there’s not going to be ambulances, EMT and emergency wards, or maybe even open safe roads
    most bullet wounds will be fatal because of this regardless of where you get hit
    consider modern weapons and their injuries

    civilian weapons are, oddly enough, more lethal than most military ones as the military SMALL arms are designed for price, reliability, long storage, and “military” effectiveness, where leaving enemies crippled is perfectly effective.
    burying a man is easy, but treating an injured man is MUCH harder and he’s out of action, too, if your crippled your almost as good as dead in a fight. That’s how the military runs it.
    Note, most military deaths are from “crew served” weapons from a belt fed grenade launcher to a A-10 aircraft, not rifles.

    a civilian AR15, using some of the ammo around now…your odds of surviving that is very low. The velocity, the design of some rounds to fragment or leave colossal temporary wound channels and the ability to have a low recoil highly accurate weapon so you can hit an enemy not once, but many times in vital areas makes survivability unlikely.

    A shotgun slug…few will ever survive that, and so one with other weapons.
    Anyone who thinks a .22LR isn’t lethal is very wrong, those little guns are incredibly lethal, in *practical* terms, at ranges less than 150 yards because there’s almost no recoil, the weapons are so light and small it’s easy to track, so headshots etc are easy. Doesn’t matter how tough you are3 or 4 .22LRs in the head stops anyone

    Also, in such circumstances folk will NOT want to leave such enemies alive.
    People would finish raiders off with a .22LR to the head, cheap simple effective.
    ugly but truth, that’s what would happen 🙁

    all of this is part of why sane, decent folk do NOT go looking for trouble, *ever*
    alas, post-SHTF, starvation will make folk do foolish things 🙁

    1. It’s so sad that it has to come to that. People shooting people. I read about how during the Obama years, Homel@nd Sekurity bought a ton of ammo, enough to have like 5 bu_llets per American (could be more). They got questioned about why they needed that many (more than they used in Iraq). They said it was for target practice. They asked them
      If it’s for target practice, why they bought the expensive ones, the real ones instead of the cheaper ones, less lethal ones for target practice. They had no answer. They were the kind that opens up like a flower inside of flesh. It’s designed to kill coz wont be able to take out the round.

  6. Your videos are like a daily kick in the pants when we don’t feel like prepping. You’re like our sergeant who gives us our call to action. I love your videos about the food situation in China, would you consider doing videos about the food situation in Europe and South America? FYI, the Ghee at my local Costco (NY) was $18 and change. Picked up coconut oil thanks to your recommendations. If every single person prepared, we would be in a much better situation to face the future. Thanks for all your work, Alaska Prepper!

    1. I keep telling myself that every step is better than nothing and better than where we were the day before and trying not to panic. I’m planning to get enough to get through until next harvest+ and more of things that wouldn’t be easy to grow.

  7. Man I’m glad you’re out here knocking sense into people. The more prepped everyone is, makes it easier on EVERYONE else also. My family continues to think they’re going to eat those dirty dollars when food doesn’t exist. I got 5+k invested in the passed few months. I just make sure I can pay a few of my bills. And make sure I have gas to get to work.

  8. I’ve been growing plants inside that are wild edibles. In the spring I will most likely plant them on the property. I will at least know that everything on my property is edible and no one else will. This of course is my last resort I am pretty set with food, water, firearms, other weapns, etc. I am continuing to buy and stock up on things to keep me ahead of them game.

  9. One of my ancestors from Middle ages Europe saw that as the Black Death spread the crops were going unharvested and unplanted. Since this would impact people and livestock, he enlisted family and friends in building fortified towers of red sandstone to hold whatever excess grain they could store before the plague hit them. It worked. They area was on half rations towards the end but when the sickness passed they still had grain to plant that next spring. They had to defend their grain from marauders, whom they fought off from the fortified red towers, but they survived.
    I know some folks worry that they’ll have enough food stored, but remember that we aren’t to suddenly stop gardening or hunting during the hard times. We are to continue to supplement and add to our supply. Can’t hunt? Garden soil too hard to grow in? Trading for food from others in the good times with whatever skills you have is a way to ensure your supply is enough. You might have to go on partial rations at times, but it beats losing your integrity and trustworthiness among others by marauding and stealing.
    Keeping your food supply safe is key. Don’t put it all in one place. Dont tell others how much you have. If you are overweight (like me) now is the time to diet so it appears to others that you don’t have a lot either. Of course, there are those whom you should share with. The elderly, the widow, the orphan and the poor. And it should be done freely, with no thought of reward. Many folks are still reluctant to receive without working for it, though, so some thought can be given to providing some task for them to do in exchange, while not taking advantage of them in their need.that is true charity, not this “nothing is free” crap the world puts on us.
    Great video. Keep on.

  10. I was talking to my husband this morning as we made out our grocery list. I said we really have all we need so it was hard to spend several hundred dollars every month for groceries for the two of us, other than things like half n half for our coffee, things that we don’t store long term, but he said it makes perfect sense- we are investors, buying low, but not selling high, or selling at all. We are buying at lower prices now rather than higher prices later, even though we already have quite a bit in our storage. That makes perfect sense, though it seems counter-intuitive to most people to buy a lot when you already have a lot put aside. We are buying survival insurance, of course, as I call it. Take care, Rudy. ~Cynthia

  11. The entire marauder concept is flawed. While they may enjoy some initial success with weak targets but as they weed through the weak, what’s left are the capable who can and will eventually take them out. They lack the homefield advantage and no army ever won relyng on their enemy’s supplies. An army must rely on its own logistics to ensure a win.

  12. Having enough friends to hold my farm down, and protecting my 94 head of cattle and keeping garden safe…320 acresgonna take a few to protect..luckily im in the middle of somewhere

  13. I have been telling people to spend only on essentials and get out of debt since 2008. No one listens. Now with the food insecurity around my state, still people are not listening. They believe it is because of Covid, and that things will get better afterwards. It won’t matter who wins the Presidency, we are being divided into the have and have nots. I was raised up to keep a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food in my belly and to not take a handout from the govt. Ask yourself how come the essential workers (middle class) are being told they have to get the Covid vaccine first or lose their jobs? Then the people on Medicare/Medicaid have to get it next? Then the public school kids? That is the line up for the Covid vaccine! I am working on getting 3-4 years stocked in my home. And I am doing it without my neighbors seeing.

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