What We Need More OF Today | At This Moment In History

At this moment of crisis and conflict of cultures in the USA and in the West we need to reexamine the character and morality that will take us forward.

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Good morning everyone welcome back to The Poplar report Um I'm just getting in from uh Eastern Kentucky or Central Kentucky don't even Know where I am six hours of driving After just uh six hours yesterday six Hours today and Um just an emotional Just so much to process from the Revival Over at Asbury and I'm gonna be getting Into just kind of some of the thoughts That this has triggered about About how do we move forward With all the challenges all of the Difficulties that we face in this Country and in this world we talk about All the things that are happening out There and yes we need to prepare more But also we need to become Different kinds of people right and I Think we all kind of understand that we Need to adjust our mentality To what is happening around us how do we How do we become Uh free not just people who aren't Oppressed right but rather how do we Become people who create freedom in the Bubbles in the places that we live It requires A certain morality a certain ethical Standard and understanding This Respect for others that that's so Lacking today

Um as I mentioned over on my uh if you Want to hear more about the Revival at Asbury uh you want to check over at my Bible Channel Um the Bold Faith Bible you can find it Down in the description down below you Can find links if you go to my channel Page and you'll find links over to Bullfight vital or you can just search For it in YouTube And there will be a video uh kind of Just explain kind of what things look Like uh from the front of uh I did a Little Update from the steps of the Asbury University that will be coming out later Today with with some of the video from The inside of what's that this is this Is about A broader conversation about who do we Need to be As a people Are we reactionaries that are burning Buildings uh because we're upset about Something While the media reports that were mostly Peacefully doing whatever we're doing Are we people who commit crimes steal Things Is there a sense of order and purpose to Our lives that helps build order and Purpose in the people's lives around us Are we contributors to society or are we Detractors from society do we

Give more than what we get so to speak Are we A benefit to others And I'm not saying that we need to Just give away everything for free There's there's definite cause To understand that that you need to to Respect others To a level That they've kind of earned Now there's there's there's a whole Conversation about grace and mercy for People Who ask for it but respect is earned And and we you know I'm not saying Anything new here right you all know What I'm talking about this is how most Of us were raised or you've picked this Up along the way you've had an honest Job that you you've learned that from or You you've been around people who Haven't had an impact on your life Because they lived by these set of Principles whether you're they were your Parents or whether your friends or Relatives or Um or whether you've kind of figured out Some of this stuff on your own that this Is how Society works this is how people Can work with other people is this Respect This affection and love of you are like Us

We accept you as part of us There is this identity uh if you're in The United States As Americans or in Canada as Canadians Um or or wherever you are there's this There needs to be this this Nationalistic Pride not a Not a let's go to war with everyone kind Of Pride but uh but uh You're my countrymen you know You guys are hurting up there we're Going to come up and help We're going to send Aid we're going to Do what we can And We need to work together on things And this this constant Fighting that we're going through Is really pointing to the fact that we Have a whole bunch of people in the World Who don't want any of that they don't Want respect they don't want respect That they've earned they want respect That that they think is do them Because of the skin color Because because of their choices in life They think that you need to now give Them more respect because they've made Certain choices and declarations and Changed pronouns and stuff like that They now deserve respect Friends you deserve respect when you Contribute to society not when you make

Personal life choices Especially when there's personal life Choices detract from society When you're dancing around with horns on Your hat at the Oscars and devil marches And stuff like that you're not Contributing to society You're you're I I'm at a loss for words You earn you've earned zero respect from Us from that And in fact you've made it very hard for Us to ever look at you entertainers with Any respect whatsoever Yeah there is a possibility to not only Lose all the respect that people have For you but also all the people that Associate with you who are ever seen in Public with you or who even do the job That you do that's a special that's a Special kind of uh Uh thing that you could do Friends what do we need to do It's living a quiet peaceful life where We Are adding and contributing to the People around us that earns the respect I'm sorry friends but I Nobody cares Okay I I don't really care Nobody cares about the decisions that You make the things that you do The things that you once did at some

Point what everyone cares about is in my Relationship with you have you Been a benefit to me If you have a little shop Have you always dealt honestly with me Have you given me good service have you That's that's what everyone cares about In the end Have you made their lives better And you know what most people if you've Made their lives better they don't Really care about your personal Whatevers When they hear bad things about you they May gossip about you but They're going to follow that up with But he's always done right by me And our business dealings you know I Don't know what he did to his wife I Don't know what he did to his kids I Don't know what he did to that neighbor Or whatever you know But he's always done right by me He's always provided me benefit And that's what I know And Yeah sure what you're saying concerns me But in the end What are we contributing to people's Lives We all need to earn that respect from Others We all need to be a part of a community Whether it's your Township or your town

Your city your county whatever you need To pour into other people's lives Finding ways to make other people's Lives better I know in this community we Have a tendency to be like well it's Just about me Everyone else can go burn that's fine I got my stuff and I'm not going to tell Anyone And You need to be wise you need to be wise About stuff you need to realize that If you tell everyone what you have then They may come and demand of you And that's going to be a rough situation But Are you prepared now To be a blessing to other people To to provide benefit Most of you have businesses most of you Have employment and jobs or you have Relationships in which you are Pouring out of yourself constantly I'm not saying like you're not getting Something in return You can give to someone and receive back What to you is more and they can receive More that's like the basis of capitalism Right that that we can enter into a Business transaction where you win and I Win and when I do that you get benefit You you gain from that Yeah I gained from that too Um

And that's great Let's do more of those trades right Let's do more of that Commerce where we All win that's the whole point isn't it Um you hate entering through this Transactions where you feel like they Won but I lost right that that doesn't Make you feel good at all when you go in There you're like I paid this much money But I got so much more Whether it's food or whether that's at Your hardware store or whatever you feel Like you want It actually makes you feel good if if The store won as well the store one and You want that's great that's great Everyone wins we're all providing Benefits to each other But There's a lot of people out there who Don't want to provide anyone else Benefits They don't they don't want to provide Goodness to the world around them and You know I can't help but contrast that Oscars dancing demons Asbury college students who are Surrendering their life to Christ and And and being on fire for what is good And setting up a place of peace and Unity and joy and everyone's running out To the store and buying snacks and and Giving them to other students Um just the the spirit of openness and

Friendship people stand there for hours Just to talk with and counsel others You don't see that you don't see people Willing to pour out their hearts and Take on everyone else's burdens around Them in many places and that is the Spirit that we need in this country That's the moral character and fiber we Need more of if you want to find out More about uh what was going on at Asbury University and kind of some more Attack takes there's going to be a video Coming out on this channel and that's Going to be the last word you're going To hear on this channel Full video length on Asbury but I'll say That it's been a tremendously powerful Um Moment uh and uh there will be more Videos coming out on Bold Faith Bible About that some interviews with uh with Some students Um with uh with faculty and uh you're You're going to want to check those Things out if you have any interest uh In what's going on or spiritual revival Going on there all right folks thanks so Much for watching there's another video Right here you might want to check out I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve Poplar out

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