WHO: Human Trials Underway For Bird Flu

Unbelievable things happening when I looked into it. Are we being set up for another major event?

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Does the title shock you Does the thumbnail shock you Does it sound like we're coming full Circle and about to go around for Another ride on this Merry-Go-Round of Chaos and Tyranny yes yes if that's the case you Are right because you've gotten the Right indication here so last week a Cambodian girl age 11 died from bird flu Now her father also tested positive for Bird flu So the question really is did he get it From the birds just like she did or did He get it from her And if it is a confirmed case of human Human transfer of bird flu that is Serious because so far it's very very Difficult for humans to give bird flu to Other humans it's difficult for birds to Give it to humans but it's just unheard Of it for going from Human to human if That has changed it does indicate that The virus may have changed if that is The case very alarming out there more Alarming to me however is some of these Statements I'm seeing out of The Who I uh if you've been watching the news at All you probably know already about how Um Biden the Biden Administration has Been trying to move into a treaty that Doesn't have to be approved by the Senate A treaty that doesn't have to be

Approved by the Senate if you know if You know Paul uh how politics happen or How laws are passed you know every Treaty needs to be approved by the Senate but of course There's been a previous administration That was very adamant into creating These quasi treaties that don't actually Have to be approved by the Senate Because they knew they couldn't be Approved by the Senate but they're Trying to do the same thing where They're creating a legally binding rule That the United States will have to Follow the who guidelines Whatever who says is what the United States will have to implement because Apparently we have too much Freedom here And it's making the whole world nervous Europe uh was able to strip most of Their rights unless you were in certain Uh Scandinavian countries where they Just like you know all these rules are Stupid They're not backed up by anything so We're just not going to do them And everyone said well it's going to go Really really bad for you and then Afterwards it didn't go bad for them but Anyway Um why wouldn't we necessarily want to Do that but what is who doing Who is saying well this is a threat out There so why don't we do human trials on

A brand new one now that we've got all These people lining up to take The pat on the shoulder before Let's do it again let's have another one So they are Um they're just completing actually the Tests on the human trials on a brand new One that they can mandate everybody take They have found they don't actually know The new specific uh strain because it Doesn't exist yet hasn't been discovered Yet The one that's going to go from Human to Human That's the one that's to be concerned About that's the one we're going to need To kind of manufacture it to to fight Against Since we haven't discovered it and Hasn't you know you can't actually make A Until you actually have discovered it so What are they doing they're they're Coming up with Um ones that will Trigger immune responses Have you been down this road before yes Yes we have all right so all of this is Focused in on if bird flu starts to Spread from Human to human they are Building the infrastructure they've Already laid a lot of the groundwork From you know prior prior uh incident Here in the world

They want to do all of that Like that and then they want to go way Further way further I'm not half as scared of this Bird flu as I am Of those guys who want to bring the World to its knees and to force us all To be completely documented I mean we've Resisted a national Um identification card for how long And they want to put in our hands a Identification card or onto our phones An identification card That can be used for everything Except for Monitoring who votes of course Wouldn't do that I mean that would be Racism you know can't do that can't do That so we want a national ID that Everyone will have to have so that we Can track everyone they want to make it So that you have to use that ID in order To access the internet Yes they're talking about that they want To make sure you use that ID to go into A store To buy food If you don't if you're not up to date on Your It's a social credit score If you have the wrong Social credit score Or if you're flagged in China and you go Into a store alarms go off and the

Police show up and arrest you Friends we are not that far away from a Society where that is You know they want to take away your Boomsticks and there's good reason for That because the things that they want To do to you Oh you're not going to really be on Board with it And so they don't really care if you're On board with it if you can't do Anything about it and that's where I'm Looking at most of our European friends And our Canadian friends are getting There fast and furious If you can if you can take your trucker Rally down to the Capitol but that's About all you can do If all you can do is get your tractors Out there and spray and poo on stuff Like in France and in the Netherlands if That's all you can do They don't really care what you think Yeah sure they don't like you spraying Their cop cars with manure but you know What they can pay somebody else With your money to clean it up Friends what are you going to do about It the day is coming Where They're going to try to shove this whole Elephant down your throat all at once And they're just waiting for that right Moment of panic to do it

They're getting ready are you You want to be able to uh step out of This whole crazy system as best you can Get as self-sufficient as you can get Connected with an alternate means of Buying food get you know if you can't Develop all of your own food yourself Find people that you can buy your food Off of that won't shut you out because Your cell phone is red instead of green Because somebody up top some bureaucrat Hasn't pushed the button because you Didn't do you didn't jump through all The Hoops that they wanted you to And they're not going to turn your app Red on green because it is uh you're not In compliance and they want to make sure That everyone knows that you're on Compliance do you have friends do you Have people around you that will not Care if you're not in compliance if You're in Suburbia Tough luck We've been saying in the cities in Suburbia it's you're going to have an Awfully hard time Because you know what where does all Your food come from it comes from places With a lot of computers If we make it another year or two Without World War III if we make it Without a collapse or energy Infrastructure or any of these other Situations that could definitely be

Happening We are going to be living in a less and Less free country And that goes for all of us all of the Countries our freedoms are being Stripped one by one They're going after Boomstick dealers Right now And they're going after Boomstick owners Can't even talk about them They're going after the YouTube channels That that that show any images of them You know you can't you can't put a 30 Into uh into one of them Without Major repercussions this is the world We're living in chip chip chip chip chip At what point do we just say no no Food For Thought folks all right folks If you found this video to be useful Helpful you might want to check out this Other video from me right over here I'm Going to be bringing you some updates From Kenya I am currently in Kenya I Shot this just a couple days early and Uh I will see you guys later Steve Poplar Out

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