Why So Much Rain Happening Globally ? (1022)


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Summer snow in Beijing China, Red Noctilucent Clouds first time ever seen as a disturbance in the ozone layer commences, hundreds of record rain and 500 year+ floods events through July 2020. Cosmic Ray increases seem to play a large part, and the increases are just beginning as the Eddy Grand Solar Minimum intensifies.

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Flood Stories for July 2020 https://watchers.news/
Huge Hail Slovenia video https://twitter.com/i/status/1288739850947039232
Summer Snow on pine trees Beijing China July 2020 https://twitter.com/i/status/1287714662684008448
Violent hailstorm hits central Slovenia – Europe's first giant hail event in 2020 https://watchers.news/2020/07/31/violent-hailstorm-hits-central-slovenia-europe-first-giant-hail-event-in-2020/
Rare dark red Noctilucent clouds appear over Sweden https://watchers.news/2020/07/28/rare-dark-red-noctilucent-clouds-appear-over-sweden/
NLC clouds over Slovenia this evening. Photos by Marko Korošec of Weather-Photos.NET

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51 thoughts on “Why So Much Rain Happening Globally ? (1022)

    1. David, I urge you to go too Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson’s channel. On July 30 2020. Laura interviewed Lena PU, she is a environmental science researcher. Please give it a listen I think and hope it will be well worth your time. Please reach out to these wemon. This message needs to get out, after all we all what’s another rabbit hole when you live in a sea of deception. Also for the gold bugs, do you have any plans to interview someone from Patriot gold?

  1. Yesterday evening we got an emergency warning on our car radio. One inch hail and a storm in Las Cruces to El Paso. We look that way and there was a massive cloud formation. They grow so fast here in monsoon season. It looks like the hail fell where people dont live.

    1. Albuquerque usually has at least one annual T-storm in late July, and finally on 7/31/2020 in the afternoon, Mom Nature let us have it. The storm came out of the north and flowed over the south (odd but okay). A fast-moving rain around 6:20 or so, for 10-15 minutes, then sprinkles. No hail, the lightning stayed in the clouds (from what I could see), and the clouds were picturesque. Hummingbirds were at my main feeder throughout the rain, nothing scares them. We had a bit of rainbow. The night was cool. Saturday morning was somewhat cloudy but it cleared away and the Downtown Growers Market was well attended (masks on everyone, we care). At 5:12pm we have some cloud build up but I don’t think we’ll get another storm. I don’t know how much water fell yesterday, but as you know any rain is welcome (as long as one has not built on sand). I lived in LC when I was a wee kid, I still like that area a lot.

    2. Debby S-AbqNM The Organ mountain are awesome. There are some taller buildings, but not many. 2 Walmarts tho. Nothing compared to the Seattle area. So nice here when we can drive 20 miles and not see another car. Thank you 🙂

  2. I think this hail explains why people went in caves, carved caves, and dug into the ground. There is no way our modern housing can withstand this small hail, much less larger ice as we deepen into the solar minimum.

    I have to give this some more considerations.

    1. I have thought about that as well. Caves all over the world built like apartments. Why would people go through all the work , Unless Their Life Depended On It….

    1. @Wearethe Remnants ….yes, and FIBERGLASS FIBERS. Notice the color PINK, on the edges of the clouds, early morning sun-rise and evening sun-set. Other CHEMICALS too that are dispersed in the skies. WEATHER MODIFICATION…….Agenda of Satan the Devil, through mankind, to destroy what JESUS CHRIST the Lord, Created….that MESSIAH JESUS, The Son of GOD, be glorified on Earth, as he is in Heaven. Amen.

    1. That’s why black rock run by Larry fink is now in charge of running earth, it has 27 trillion in assets under its management.. it’s an agent of the federal reserve.. black cube representative of Saturn, hence black rock. They are currently just finishing up buying the usa

  3. All your longterm viewers know very well why we are getting rain like this.
    It’s the rain that will do us in.
    Not the ice, that will come later.
    Rain and the accompanying floods happen everywhere, not just in the snow zone.
    I live in the tropics and our problem is reduced rainfall, a typical GSM effect for this region
    This will reduce agricultural production just as flooding will, combined effect equals starving people.
    I’m expecting tens if not hundreds of millions to die of starvation in the next few years.

  4. Great coverage of a major event experiencing by the world population mostly in Asia. It’s a fact that there’s a cycle of big change is happening naturally but as well it can’t be denied that there’s weather war going on due to the manipulation on weather and the natural resources by misusing technological advancement by the influential rulers of this world. Projects like HAARP, Operation Blue beam, CERN and many more acting as major influences on the world events, which are not being disclosed completely yet. Experiencing extreme is becoming the new norm. The truths will set us free, eventually all the facts will be revealed and come to light hopefully. It’s just a matter of time. Stay awake stay aware stay safe. May Almighty protect all the innocents and the good souls. All of your outstanding efforts and advices are greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot with love blessings and prayers from Bangladesh.

    1. @Debby S-AbqNM We should turn off all TVs and give them a taste of their own meds….who will they preach about their CoFukka virus to if we’re not watching. They’ll say we are being reckless for Not tuning into their lies and we will be busy enjoying our lives

    2. @Jerri Croft — I don’t have cable and haven’t scheduled anything to watch on OTA TV. Local news media struggles to understand what journalism means. I like quite a few channels on YouTube (where we are at this very second!). As for Abq, NM, the USA, the world — _nothing_ is what it was 40 years ago. Now we have growers markets! We just (3:30am-4:15am) had a thunderstorm in the south that eased north and rained on Downtown, which is very nice. Calm now pre-dawn. There was some police activity overnight, mostly police cars, but unsurprisingly, no local TV tweeting about it.

    3. @Dolly Madeson — every Friday I check the TV schedules (TitanTV.com) for my over-the-air TV watching (no cable for me). I’ve scheduled exactly one episode of one old show in the last 5-6 weeks. This is ridiculous for someone (me) who has at least casually watched TV for many decades. The networks have several shows that are ending, but they are for some reason (no replacements? fear of rerunning said shows?) not playing the final episodes. I rarely get my health info from TV. For Covid coverage, I listen to Dr. Niman on Rense.com and Dr. Martenson on the YT channel “Peak Prosperity”. I hope you remain well and aren’t in the line of fire, neither passing nor collecting any viruses!

  5. heya, think positive, this could be the start of a new glacial cycle, and we get to witness it !!!!
    no worries, last glacial cycle only lasted a little over 100K/yrs, lol.

  6. Revelation 16:21
    Then great hailstones, each about the weight of a talent,(20.4kg) fell from heaven on the people & the people blasphemed God because of the plague of hail for the plague was unusually great!

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