Why We’re Having Food Shortages In The US & 9 Items That Have Empty Shelves

Food shortages especially in produce and other food items are quite an issue and we are seeing things getting worse even in the non food items.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we got a bunch of food shortages That are going on right now the top nine Food shortages that are affecting the United States we're going to walk Through not only what they are but also Kind of why they're happening just as a Review for some things but we also got Some new information on things like Lettuce as well as tomatoes that will Really give a great picture of what's Going on out there and why you're seeing On the store shelves what you're seeing Number one of course we have to say eggs Of course they keep saying that the egg Shortage is due to the bird flu out There of course we all know that that's Not really true because they're not Dying from bird flu they're dying from Being gassed in their in their chicken Coops they're being burned alive in Their chicken coops by fires accidental Fires that just keep seemingly to happen But With a few positive tests they are Calling millions of chickens uh laying Hands all over the place some of you Have pointed out and some other people Out in other places that pointed out That there have been studies uh at least Early on in the cough cough that uh that The egg yolk actually uh provides Antibodies that are actually good at Attacking proteins uh spiky ones and

That is a question there too of is there Is there something even more nefarious Going on here trying to stop this this Vitamin supplement that is naturally Occurring that actually treats uh what We're supposed to be panicking about Okay number two tomato products out There drought conditions in in California They led to this uh tomato Shores that We're in now what people don't realize Is that you that California is the Largest exporter uh largest producer in The United States of tomatoes and it's Actually even more than that because we Don't usually get most of our fresh Tomatoes from California We get those from like uh other other Desert States down like Nevada and Arizona and New Mexico and such But Most of our canned tomatoes come from Some of these valleys in in California Because they need to have a processing Plant that's surrounded by Farms so they Can bring all of the tomatoes in very Quickly so they can then be canned and That's where we really see California Shine is that they they have all this Concentrated land that they bring all Those tomatoes in for processing very Rapidly and that's why we're seeing Canned tomato shortages out there Whereas you're seeing tomatoes on the

Shelf relatively normally but then You're seeing why are there shortages of Salsa tomato paste Ketchup and barbecues and all that kind Of stuff like that number three we're Seeing a shortage of lettuce it doesn't Take a rocket surgeon to tell you that You're looking at the the store you go To get your iceberg lettuce and it's the Size of a baseball and you're like why Is this so small it used to be big the The iceberg lettuces used to be big well We have some serious issues once again Coming from California a drought there Also did that but then also we have crop Disease so they had really high Temperatures that really impacted the The size of the lettuce and then they Had a crop disease the insv or let me See if I can pronounce this right and Patience necrotic spot virus which is Carried by insects called thripes they Infected fields of lettuce which are Inedible due to the dark spots and Yellowing leaves so they had much Smaller heads of lettuce overall and Then a lot of those heads of lettuce They had to throw out because it had Spots and dark spots and yellowing Leaves The California Farm Bureau reported that Lettuce growers in the Salinas Valley Which is the big place right estimated a Yield loss of more than 80 percent of

Their crop in 2022. Suddenly it all makes sense doesn't it This is particularly an iceberg and Romaine varieties Suddenly what you're seeing on the store Shelves in the produce line makes sense Doesn't it but you won't get this from The news out there because of course There are no shortages But we all know that things happen And then there are effects that hit us Uh down the road and the question is is Whether they can compensate for that and Believe me the food producers have been Working their butts off to compensate For this issue with the lettuce they've Been working their their tails off Trying to solve the issue with the Tomatoes and then of course we got the Whole potato shortage out there too that That we're actually going to be talking About today but that has had several bad Harvests last this past year was not so Bad but it it's not going to undo a lot Of the damage that previous potato Harvests have done Uh next prescription drugs so um We have uh things like abitoral sulfate Which is basically what's an inhaler uh Amoxicillin Uh and Adderall We have uh other other prescription Drugs that are in shortage now their FDA Is claiming that this is mostly due to

Manufacturing quality issues Um but and then also saying delays in Manufacturing due to not receiving Materials and components from suppliers So there's stuff that needs to go into These uh prescriptions that they don't Have so they have to stop the production Line and a lot of this has to do with The fact that a lot of those components Come from Dragon country over there and They're not coming they've had they've Closed down shop a number of times and Of course where do most of those Components get made in Dragon country Yes if you said Wuhan you are correct That's where a lot of the components are Made that's where uh they're they're Hub Of making Antibiotics and everything like that Come from Children's cold and pain meds so we also Have things like Children's Tylenol Motrin Children's Motrin A lot of these are produced by Johnson And Johnson but also other companies but Johnson Johnson seems to be the Epic Center of this uh this crisis here and They're saying that there are not Widespread shortages which If you have two eyes you know that That's not true they're lying because There are absolutely widespread Shortages which is why we're discussing Them right now and you're all bobbing

Your head because you've been to the Store and you've looked at the shelves And you're like where's all the cold Medicine particularly the children's Cold medicine where is it and we're Assuming that a lot of that's the same Same kind of things where they're not Getting precursors they're not getting Components and ingredients that need to Go in and so therefore they're holding Up the production lines and they're not Getting it um now they're they're saying Well there's just more demand for it Friends we've had bad cold Seasons Before demand goes up demand goes down This is just ridiculous that you cannot Find cough drops you can't find cough Syrup you can't find any of these kind Of things that you need to find Um Uh next is baby formula even though the Supply has gotten better and and we're Moving in the right direction of course Last year the Abbott nutrition one of The major producers of baby formula they Had a complete shutdown their main Factory and that was due to the FDA Coming in and closing them down of Course it took them a while before they Finally closed them down which is kind Of scary because they're paying off all The right people inside the FDA it's It's scary how much FDA cross-pollinates With with companies like Abbott so many

People in the Abbott board and higher up Executives once worked at the FDA and It's just it's just all inbred but with That main shutdown that that really got Us Behind and we still haven't really Caught up in some places it's still not Caught up some places uh Pittsburgh Actually seems to be fairly well off but I know some of you places out there are Saying that baby formula is still a real Serious issue and that is a state to State thing because each state does pick The vendor that they're going to use in Order to uh for baby formula and uh Basically it's like that's the dominant Brand in that state and so if you're at Abbott state or if you're one of these Other brands State then then it's like You can most of the baby formula in your State's going to come from that one Supplier and so some states are worse Than others depending on where this Companies are in their supplies Uh next is bread flour and cereal Basically anything that comes from wheat We're having major price increases from Wheat While the the media out there keeps Pointing the finger at the conflict in Eastern Europe And that is a contributing factor but We've had some really bad harvests uh in Canada and the United States of wheat

Hard red winter wheat And then this year it's looking like the Hard red winter wheat may be impacted Pretty severely by the cold blast that We had over in December we will see what The damage is from that when Springtime Comes and we'll see how much they can Mitigate that by sowing some some Additional wheat this spring but uh We have a bad harvest in Pakistan we had A bad harvest in India we had a bad Harvest in China these are major Suppliers of wheat most of the time They're actually feeding themselves but Because they had bad Harvest they're Having to import a lot more wheat and so We're seeing wheat shortages out there Due to These countries that don't import quite So much wheat are importing a lot more Wheat than they usually do next up is Cement and uh I know you're like that's Not something we can eat but it's Definitely still a shortage and it Definitely impacts you and the economy And everyone around you cement of course Goes in concrete so if there's a cement Shortage there's a concrete shortage and There definitely is a cement shortage Out there The largest uh Place that the United States Imports Cement from is actually turkey we we Import like 62 billion dollars worth of

Cement from uh turkey which I understand Is kind of a little bit of chump change Uh when in the grand scheme of things But it is the largest supplier and we've Not been getting our shipments from Turkey uh in 2022 due to some of the Conflict issues also they're having just Inflation issues and currency issues and It's just one hiccup after the next of Them exporting cement to the United States and then inside the United States We've had a number of Cement factories or manufacturing Facilities that have actually gone down And there just really isn't all that Much Like excess in the system and so when Those plants went down especially with The cough cough they everyone shut down For for a couple weeks and that just Really got us behind on things and we Just haven't caught up so over the past Year it's been a slow burn of cement Shortages as well and that's just Continued to to kind of burn it's it's Not that we're like completely out but It's that uh contractors are having to Fight each other for the cement and the Bigger contractors are the ones winning Because of the bigger contracts they're Able to get the cement in a timely Fashion whereas smaller contractors Can't get it in a timely fashion And then let's look at olive oil olive

Oil is a big deal out there Um two third two-fifths of the world's Olive oil comes from one country and That's Spain and they had a severe drop In olive oil production Basically they uh they lost about half Of their olive oil Production in December this year so like Last month they produced about half the Amount of olive oil they would normally Do they have a massive drought and a Heat wave that went through their uh Their Orchards or whatever you call Olive Olive Groves whatever olive trees Were damaged significantly by that and They got a heck of a lot less olives in Spain and so production in Spain has Been down dramatically olive oil we're Going to see that the impacts of that Going forward like I said normally they Produce 542 tons of uh of olive oil and this Past December they only did 232 tons of Olive oil that's just Half that's that's a lot less right now Obviously a ton of olive oil is quite a Bit but we're I'm not sure if that's in thousands that Could be in thousands but uh this Article doesn't actually happen in Thousands but uh Half the production of so we've lost About one-fifth of the world's Production of olive oil

In December and that just kind of points To the the overall harvest in uh in this In this year from Spain now we are Getting reports out of Italy that they Had actually a pretty good harvest this Year so hopefully that'll offset some of That but it's still a pretty big dent in The olive oil markets out there so Hopefully that explains some of what You're seeing on store shelves right now Of course soybean oil Um corn oil canola oil we had some Harvests that were a little rough there But I think some more of that's more Manufacturing issues out there of course You're going to see other shortages on The shelves and we'll try to explain Those as we go forward too if you found This video useful or helpful you might Want to check out this other video from Me right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you later Steve Poplar out

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