Will they be called Preppers on their way to Mars? December 8, 2019


As a long time space fanatic, a nod to Elon Musk and SPACE X. Think about what is about to happen in human history…..A space craft will take humans to another planet in our solar system. What does this mean for the continuation of the humans species?
We prep here for unexpected times. Up there…..Where do you go for more supplies?? Well, you have them there before you get there. And more on the way while you are going there. Some on hold in orbit and the rest on the surface. Just like we were promised decades ago that we read about in Popular Science in the schools library

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12 thoughts on “Will they be called Preppers on their way to Mars? December 8, 2019

    1. Admiral Preparedness thanks as would I. But that’s not the point. Idc what shape the planet is. I care about the lie, and how they reinforce that BS to steal from us. Why else would they try to make so many things that should be non-partisan, a political issue, like the “climate change” hoax people? To lie to you, and steal your money, and trap your soul. Read the bible. That water up there isn’t a vacuum. How can flames stay lit in a vacuum?

  1. “What ever I may do or may accomplish, may it benefit everyone equally”
    How’s that for a personal mandate?
    And since I’m not smart enough to know how to benefit everyone equally, I’m forced to walk in trust and faith that what ever I do is good enough, … including this drivel.
    I question the “space program” because I do not believe it benefits everyone equally.
    Oh, it makes us all feel good does it? Well “feelings are fleeting things and we’re always looking for new and improved “feel good” things to feel good about.
    It makes us “look good” does it?
    To who?
    And may I again warn you, “looks” are fleeting things too.

    How can I/We make all telephones free for all to use? You know, pay for your freaking phone and that’s it. Something like that would benefit the human cow who’s only fit to be milked for its owners eternal and entitled profits wouldn’t it?
    How can electricity be made free for all? You know, bought and paid for with no more “profits” required. We must have bought and paid for our current electric system hundreds of times over already.
    Greed eh? Filthy humans greed.
    And that’s what I have to work with.
    What “we” must create to replace the “for profit” paradigm has to be so beneficial to everyone that they will gladly give up their current economic slavery for the “new and improved” system of structuring their affairs. Their “greed” will drive them to do it.
    Funny how it works.
    But Massa has been controlling the human economic slaves with their own greed for a long time now.
    And that is who I think the “space program” really benefits, … Massa. Those perverted creatures in control of our money and therefore our lives.
    The future will understand how the current and past “abundance” of the world has been perverted and corrupted with silly designs of eternal growth, greed, and profits, in a dimension where nothing grows eternally.
    Have a great one.

  2. You got to work at the space shuttle program? Neat! I feel like we’ve really been dragging on space exploration. I know we have a lot of work to do here on Earth, too, but come on, let’s just do it. Get it done.

    1. What is really great about the American Space Program is the down to earth benefits of space. Everything in your daily life may have come from space research. My glasses lenses for example. They are the same material space helmets of the Apollo age are made of. Thank you for watching my channel. I have your back as well!!

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