(Wine Windows) Signal Antiquity Cycles Repeating


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In the 1600's and 1300's distance was kept between customers and owners selling food and beverage through "Wine Windows", not used in 400 years are suddenly in use again. If you are looking for signs of cycles repeating, these cultural relics are it. IMF looking for total global debt at $277 Trillion at the end of 2020. US snow totals 15X of normal in many places.

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Series of powerful storms boost early season snowpack https://buckrail.com/series-of-powerful-storms-boost-early-season-snowpack-in-the-tetons/
U.S. SNOW TOTALS 1500% OF NORMAL IN SOME PARTS https://electroverse.net/u-s-snow-totals-1500-of-normal-in-some-parts/
RECORD LOWS SWEEP NORTHEASTERN UNITED STATES https://electroverse.net/record-lows-sweep-northeastern-united-states/
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Attack of the debt tsunami https://www.cnbc.com/2020/11/19/coronavirus-drives-global-debt-to-a-new-record-high.html
High debt to GDP Ratio https://corporatefinanceinstitute.com/resources/knowledge/economics/debt-to-gdp-ratio

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33 thoughts on “(Wine Windows) Signal Antiquity Cycles Repeating

  1. There’s a reason the sun was worshipped. We have forgotten; no sun and you don’t eat. Ancient peoples were far more knowledgeable than a lot of modern scientific adherents.

  2. People owe because theyve been forced to stay home. Many months of not being able to pay rent will be problematic come January 1st, 2021. Landlords owe the bank and they dont have the money either. WEF is meeting soon. Some say, the very wealthy members will be dividing up property and claiming it. The current property owners who cant pay, will have no choice but to sell at rock bottom prices. Tough days/months/years ahead!!

  3. As always my eyes open when David speaks I listen. I’m 65. I lived through Kennedy assassinated by the Federal Reserve Bank and CIA.
    The difference between the sheeple, I was a military brat. My education was when Kennedy Dollars had UNITED STATES NOTE and not the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK NOTE upon the currency.
    They murdered Kennedy because he had our country print our own money. I say this because, my information came from family and friends who were conservative constitutionalist.
    At 9 years of age, an uncle had told me this, the change in my pocket would be worth more than in my wallet. From generals, intelligence and Strategic Air Command security were friends of my family.
    I was told, remember this. Within my life, I will see hyperinflation and the communist downfall of our country.
    Our tax dollars were used against WE THE PEOPLE. Look at the elites as they cried that we who work must give them our tax dollars or they would bankrupt.
    The elites destroyed our rural cities and gained control over all aspects of control of food, distribution of goods and services. When your lawn services are controlled by the socialist party, the takeover is complete.
    The GREAT RESET is brought to you by the manmade climate change and the cov19 scamdemic.

    1. 56 here it’s all true but you know what we are gonna avenge jfk and bobby and all who died in banker wars and all who died of curable diseases THIS IS IT they’re goin down and it’s not gonna be pretty they aren’t just goin away trump won in a fucken landslide the steal WILL NOT STAND

  4. Many fruits had decreased crops here in Poland in 2020. Like grapes, cherrys, blackcurants, strawberrys. Mainly due to very cold nights cold on April ( the second half). Blaccurant’s amounts reduced by 70 percents. And believe me , this fruit is well adjusted to our climate.

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