Worst Earthquake in 40 Years | Turkish Earthquake Rippling Around The World

US National News and World Reports from earthquakes to many of the other challenges that have come up in the last day.

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The worst earthquake in 40 years has Struck Western New York This is not a place that we normally see Earthquakes and it's not near a fault Zone but this is just reiterating how Much of an impact this devastating Earthquake over in Turkey is having Around the world Western New York Buffalo area is still Recovering from the uh the blizzard just Last last month and They are they're now experiencing this 3.8 magnitude earthquake now is that a Serious earthquake no is there Structural damage Um not that we are aware of but this Just is pointing to the fact of how Crazy things have gotten around the World with uh with the geological event This massive earthquake in Eastern Turkey that has killed over 5 000 people And rescue operations are underway still Um thousands and thousands of buildings Have collapsed fires have broken out at All sorts of places many places still Without water and electricity Uh many pipes underground broken and and Everything like that many roads uh Destroyed or made impassable uh it's Going to be a long hard road to recovery In Eastern Turkey in addition to that we Are seeing that this has triggered Dozens of 4.5 and above earthquakes uh All the way around the world of course

The Richter scale goes up by orders of Magnitude so a uh a a 4.5 is not Um you know just slightly stronger than 3.5 it's actually a factor of 10. so a The Eastern Turkey one was a massive Earthquake 4.5 around the world can do Some damage once you get up to about 4.5 You start seeing especially in third World countries Second World countries You start seeing some damage and very Weak structures can collapse under that As well but We're seeing all along the rings of fire And uh and other fault lines around the World we're seeing lots of earthquakes That have been triggered by this now Some folks out there who have been uh Talking about some of the issues with The solar events that are happening Above us uh with a solar minimum which We are actually experiencing right now Which NASA readily acknowledges that We're in a grand solar minimum and that Is impacting and that does tend to Impact the volcanic eruptions and the Tectonic plates of the planet that much Energy coming in or that much less Energy actually starts the crust moving In some ways that we're not used to Seeing more volcanic eruptions more Earthquakes and we may be seeing that Happening right now so that's why we're Being especially sensitive to that as Well also we're getting reports uh got

One from you guys that there was a swath Of fake mass shooting calls to emergency Centers But this was all over Michigan And this was people calling in and Saying that there's a mass shooter in a School and each time a different school This is in Portage Ann Arbor Battle Creek Okemos Muskegon Misogynal Detroit and Jackson and my Apologies if I mispronounce some of Those which I'm sure I did because I Don't speak Native American languages that Those are named after I'm sure But fake mass shooting calls Forcing emergency Personnel to report to The schools and to to check in on those Schools very concerning to see that we Just seen more and more of a a change in Our culture out there that that we're Not uh we're not who we once were we're On edge of our seats waiting for mass Shooting and then other people thinking It either entertaining or whatever to to Call in these reports So that is going on in Michigan Looks like there has been more balloons Over the years so uh there was the Initial report that was denied by uh uh Former president uh Trump but uh it's Sounding more and more credible out There that basically we weren't tracking Them

We were just letting them fly their spy Balloons over our country again and Again and again the surprising thing Isn't that a spy balloon went across the Country uh this past weekend it's that We actually did something about it Um I I did note that report earlier on And some people kind of scoffed at it When I said that the balloon had been Lost it was picked up by the U.S Military over Alaska but then it was Lost Until it just came across the U.S border Uh and that was actually cited by a Airline pilot a civilian airline pilot Saw it And called it in And that's what started this whole thing Is I don't know if someone's just Listening to air traffic control or what But that's how the media got a hold of This this balloon Because normally it would just not be a Story whatsoever we just let the the Chinese fly their spy balloons over the United States whenever they want to Apparently And this is just very disconcerting and Just in keeping along with a long line Of trend where we are just letting uh China just Stomp all over us steal Us Blind stew our intellectual property Um they are going in and taking uh Technology and using it for themselves

And for their military and when you have No will to defend yourself It's very easy for even a low Um low competitor to actually beat you Because they can just position Themselves perfectly stack the deaf deck Perfectly in their favor before they act And that's what's been happening over The past decades Um and don't even get me started on tick Tock China has the black male Information on how many millions of Americans and it's a psychological Weapon that's being used against our Youth and Whoever else is using it so I'm sure Some of you guys use it too but it's a Psychological weapon they've taken Social media and said oh this is Unhealthy I wonder if we can weaponize This to actually intentionally cause Harm and that's what it appears that That China has done if you look at Tick Tock and in China you will find that Tick Tock in China is very very Different than Tick Tock in the United States and Tick-Tock and the rest of the World In China it is heavily regulated and They are forced to to make it so that They only put educational and patriotic Stuff on there because they realize that How bad a lot of the stuff that's on

Regular Tick Tock is for people and they Realize that this weapon cannot be used Against their own people and yet they're Using that against all the other people Of the rest of the world It is designed to pull you in and keep You on the platform and to degrade your Your your mental facilities To lower your attention span and to Induce anxiety and depression It is a psychological weapon as potent As the one that they released in Wuhan So yeah and so Tick Tock is still on the App Store and still if you want to if You want to help out the Chinese Communist Party overthrow America Log on to tick tock and if you do check Out this channel which is on tick tock I'm contributing to the problem I am Such a hypocrite anyway uh there's a Difference between uploading to it in Order to hopefully reach a few people uh Then you see uh Peru is reporting that In their Zoo uh they they had three sea Lions a dolphin and a lion a regular Lion not a sea lion like a land lion One landline and three sea lions and one Dolphin have now perished from bird flu Not euthanized they died and they said Why do they die and they did autopsies And they found bird flu folks bird flu Has jumped and is now deadly to some of These creatures in a city surrounded by People

Which is very concerning this we may Have to change the name from bird flu to Something else soon Uh this uh this is very concerning folks Uh because it has been speculated that If it makes the jump over to humans it's Actually quite fatal Much more fatal than you know the cough Cough like the cough cough like less Than one percent well less than one Percent this over 30 percent fatalities Uh at least at least in the projections At least in their their guesstimates it Is much much more potent if this Actually crosses the barrier over to Humans Like I said very concerning we're Getting a report of one Turkish prison In uh turkey with the earthquake Actually was uh broken apart and 20 Isis Members were able to escape That is more bad news on top of all the Other bad news isn't it Also Um news from Europe fire broke out at a U.S drone Factory in Latvia That is producing drones for Eastern Europe In other news the U.S is building drones In Latvia Didn't know that but I guess we should Have known since they had all those uh Those weapon labs in uh Eastern Europe Uh and and production facilities the U.S

Industrial uh Defense industry is is just ridiculous It's the amount of money that we've been Sinking into defense which never Actually includes defending the United States it seems like we have Chinese Balloons floating over top of our Country we have anyone and everyone Including Um Isis members and stuff like that Crossing the southern border we don't Defend the United States with our Defense department but we do absolutely Meddle in every other country and that Is just that that's where we are folks Um I don't know what to tell you I wish There's more happy news out there the Happy news is is that there is food on The store shelves right now the happy News is for most Americans and most People in Western countries the lights Are on currently Will and EMP take out the power where You are I don't know in the future but Right now the power is on right now you Have access to Internet you can download Information you careful what kind of Information you download right but you Can download information get them on Flash drives make sure that you have Computers that are offline you can I was just topping up my stores of Aluminum foil because I I need to do Some projects I have some more

Electronics now than when I did some Previous EMP proofing Faraday cages Um so I need to make some new and I'm Going to actually make some and not the Greatest Faraday cages but I'm going to Make some big cardboard box uh Faraday Cages aluminum foil on the outside the Cardboard Cardboard aluminum foil again make sure You have an air gap between layers and You want layers and then make sure that You put whatever you're putting inside That aluminum foil box There needs to be an insulation between It and that inner layer of aluminum foil Of course they'll also protect the Aluminum foil from ripping make sure it Is completely sealed so you may need to Use aluminum tape to close it off Completely make sure that there are no Gaps in it that is completely touching So the cardboard The metal on the outside needs to touch The metal on the outside and then you Know if you have a lid or anything like That so all right folks um do what you Can out there stock up get ready times Are going to get tougher and tougher Right now you have the opportunity to Get more prepared for those things all Right folks if you found this video Useful or helpful you might want to Either subscribe Or check out this video right here or do

Both who knows thanks so much for Watching I'll see you later Steve Poppler of the Poplar report out

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