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Storm devastates New Zealand as nuclear tensions hit a cold war high in Europe.
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Hey everyone welcome back to the Poplar Report we're going to be going over some News around the world uh Putin has Pulled out of the start treaty right After the uh bold Brave and beautiful Visit to uh to Kiev by our esteemed Illustrious uh glorious president Um After that that's that's got some big Impacts out there but we're also seeing That uh as people have crunched the Numbers we're looking at 71 percent Increase in attacks on energy Infrastructure in the United States in 2022. we saw a whole bunch of those Reports out there of what what went down But that's kind of the end number of What we're looking at and a major Cyclone uh Gabriel or Gabrielle I don't know what country you're from Has hit Northern New Zealand has hit the Northern island of New Zealand and it is Being said to be the worst disaster in Uh in a century Worst disaster in a century in New Zealand now New Zealand doesn't usually get hit by These things and doesn't usually have Natural disasters so take that with a Grand salt but 28 000 people without Power and a lot of their farming areas Have been devastated by the Cyclone Which is basically a hurricane but you Know

Over there so for those of you in the United States it's a hurricane over There So let's jump into this report Uh first off that um right after the Bold and brave visit to Kiev and where They sounded Sirens Um Air Raid Sirens that traumatized Local residents in order to uh to do a Publicity stunt Hopefully people were not you know were So concerned about saying the wrong Words to people in the United States Where you have to give them trigger Warnings I I hope they sent out trigger Warnings to the people of the capital You know they were surround less than a Year ago they were surrounded by Russian Troops they had their airport literally Attacked by paratroopers and they were Shooting down planes in the immediate Vicinity around the city and uh bombers And Fighters were screaming overhead So I mean Hopefully a trigger warning went out Before they started sounding the air Raid siren which is supposed to alert People that there is incoming missiles There's incoming bombers uh to attack Them which they're in a war zone so That's just I'll just have to say this it's just Messed up that's just messed up Now

Um the folks in the videos and stuff Like that were not responding to that Secret service was not responding to it Because of course they knew that this Was not an actual air raid it was just There for PR I Like I said I don't even know what to Say to that I don't know what to say to That but the response out of Moscow was That Putin immediately ordered Russia to Cancel the start treaty so uh under the Start treaty we're we're Limited in how Many nuclear weapons we're allowed to Have as well as Russia and we're Supposed to be inspecting each other's Stockpiles to make sure that we're in Compliance this also allows us to kind Of see where their weapons are not only That but then Putin immediately put the Nuclear forces on alert We've just gotten recent reports Confirmations from Norwegian Intelligence that indeed Russian ships Are carrying nuclear weapons out into The Atlantic Ocean and then to the Arctic oceans We have speculated about that we've Discussed that we've talked about how The the weapons were being developed and Were at the stage Reddit where they seem To be ready for deployment and that the Nuclear capable platforms were moving Out into the Atlantic but then Norwegian

Intelligence did confirm that there were Actual nuclear weapons on board those Ships for the first time since the Soviet Union and now we see the nuclear Forces mobile missile launchers as well As intercontinental ballistic missile Launchers as well as nuclear submarines That are on station ready to deploy Intercontinental ballistic missiles Against the United States or against Whoever That's that's concerning so uh what Defcon are we at Um we may have gone up at Defcon just uh Just because our nuclear forces need to Be uh ready and able to respond to any Type of provocation In 2022 we heard a lot of reports about Sabotage and people taking guns and Shooting at substations but indeed it Was not just Scattering reports it was not just One-offs and it was not Just hype 70 71 percent more attacks Against U.S power grid infrastructure in 2022. Will it continue to increase this year As it has made major headlines and People have been educated on how to do These things it's highly likely that These type of attacks will increase this Year are you ready for power outages in Your area are you ready for to keep your Freezers your refrigerators running are

You able to heat your home without power Does your natural gas heating or Whatever type of heating system you have Does it operate without power or do you Need some battery backup in order to Keep fans running or Have you thought that through have you Thought all that through a lot of you Guys are preparedness-minded folks out There but uh some of you haven't thought Through those things if your power Substation gets knocked out and you Spend half a week without power Are you going to be prepared for that of Course we've got winter storm moving Across the United States right now Blanketing much of the United States With snow and it's about to hit the east Coast and it's about to get a lot colder Over here not looking forward to that I Thought winter was supposed to be over But for the folks in New Zealand The situation there has gotten pretty Rough Cyclone Gabriel Came by and smashed New Zealand a lot of Their farming Fields and Orchards and all that got Hammered no no word yet on projections On how much of their their food Production has been Wiped out up there we're going to see Kind of in the coming weeks with the Damage assessments look like 11 people

Have been confirmed killed flooding Across the area as well as mudslides Landslides happening as well major roads Do seem to be open but some back roads Are closed and Communications is very Difficult they are still not able to Contact all the people that have been Declared missing they're still looking For about 2 000 people at this time that Have not been a able to be contacted Whether due to roads power outages Phone lines down all that kind of stuff So be praying for the people in New Zealand we're also getting reports of Escalating failures of the power grid in South Africa these reports are that that The The graphic or I'm sorry I spent too Much time and Central Asia not graphic The load shedding right the the Scheduled power outages to decrease the Load on the the energy grid have gotten A lot more severe and in some areas they Have lost power For for over a day and so we are we're Kind of keeping an eye on that reports Coming out South Africa have gotten a Lot slower there's been a lot of clamp Down on people criticizing the Government they have they're not allowed To do that anymore apparently uh we're Just watching South Africa kind of Spiraling downward out there so please Keep them in your prayers as well as the

Situation keeps getting worse in that Area All right folks once again I'll be Heading to uh Kenya next week and so We'll be getting you some reports about What's going on with the famine in East Africa and we're going to be doing some Great work with my Bible Channel doing Trainings for pastors and such we'll We'll be releasing some videos on kind Of some of the our ministry Partners Over there and uh if you want to help Out with the East Palestine help with Water filters and air filters for Families who have been impacted by the Derailment in East Palestine Ohio you Can find the the Kofi link it's uh it's It's better to give on that than to do It through YouTube because Kofi only Takes like three percent or something Like that whereas YouTube takes quite a Bit more but whatever's more convenient For you but that is the recommended way If you want to make sure as much of your Money gets to uh folks that way all Right folks thanks so much for watching If you want to check out another a video There's one right here on the screen I'll see you over there or I'll see you Guys later Steve Poplar out

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