WWIII Is Breaking Out & What To Do About It

Eastern Europe is getting ready to explode… tanks are rolling and armored vehicles are being positioned. Things can change very rapidly.

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Always come here for the latest news on all prepper related food shortage. Prepper news similar to other channels like Canadian prepper, alaska prepper, full spectrum survival, pinball preparedness, the economic ninja, and goshen prepping. As the europe drought, energy crisis europe, and financial crisis 2023 get worse we need to be prepping for 2023. Having a prepared homestead so you can be ready for the empty shelves 2023, inflation, recession, walmart food shortages, and aldi empty shelves 2023.

Friends we may be looking at world war Three beginning any day now we've been Seeing this Brewing issue over in Eastern Europe significantly but some of The steps that are taking place right Now with artillery systems and Particularly tanks being discussed being Shipped into Eastern Europe to confront The Russian invasion that is that is on The table now in fact not only on the Table but it looks like a lot of these Uh Processes are going to move forward and The leopard two tanks and some leopard One tanks look like they're going to be Approved and moved starting to move into Into Eastern Europe and then also we Have uh the issue of uh there are videos Circulating already of Bradley Fighting Vehicles uh heading on trains into Eastern Europe this This coupled with what we're seeing out Of Moscow where they are doing drills of Their air defense systems of Moscow Let's let's face it folks nobody in Ukraine is ever going to hit Moscow why Are they doing air defense drills unless They think that it is something that That the NATO and the United States may Attempt to do attack Moscow directly This is very concerning including the Fact that their air defense systems are Integrated into their ballistic missile System their anti-ballistic missile

Sites and such these anti-ballistic Missile sites are designed and are Capable shooting down nuclear weapons on Their way in to the country That does point to the fact they may be Considering more and preparing more for The potential of a all-out confrontation With with the West the United States and NATO Uh the mass mobilization of troops in Recent days expanding their military by An additional 1.5 million soldiers all This points to not so much just that They're Focus staying in on that Eastern European country but rather that they Are potentially looking at this as a Larger confrontation of course one of The big wild cards in that is what is What's going through the mind of China What are they thinking what are they Doing what are they preparing for and They seem to be batting down the hatches They just basically got their whole Population Herd immunity to the cough cough by Getting all exposed they now are Reporting that they have an 80 percent Infection rate across the country where So basically once you get to 80 or so I Mean you have herd immunity you can't Have this spread very quickly through The uh through the population because Everybody's had it and uh they're They're not going to say this what

Happens with the flu every year in the United States so they're hurrying to get Herd immunity after they've been like Isolating for how long What are they doing what are they Preparing for what are they getting Ready for and it it all seems to be Pointing towards this uh Russian winter Offensive and potentially action Out of China potentially against Taiwan Whether it's a blockade or whether it's A Uh a quarantine Zone around the island Something along those lines uh all That's kind of coming to a head right Now so How can I affect you how can it Um impact you Any kind of international conflict is Going to cause Mass supply chain Disruption a lot of stuff comes from Different countries and once countries Start shooting at each other once Countries are looking at the possibility Of shooting at each other Supply chains Start getting cut right and left Critical components are going to go Missing What bits and Bobs what gadgets what Pieces of things do you need to keep Your home and your life operating one of The big things that you need to be Thinking about is where where do all the Batteries come from because most

Batteries in the world come from one Country and that's China If we suddenly start putting sanctions Or embargoes on China all of a sudden Are you going to have the batteries you Needs operate a lot of the stuff that You have you might need to stock up on Batteries and be aware of the shelf life Of different types of batteries and then Just kind of do what you can with that Uh rechargeable batteries do have a Longer shelf life and you can recharge Them So that that might be definitely Something an investment that you may Want to go for if you pop down that Description down below uh I'll have a Link to some uh the uh the most Affordable Um batteries of rechargeable batteries That you can get most of them come from Amazon Amazon's the best place to get Batteries really when it comes to cost To uh to the to the charge that you get And the rechargeable batteries actually Are very reasonably priced so they Actually kind of you can save money on The rechargeable batteries right from The get-go as opposed to just buying new Batteries all the time anyway Parts uh What kind of replacement parts what Critical things do you have that That if it breaks down you're not going To be able to operate or function very

Well if you're like growing all your own Food well do you have any pieces of Equipment that you absolutely need to Function in order to do your gardening What about your your irrigation system Do you have spare parts for that do you Have spare parts for uh Um if you're if you're using a tiller if You whatever equipment you use to Operate the things that are so important To you whether that's solar systems do You have backups for certain things Because solar systems can burn out Components relatively easily do you have Backup solar charge controllers do you Have backup batteries or a way to kind Of reset your batteries if you need to Restructure your solar system because a Battery pack failed or you have a tree Fall on a few solar panels do you have The wiring to rewire it a different way That's these are questions that that Need to be asked on the front end here Before we have supply chain disruptions Of course you want to have uh your your Brass and lead and all that kind of Stuff stockpile because that stuff gets Really scarce Um during uh during a war and certain Certain varieties of it will get really Scarce real fast other varieties may Stick around know what kind of varieties Of ammo you can use for different things And uh

All that uh all that to say just just Review what you need and just review Your plan and we're we're going to have To just kind of get through and just be Ready to deal with things I know some People just like I'm not ready I I have So much to do I'm not going to be able To kind of compensate for these things And here's the fact If you're 90 more uh prepared than your Neighbors you're going to survive this a Whole lot better than they are But in the end of everything you're Going to have to improvise you're Probably going to have to trade with Other people you're going to find people Who have things that you need and you're Going to have to pay out the nose in Order to get those things that's just That's what happens but you're going to Have some components that other people Are going to need to pay out of the nose Of for to get and that's that's how Things go The more prepared you are the better off You're going to be and every step you Take towards being more prepared the Better Overall you're going to be and it's Going to be a lot better I know we get Debbie Downer on so much But honestly if you're taking steps now You're going to be in so much better Shape than so many other people and it's

It's going to be hard it's gonna be hard For everybody but it's gonna be a lot Easier for people who have taken steps Now to prepare all right folks if you Haven't signed up for the newsletter you Can find that down in the description if You want to check out those rechargeable Batteries you can check that down the Description as well if you found this Video useful or helpful you might want To check out this other video right here I'll see you over there or I'll see you Later Steve Poplar out

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